Star Cold Cabinet Introduction: BD/BC -289WDV -40 degrees low -temperature frozen, commercial households are suitable

The year is approaching, and the home freezer recommends the star BD/BC-289WDV

The year is approaching. On New Year’s Eve, we will inevitably have to prepare more ingredients to comfort the busy self and family. There are more ingredients. The refrigerator in the home cannot be stuffed. Taiwan’s small freezer to meet our requirements for storing ingredients.

In the process of selecting the freezer, many of our users will find that the freezing temperature of conventional freezers can often only reach -18 degrees Celsius. For valuable ingredients with high temperature requirements, such as deep-sea fish, bird’s nest, shark fin, etc. good.

Today, I want to introduce the deep -cold quick -frozen freezer of the star brand.

Model BD/BC-289WDV, refrigerate with temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 10 ℃, and freezing to -40 ℃ ~ 0 ℃.

星星冷柜介绍:BD/BC-289WDV -40度低温速冻,商用家用两相宜

Product introduction: Star BD/BC-289WDV.

※ Product size: long*width*height = 1234*660*835

※ Effective volume: 289 liters

※ Use temperature: Frozen -40 ~ 0/Tibetan 0 ~ 10

※ Frozen ability: 13kg/24h

星星冷柜介绍:BD/BC-289WDV -40度低温速冻,商用家用两相宜

※ Net weight: 66kg

※ Standard power consumption: 0.88kw.h/24h

Recommended index ☆☆☆☆

Recommended reason 1: Frozen lock, extend the time of preservation of ingredients, especially

For deep -sea fish, bird’s nest and other precious ingredients, it can reduce the nutritional loss of ingredients and maintain the best consumption taste.

Recommended reason 2:

Cold cold without frost, 360 ° stereo air supply, balanced temperature

, Avoid high temperature in the center of the ingredients, which affects the quality of the ingredients.

Recommended reason 3: luxurious appearance, open the door to use the whole block

Color crystal panel

Made, pull the hand for

星星冷柜介绍:BD/BC-289WDV -40度低温速冻,商用家用两相宜

Hidden aluminum alloy handle

, Built -in

LED light rhyme lighting belt

, A sense of technology.

Recommended reason 4: Humanized light settings,

The inside of the door is induced to induced the LED soft light atmosphere light, close to the automatic light

, Convenient to use at night, avoid children’s bumps. Open the door and automatically open

Lighting, easy to get ingredients

星星冷柜介绍:BD/BC-289WDV -40度低温速冻,商用家用两相宜

, Cabinet door turn off the automatic turnover light, saving energy and energy saving.

Recommended reason 5: Easy to clean, use pre -pre -pre -pre –

Tu Cai Steel

, Corrosion -resistant, clean and easy to leave stains.

Disclosure door seal

, Easy to clean.

Recommended reason 6: Silent, using innovative noise reduction technology, running


It will not affect sleep and rest.

The above is the relevant introduction about the stars BD/BC-289WDV. Interested friends are welcome to praise the comments.