How do women buy stockings?

I finally got off the order! My wife is too cold. Today I wore two pieces and put on stockings … After all, I have to be a dog life!

do you know? The seemingly sexy, adding charm to women’s pantyhose, was the earliest of pantyhose wearing men wearing men in the upper society in Europe. By the 18th century, with the rise of the women’s liberation movement, women began to have the opportunity to wear stockings.

What are the materials of crystal stockings, core stockings, velvet stockings? In fact, the more wide stockings on the market are nylonamine. Because nylon (also known as nylon) is slender, high -strength, good abrasion resistance, spandex is slender and elastic, so nylon ammonia is the ideal of making, thin, transparent, skin -resistant and durable stockings. raw material.

With the advancement of stockings technology, a variety of colorful stockings appear. According to long and short categories: stockings, medium, long stockings, knee -knee socks, pantyhose, etc.; and many more···

Cui Xiaoying, an expert in SGS textile technology, invited SGS textile technology experts to answer. Teacher Cui has been engaged in the support of textiles and clothing detection technology for a long time.

What is the use of stockings? Intersection Intersection

Don’t underestimate a thin layer of stockings, it can keep cold and keep warm, especially in autumn; avoid scratching; stockings are also good props to bottom and prevent light; Modify the lines and skin tone of the legs and feet to get better visual effects.

What stockings can be called “second layer of skin”?

I often hear someone saying that good stockings are called the second skin of the human body. What kind of stockings are equipped with such a reputation? What characteristics do you need? Today I will tell you!

First of all, stockings should be thin and transparent! Then I have to say a professional term “




[Daniel Denier] is a unit that represents the wire density (that is, the thickness of the yarn). It is a quality gram of 9,000 meters yar or fiber.

For long silk fibers such as nylon amine, the smaller the D value, the thinner the fiber, the thinner the stockings, the larger the D value, the thicker the fiber, the thicker the stockings. Different fine and rough stockings products can meet the needs of consumers in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Secondly, it is also important to be close to stockings!

The skin sticking effect of stockings comes from spandex that are very good in stretching and elasticity. Therefore, when choosing stockings, you can see if the label contains an appropriate amount of spandex. The stockings contain spandex to make it easily stretch and reply to the skin.


Good stockings must not only wear comfortable, practical is also an important assessment factor!

In recent years, there have been stockings that can be cut arbitrarily on the market in the market. Even if there are many silk threads broken, these stockings will be quickly adhered to each other because of the silk threads. Silk. According to the FZ/T 73055-2016 anti-proofed sock industry standards, in addition to assessing conventional stockings quality projects, it is also necessary to evaluate the degree of dispersing.

Stockings cause gynecological diseases?

I always hear such remarks in life: wearing stockings can cause gynecological diseases and skin diseases? Is this really like this? What do you say?

Wearing stockings itself is not harmful to the body, but it is appropriate to wear fit and thick thinness. Lian -tight pantyhose is prone to compress the limbs, compresses the internal organs, makes the blood circulation poorly, the skin cannot breathe normally, which can easily cause folliculitis and induce diseases such as gynecological inflammation. In cold weather, pay attention to cold protection and warmth. Wearing a thin layer of stockings beautiful frozen people often easily cause diseases such as osteoclatitis.

Stockings maintenance manual

Stockings are best washed alone to avoid friction with other clothes and the inner wall of the washing machine in the washing machine. If you wear a glove to wash it better, you can prevent nails. If you want to wash the washing machine, it is recommended to put the stockings in the washing bag. Washing socks cannot be used to use bleach to avoid bleaching water damage to the spandex and affect product elasticity.

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