Story: The well -being of the rich man who is not in the family, don’t look at the lady ladies, and stick to a small widow without putting it.

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Everyone said that Miao Zhen was not good. He died at the age of five. At the age of ten, he was sold to Qingxi class by his stepmother and changed eight silver dollars. Fortunately, the body is sloppy and the sweet voice is beautiful. It is a good Hua Dan material. Fortunately, the master value, and try his best to take care of the disciples.

Hanging his throat every day, six years of learning to sing and sing. The first appearance, with a folding “Locking Locked” stunning Shanghai Beach. It has been popular in the north and south of the river, and it is only two years.

There is a good way to throw people. Now the wind is fluttering, and the rain is young. After all, people’s Miao Zhen was pressed into the flower sedan and entered the door of the Qin family.

In this way, Eighteen -year -old Miao Zhen became the four aunt of Qin Wuye. Five months ago, Qin Wuye drove his back to the west. Miao Zhen, 28, became a veritable widow.

Qin Zhengyang ordered a cigarette, standing upright, his legs intersecting on one side, and his body relied on the round table at will. The linen -colored vest, covered with a white shirt, with a pair of black -brown leather shoes under the same trousers.

He slanted Miao Zhen: “The fourth grandma really understands people.”

Miao Zhen was dressed in autumn fragrant cheongsam, and her close -up tailoring sketched the curve of her body. She was buried in the thick orange sunset, like a blooming rose. But the beauty obviously didn’t know that she was full of handsome young people.

“I moved out as soon as possible, but you also know that I am 28, and the play team eats a youth meal. After I go out, I have neither the skills nor the positive business student …” This is Miao Zhen’s first time Ask someone, she deliberately cleared her throat, straightened her waist and looked on the door behind Qin Zhengyang, secretly looking at the face of the other person.

The second sister told her that she was always petting for ten years with Qin Wuye, and it was also possible to get Joe’s request. But this person in front of her, her complexion has not changed, she can’t get it …

Qin Zhengyang looked at the woman who was two years younger than herself. She was almost thirty years old but still kept the innocence of a girl. It seemed like a swollen dumplings. The old man spoils her.

“Talk about your requirements.” Qin Zhengyang moved to her with a calm manner.

Miao Zhen moved her body unnaturally, but encountered the back of the sofa, and she couldn’t retreat. She considers the opening: “I want a house in the house. There is a shop, which can be a living. The gold and silver are soft, and I take it halfway … “

Miao Zhen looked at Qin Zhengyang with a hard head, and saw that his face was so sinking, and he didn’t speak. Is it unwilling? How many? But the second sister, the third sister, the six sisters, and the seven sisters all said that these are quite reasonable.

Although Qin Zhengyang was the grandson that was only recovered in the past few years, he was returning from studying abroad. Not to mention that the world was connected, and he looked at things quite well. It won’t take care of yourself because of this.

Really, less? She was wondering how to speak, Qin Zhengyang had already sat in front of her short a few shorts, looking down at her: “Is there any more?”

Is there any more? Can I still have more points? Miao Zhen’s eyes lit up.

Everyone said that she was not good, but Miao Zhen didn’t look so. Although she died at the age of five, she grew up following the wife wrapped in her feet from her childhood. The wife was the survivor of the Qing Dynasty. She was noble and proud of her family. She followed her.

As for the wife who was later died, the relatives who were smoked and sold, but became the master of the master. Except for the suffering of learning the show, there is no beating and scolding. Because of the face of a fiancee, who was dedicated to Master Qin, he was lifted into the Qin family by the big sedan.

It is said that the Qin family’s fourth aunt is too much, but the old lady Qin did not touch her body at all, at most it was not warm. Said to be aunt, she felt that it was more appropriate to be a nanny nurse.

People live to 28 years old, and they have never suffered a little bit at all. Is it so smooth this time? She was overjoyed, and it was no wonder that the master in the Lang said that she was rich and rich.

“Also … the four happy at home is about to give birth. When the full moon is full, I want to take two cats as companions?” She watched her eyes and looked up at him.

Qin Zhengyang only felt that his breathing was stagnant. He overlapped Erlang’s legs: “The output of Si Xi is still half a month, and the cat and cub will take 30 days. Can you wait?”

“Wait! Wait!” Miao Zhen nodded.

After sending Qin Zhengyang, the five sisters, six sisters, seven sisters sneaked and knocked on the door: “How? How?”

“It’s done!” Miao Zhen was so happy.

“At that time, a few of our sisters can make an appointment with mahjong!” The fifth sister called Su Ying, but was slightly larger than herself. She has a market atmosphere on her body, and she has not changed it in Qinfu for so many years, but Miao Zhen likes it very much.

Six sisters also nodded: “Who made us have no children? You see the second sister and the third sister. They all have children. The serious house. It was moved away in the next day. “

Seven sisters picked up a chocolate and peeled into the mouth: “Really? What about us? Do we leave later?”

“I haven’t said any time to give me a house, paving …” Miao Zhen’s hair fell behind his ears, and his tone lowered.

The other three looked at each other, and they didn’t know how to comfort. To say, who is the most annoyed by Qin Zhengyang of this Nuo Da Qinfu, there is no more than a Miao Zhen of the big wife and the fourth aunt.

The eldest wife occupied his grandmother’s main room, and the wife’s son occupied his father’s name. I don’t know what means of this Qin Zhengyang. He sent his uncle in the prison half a year ago and killed the big wife alive.

To say that this big wife occupies the name of the main room, Miao Zhen really occupied the favor of Master Qin. When Qin Zhengyang came back with a photo of his grandmother and Father Qin, the people in the room had dispelled.

Miao Zhen, who was sitting next to the old lady, was tens of0 % like the eyebrows and charm of the characters in the photos. Father Qin held the photo and cried. Then Qin Zhengyang stared at Miao Zhen, and the whole person was tested.

Now that the housekeeper gave them a house and pension money early, only Miao Zhen’s share was not determined, only to say that when Master Sun came back and fixed it. This Qin Zhengyang didn’t know what trading, there were many transportation and gangs, in short, it was an exquisite character.

Qinfu did not come back often. He sleeps in the flowers outside. It is said that the main room has not married, and the outer room has been promised for several rooms.

Waiting for the left and right, I finally waited today, and it should be. But in the end, it is just a verbal response, and it is nothing to say. It is like them, the house deeds, and gold and silver are soft in their hands.

Several people were both pitiful and dare to say anything about Qin Zhengyang. In fact, a few people are thinking about Miao Zhen’s good, but she is never jealous, and she has more help to the newcomers. Now this scene can only be sighed.

At dinner, a big family ate a sannan meal in the hall. Qin Zhengyang sat at the first place. Miao Zhen didn’t want to touch his head and sat consciously at the side table below.

At the beginning, it was also happy. My wife and young men intended to be inherited. Qin Zhengyang couldn’t say enthusiasm and did not have a face.

Miao Zhen inadvertently looked up and saw Qin Zhengyang staring at her, scaring her head and lowered her head. It’s just that the more people don’t want to have anything, the more they come.

“Four Auntie, can I still talk about meals? Listening to Tsai, who said, you are spicy, and you will invite a Sichuan chef to make a few Sichuan cuisine. Miao Zhen’s surgery, because everyone knows that Miao Zhen is sweet and spicy.

Miao Zhen looked at Qin Zhengyang, but only when he was shaking the wine glass, the bandit anger at the corner of his mouth was even worse than before. I didn’t know what intention, he put a delicate small pistol on his right hand. When the words fell, he drank the wine in the cup, picked up the white cloth and started wipe the pistol.

“Thank you, Master.” Miao Zhenqiang smiled.

The dishes are already on the table, and the redness looks beautiful.

The kitchen began to introduce: “Four Auntie, this is Mapo tofu, the most commonly -family Sichuan cuisine. This is boiled meat slices, hair blood and pepper chicken …”

Miao Zhen held chopsticks, but couldn’t get it.

The third wife looked at the lively place: “Zhen Zhen, the young master is filial to you, you can’t live up to his beauty.”

“The third sister said yes.” Miao Zhen didn’t care about it, only the courage to hold a piece of chicken with a piece of peppers, closed the eyes into the mouth, burning and hemp swelling along the taste buds to the nose and eyes along the taste buds She held back her tears and nose, chewed twice and sent it into her belly, and the fire burned into her belly again.

She quickly poured a large glass of water, and after a refreshing, she burned and burned again.

“Four Auntie, you try this hair blood.” The chef took the public chopsticks and picked a blood tofu from the white porcelain pot and put it into Miao Zhen bowl.

Miao Zhen swallowed the nausea and pepper, and then tried it one by one. The tears were turning, and the stubbornness refused to fall, and the red and gorgeous lips dumb up, seeing Qin Zhengyang’s mouth dry.

The more he was in his heart, the more he looked at him.

Miao Zhen put down the chopsticks and didn’t look at him. He said full of crying: “Master, I have eaten it, can I go back to the room first?”

Qin Zhengyang watched her not talking, and her eyes signaled Cai’s housekeeper: “Four Auntie, the young master said that the room you lived in, and he could find someone to see it for a long time, so I just asked the servant to help you move everything to everything. The East Chamber on the third floor of the West Courtyard. “

Miao Zhen looked at him unbelievably and glanced at Qin Zhengyang again.

Miao Zhen’s house was chosen by the old lady himself and was next to the old lady. The arrangement inside is good, and the spice account is also sent by the shop. Over time?

Miao Zhen only felt that his face and Li Zi were cleaned by Qin Zhengyang, and he couldn’t raise his head in front of everyone. The mud men also had three -pointers, and Miao Zhen was soft again, and couldn’t help gritting.

She was exhaled, turned away from the table, and Xiao Gao heeling stepped on the ground and made a sound, leaving a crowd to look at each other. I couldn’t help sighing, and the flowers in the past finally fell into the muddy grass.

The west courtyard rarely lived in the past, most of them were guest rooms. Later, Qin Zhengyang changed this to his back garden. There are study rooms, flower halls, screening rooms and living rooms. There were two rooms on the third floor, and one was occasionally returning to live, and the other was empty. Today, the empty place has become Miao Zhen’s temporary residence.

Miao Zhen walked into the western courtyard, and the cold atmosphere rushed to the face, but the heat of her whole body dropped.

Seeing her coming in, a little girl greeted up, and the smile was intimate: “Four Auntie, the young master instructed me to come to the bed for you. You can rest assured that this room was swept early and dried for a month. No. You live with peace of mind. “

Miao Zhen glanced at her grateful: “I have to bother you to help me send a pot of cool white, I have some mouths.”

“You call me Rongxiu, I will give you water.” Rongxiu sent Miao Zhen to the room and turned downstairs.

Miao Zhen looked at the new house, and it was no different from the original layout. Instead, the spice accounts were completely changed. Open the closet, and the clothes in the past were replaced with a new one. She took it down to compare, and the size was fitted.

To be honest, this house is more luxurious than before.

Rongxiu hadn’t sent the water yet, and she simply faded her clothes to bury herself into the bath.

Holding her hair, she threw her collapsed herself into the bedding. The bell awakened Miao Zhen, and she opened her confused eyes, and she was quiet outside the window.

She was a bit unbearable with dry mouth. She called two Rongxiu, and no one answered, so she had to walk downstairs in a robe. The lights in the corridor were lit, and the frames on the wall were stained.

Miao Zhen stepped on the floor, and the wooden floor made a crunchy sound. The dim light light was lit in the hall, and a pot of water was on the table. Miao Zhen took two steps and lifted the pot to pour water, but was scared by the sound behind him almost lost the tea cup in his hand.

“What are you doing?” Qin Zhengyang wore a bathrobe and sat in the shadow in the dark.

Miao Zhen turned around and looked at him, and felt inappropriate, clinging to the robe with a trembling robe: “I’m a bit thirsty.”

Qin Zhengyang got up and walked towards her. Miao Zhen didn’t dare to look at the bathrobe that had not closed his chest, so he had to bow his head.

This is the first time she has seen the legs of a young man.

If she can’t care, she turns upstairs. Qin Zhengyang blocked the stairs in two steps: “Aren’t you drinking water?”

“I … I’m not thirsty.” Miao Zhen was in danger, and he lowered his head and didn’t look at him, as if he could avoid the sharp eyes. She quickly squeezed from the side of Qin Zhengyang, but she couldn’t want to be held up by a powerful arm, and she screamed in fright.

Qin Zhengyang didn’t care, and let her scream. The person who hugged the heart, took a steady step, walked towards the round table in the center of the house. Struggling and hitting Miao Zhen’s robe fell to the ground, revealing the soft body wrapped in red silk pajamas.

Qin Zhengyang naturally looked at these eyes and placed the panicy little woman on the round table.

“Hush–” Qin Zhengyang looked down at Miao Zhen’s eyes, and his fingers raised a strap to put back her shoulder nest.

Miao Zhen’s fear and shame mixed together, struggling to make her trying to exhaust, and unconsciously opened her small mouth. She stared at Qin Zhengyang’s every move at a glance, for fear that he would tear her into the belly as a wolf in the next second.

Qin Zhengyang looked at Miao Zhen, who was very vigilant, but was vulnerable, and laughed a little. This woman was a child -like ignorance and pleased him.

Who is Qin Zhengyang? When people on the beaches see, they must be polite to call: Xiao Qin. Speaking of this name, which lady lady in Shili Ocean is not rushing? Only she made her wholehearted, but she was like a scorpion.

He reached out and grabbed the teapot, poured a large mouthful of cold water with the pot mouth, and held his red face with both hands. When the cold water was imported along the stamped lip flow, Miao Zhen almost swallowed subconsciously.

Soon, the water was dry. Miao Zhen was a little dissatisfied, and frowned and stared at Qin Zhengyang’s eyebrows, as if asking: Why is it gone?

How could it not be? Qin Zhengyang’s anti -guest was mainly, holding Miao Zhen’s sequins soft lips and began to suck. Miao Zhen was struggling to refuse, beating and pushing. Qin Zhengyang, panting, let go of her, and poured her head again. Looking at the little red mouth that was sucking hard, he repeatedly pressed over.

Miao Zhen once again grabbed more water from Qin Zhengyang’s mouth. Every time he sucks, Qin Zhengyang Miao Se is deeper. After the water source was exhausted again, Qin Zhengyang held Miao Zhen’s lower lip and gently pulled it: “Is it cold?”

Miao Zhen was unknown, and nodded stupidly.

“Is it spicy?” Qin Zhengyang’s thumb pressed her beautiful lips gently.

Miao Zhen realized that he was saying that he forced himself to eat chili, and was immediately instantly steaming by the shame of insulting. She stared at Qin Zhengyang, pushed him away, and jumped off the table.

Qin Zhengyang was unprepared and was pushed back two steps. Looking at Miao Zhen, who rushed to the building, he laughed silently. He caught up slowly.

Miao Zhen was immersed in his world. The man Qin Zhengyang not only humiliated himself, but also thinned himself, but he was his grandma! How can I live this matter, how do I live? Do n’t need to accuse others, jump into the river first! I don’t know what shame!

Miao Zhen wanted to get angry, and in the end, he couldn’t help wiping tears. She stomped her feet and walked upstairs, at all, she didn’t notice the figure behind her.

She opened the door and rushed in. When she turned around and closed the door, she saw Qin Zhengyang, who was gurgling, and was shocked. At this hesitation, Qin Zhengyang was already in Miao Zhen’s house.

This is a luxurious boudoir, a thin veil and curtain, and the floral down bedding fills the large Huanghuali bed. Teapots, cups, and incense are all beautiful and exquisite. This is the daughter of the Qin family, and there is no treatment. The fluffy mink blanket was also covered on the ground. Qin Zhengyang could even imagine that Miao Zhen took off his shoes, and his tender and round toes were hidden in it.

“What do you want to do? Qin Zhengyang!” Miao Zhen drank angrily, but because of timidity, this sentence was not so angry.

Qin Zhengyang likes Miao Zhen’s name. The girl who has learned Qu’er is different. The clear voice is charming in her clear voice, like a gesture of refusing to refuse.

Qin Zhengyang helped her close the door and even went to the door. The purpose of this action was obvious. Miao Zhen ran over and tried to pull out the door and rushed out, but this was undoubtedly the sheep entered the tiger’s mouth.

Qin Zhengyang stopped the person, hugged into the bedding, and his strong body pressed up. Miao Zhen was unavoidable, his hands and feet were made, and the struggle was unsuccessful. He could only accept Qin Zhengyang’s hot kiss passively.

The air in the chest was pulled empty little by little. Miao Zhen felt like a dying fish, and he longed for water and oxygen. She swooped her body and hoped to attract the attention of that person. For a long time, she opened her mouth to breathe with her instinct.

When Qin Zhengyang pulled out the bathrobe, Miao Zhen’s groggy head was sober for a moment. She looked at Qin Zhengyang shyly and wanted to get up.

Qin Zhengyang sat up in the trend and stretched out his hands to grab the younger who wanted to escape the scene. Miao Zhen, who was caught, fell softly in Qin Zhengyang’s arms, feeling the heat of his chest across the pajamas.

“Zhen Zhen.” Qin Zhengyang called her like this.

She didn’t dare to answer, just put her head in his shoulder nest and waited quietly. What are you waiting for? She couldn’t think of it.

Qin Zhengyang kissed Miao Zhen’s round shoulder, regardless of the rigidity of the people in his arms, and kissed her neck along the lips of the shoulders.


“Zhen Zhen, you mentioned it with Qin Zhengyang for almost half a month. Why, haven’t given a reply yet?” Miao Zhen and Su Ying sat in the cafe.

Except for Miao Zhen, other aunts and ladies moved out one after another. Su Ying said that life has never been so happy. When I want to sleep until when I want to go home, I want to return home when I return home. No one cares about dancing or drinking. Being a rich widow is really happy.

Miao Zhen said that she was not envious of being fake. Since that night, she has never seen Qin Zhengyang again. Listening Rongxiu said that they went out to see the business, but in any case, the words did not leave. Instead, I became embarrassed in that home.

She stroked her neck unnaturally, and there was still an unpleasant red mark hidden under the collar: “I haven’t seen him for half a month …”

“Sister Five, Master Qin, this is the fourth sister, the grievances of the last life, this is not authentic.” Seven Sisters Cardamom is the most straightforward.

Lao Liulian’s close voice said, “Sister Four, the old man hurts you so much, you should give you a lot. It really doesn’t work. Take it out to buy a house, which is better than those who are angry!”

Really, Qin Wuye did not give Miao Zhen’s money when he was alive, and Miao Zhen didn’t spend any money. Qin Wuye hurt her, and also opened a account for her alone, and deposited some money regularly.


For a long time, Miao Zhen has regarded that as an old -age money. She has no skills, and she is afraid of encountering people who are not unhappy. In this chaos, the second half of her life, these silver money made her practical.

Take out a part of the money and buy a house. It is always possible. There are so many rich households in the French Concession, and the house prices are too high. It really doesn’t work. Buying a large house at the suburbs is also possible to pick up and pick it out.

Miao Zhen thought about the feasibility of this incident, but was interrupted by a shouting: “Outside! Outside! See the small Qin Ye on the beach, and the crown is furious.”

“Selling the newspaper, come here!” Su Ying yelled.

When the newspaper saw business, he ran over with a smile: “Mrs., but do you want a newspaper?”

“Take two copies.” Su Ying paid the money, and Miao Zhen glanced at the half of the child glanced at the cakes on the table, his heart and mercy. He asked the waiter to wrap him one, and the child walked cheerfully.

Jin Lian sighed: “Sister Four, you are too soft. You really have to learn from our little Qin Lord, you see. This night, for our Qin Dashao, the second master of the Yunyun King’s family played. , Just for the Lily girl in the ballroom. Afterwards, in order to appease the Lily girl, a sapphire necklace was given. “

“Good! This sapphire necklace, it’s a house!” Cardamom was amazed.

Miao Zhen took a look at the opportunity. In the photo, Qin Zhengyang was holding a student -like girl carefully soothe, and judged two people with the harsh appearance at home. Thinking of the unknown night, she swallowed the nausea of ​​flies.

“Four sisters, you are wide, help me find a reliable house broker, I want to buy a house.” Miao Zhen made up his mind.

Su Ying responded happily, and at the moment, a few people called Miao Zhen to call a yellow car to find the agency to see the room.

Before the sunset, Miao Zhen fancy a new set of Nai Lai. The red wall iron window is a unique Western -style elegance. It is said that most of the literati live here, Miao Zhen agreed to return to Qin House the next day.

The servant opened the door: “Four Auntie, the young master is looking back to you?”

“I know, this is here.” Miao Zhen couldn’t figure out Qin Zhengyang’s attitude, and went in uneasily with the servant.

Qin Zhengyang was eating dinner, and his face was as gloomy as ever: “What did you do?”

“Find five sisters to drink coffee.” Qin Zhengyang’s questioning was unreasonable. Thinking of the stubbornness of this person, she decided to follow him.

Qin Zhengyang laughed: “What did the four aunts get too much?”

Miao Zhenluo went to see the house: “Nothing, the chat between the younger sisters and strolling around.”

“Eat.” Qin Zhengyang no longer asked, signaling that Uncle Cai took a pair of tableware.

Miao Zhen quickly stopped: “No, I have eaten dinner …”

Miao Zhen didn’t actually eat dinner, but she was hungry on the way back. She bought a piece of cake and filled with a jujube. At this moment, I really didn’t want to face Qin Zhengyang, and turned back to the room after turning.

“Sit down!” Qin Zhengyang’s voice was all uncomfortable.

Miao Zhen stopped: “Master, I am a little tired, I want to go back to rest …”

“I let you sit down!” Qin Zhengyang’s decibels increased, Miao Zhen was startled, stabilized, and turned back to sit opposite Qin Zhengyang.

Qin Zhengyang is still dissatisfied: “Sit on me.”

Miao Zhen didn’t want to move, but he was afraid to anger him, and he changed. Still sitting obediently on his right hand side.

Looking at her tepid attitude, Qin Zhengyang only felt more angry, and the food in front of her became tasteless. Does she have nothing to ask? Where did you go? Who do you meet? What do you do? How about eating well? Do you want her?

Or, what did she do? What book did you read? What new things do you meet? Didn’t you say what you want to say? It was last time to leave that night. Come back, did she not want to ask her thoughts about her?

Miao Zhen accompanied Qin Zhengyang, carefully ate half a bowl of porridge, and did not stop when he left. Miao Zhen was relieved, and when he returned to the bedroom, he put the gold and silver softly in the suitcase, and put it out and put it out.

When she came out of the bathroom, she checked the door and window again, and confirmed that all the locks were on the lock before drilling into the bed and sleeping peacefully.

Qin Zhengyang came to Miao Zhen’s door, raised his hand and knocked a few times, and no one answered. Try to push down the door, the door was locked. He sneered, was this a thief or let himself go? Raise his hand and knocked twice.

Miao Zhen’s heart mentioned his throat. She held her breath, pretending to fall asleep, but she ignored her no matter how Qin Zhengyang knocked on the door.

“Open the door!” Qin Zhengyang’s voice sounded outside, “Open the door! Miao Zhen.”

Seeing Miao Zhen still ignores it, he threatened: “Miao Zhen, open the door. If you don’t open it again, from tomorrow, don’t want to step out of this room! You know I said it!”

Miao Zhen had no choice but to get up and responded: “It’s too late, I fell asleep, something will be said tomorrow.”

“Open the door!” Qin Zhengyang didn’t know what to discuss, his voice was heavy and cool.

Miao Zhen had to get up and dressed, and checked the buttons in front of the door: “Wait a minute.”

The door opened a seam, Miao Zhen squeezed out, then took the door of the room, and looked up at Qin Zhengyang: “What is it?”

Qin Zhengyang looked at her neatly and was quite disdainful. She supported the door panel with one hand to block her closure of the door. Then leaned down and raised her chin and kissed up.

A shallow kiss relieves the acacia that has been in the past few days, and it must be deepened. Miao Zhen moved away and pushed him away: “Qin Zhengyang! I am your grandfather’s widow, you have to call me a grandma!”

“Did he touch you?” Qin Zhengyang stared at her eyes. Her greenness, he looked in his eyes.

Miao Zhen was annoyed: “Qin Zhengyang! You should be shameless! People! Beasts!”

“I am!” Qin Zhengyang laughed. He licked his teeth and no longer stunned with her. He picked up Miao Zhen and kicked the door and pressed people on the bed.

Miao Zhen hates himself than Qin Zhengyang. Why is it so easy to indulge in those kisses? She rolled over and faced, Qin Zhengyang took her from behind, kissed her ears, and saw her trembling as expected.

On the day of the day, Miao Zhen saw that he didn’t want to leave yet: “Don’t go to work today?”

“Go late and accompany you.” Qin Zhengyang couldn’t satisfy it. He was greedy for her warmth and fragrance.

The well -being of the rich man who is not in the family, does not look at the lady ladies, and sticks to a small widow without putting it.

Miao Zhen closed his eyes and said: “I have been shopping for five sisters today, and I am late …”

“I asked the housekeeper to call her, saying that you will make an appointment on the day, and it is inconvenient today.” Qin Zhengyang didn’t think much.

Miao Zhen quickly stopped: “Don’t, in case she asked next time, I can’t say it.”

Qin Zhengyang was suspicious of his body: “Come back early at night.”

“Okay.” Miao Zhen quickly agreed.

Qin Zhengyang looked at her without moving, the little woman in front of her eyes was busy to please herself, wearing a tie …

When Miao Zhen went out, Qin Zhengyang signaled that Xiao Ba followed …

Miao Zhen and Su Ying walked downstairs and were nailed to the place. Qin Zhengyang’s car was parked at the door. He leaned against his body to smoke. The neat tie was torn away at the moment in the morning, and he put on his chest at will.

Seeing Miao Zhen and Su Ying out of the door, they bounced off the cigarette butt and raised their feet twice, smiling at the two. Miao Zhen unaware that she leaned behind Su Ying’s body. The five aunts were a little stiff when she saw that she saw it.

“Aunt Four and Five Aunt Five, it’s a coincidence. Is this a friend?” Qin Zhengyang smiled evilly, but his eyes stared at Miao Zhen.

Five Aunt Susi nodded again and again: “Yeah, big. Look at friends … see friends … yes, look at me, neighbors next door to me to play mahjong, I almost forgot, I’ll go back first. “

When Miao Zhen heard Su Ying said so, she was so anxious to drag her arm: “Five Sisters! Five Sisters!”

“Four Auntie, it’s time to go home!” Qin Zhengyang’s call gently threw it, and the cool air was soaked in Miao Zhen’s half body.

Su Ying’s footsteps are faster. Miao Zhen stood in place and watched her back disappearing at the e -entrance. She turned his body fate, raised his white arms, and picked up the broken hair in his ears, and dared not look at him: “Oh … haha ​​…… 呵 … It’s a coincidence What about it. Come out? “

Qin Zhengyang looked at her with a smile: “Too coffee with Aunt Wu? How about coffee?”

Miao Zhen was stunned by his smile: “It’s good! It’s good!”

Qin Zhengyang converged with a smile, alas! I really do n’t learn well. He glanced at the dark, and a thin figure rushed out and rushed to Miao Zhen. Miao Zhen was shocked and stepped back.

“Four Auntie, this is the deposit you paid. I’m sorry, I don’t have a blessing to make your money, and the house has just been bought by Xiao Qin …” The man stuffed the money to Miao Zhen and turned around Bow slightly in Qin Zhengyang, and ran away.

“Hey! You … you …” Miao Zhen looked at the cooked ducks and stomped his feet inexplicably.

Qin Zhengyang stepped in front of Miao Zhen, Miao Zhen looked at him timidly: “I bought it myself, isn’t it?”

Qin Zhengyang did not answer and took a black satin out of his pocket. Miao Zhen is even more unknown: “What are you doing?”

Qin Zhengyang still didn’t speak. He covered the satin on Miao Zhen’s eyes. Seeing Miao Zhen’s struggle, a low drink: “Mo move!”

Miao Zhen didn’t dare to move, and even trembled: “Qin Zhengyang … what are you doing, I’m afraid …”

The whispering whispered, pleased Qin Zhengyang. He lowered his head and held the round lips: “Heart and liver, don’t be afraid!”

Miao Zhen was taken into the car, and her body started, and she was even more disturbed. In a strange environment, Qin Zhengyang was the only person who was familiar with. She unconsciously approached him, and Qin Zhengyang did not refuse, and let the little woman climb her arms.

The car shaking all the way, and finally stopped. Miao Zhen was taken out of the car by Qin Zhengyang, and the leather shoes and high heels stepped on the bluestone slab.

Go straight, turn, turn again. There are more and more sounds in the ears and more and more. Laughing, angry, resentment …

“Xiao Qin, you won’t come for some time.” It is a middle -aged woman, and her voice is sweet and greasy, and it is so obvious.

Qin Zhengyang stopped: “Mother Cao, can the house still keep it?”

“Keep! Keep! You don’t come, I dare not move. Don’t worry, I will sweep people every day.” Mother Cao promised, and a hint of God looked at Miao Zhen again, secretly guess who the family was The little lady, her skin is white and tender, her waist and hips are not sloppy.

Qin Zhengyang signaled his followers: “Xiao Ba!”

Xiao Ba took the key from Cao’s mother and attracted the way in front.

Miao Zhen’s hands held Qin Zhengyang’s placket tightly, Qin Zhengyang took her waist to avoid her falling.

Her hearing was extremely clear in the darkness. She first passed a bridge, and the sound of the paddle came from under her feet. Immediately after entering the yard, the wooden door was pushed away. What is this?

Too late to think more, Miao Zhen was taken on the stairs. She couldn’t figure out Qin Zhengyang, and posted herself in his arms softly: “Where to go?”

Qin Zhengyang took a breath, leaned against the wall, and lowered her head and held her lips. Miao Zhen felt that his body was dry for a moment, and almost slipped to the ground. Qin Zhengyang let go of her lips and give her a chance to breathe.

She was taken into a room with her hands, and her hands were wrapped around -hemp rope! Miao Zhen’s fear was even more, she begged: “Qin Zhengyang! Qin Zhengyang!”

Qin Zhengyang lifted her hands around her, and the high heels had been retracted. She encouraged her feet to support her body. Qin Zhengyang stepped back, the air suddenly quietly, Miao Zhen’s red lips called him together.

Qin Zhengyang looked at her helpless and pitiful appearance, as if the imprisoned lamb, and called her master at a loss. He stretched out his hand and touched her face and felt her existence. The little sheep was a little happy, and she wanted to approach.

Qin Zhengyang took a step back and picked up the feathers on the cabinet and scratched her waist: “Where is wrong?”

“Don’t lie.” Miao Zhen wept.

Qin Zhengyang saw the trembling of the woman, his eyes were dark, and he twisted his neck and took off his coat. The buttons near the neck were unlocked, revealing the throat knot and collarbone, and the tie was thrown under the feet.

“What did you lie to me?” Qin Zhengyang continued.

Miao Zhen was anxious to confess everything in order to obtain soothing,: “Luck you shopping with Wumei, in fact, to buy a house.”

However, He Jiaojiao gave birth to a sweet throat, obviously to ask for mercy, and it was a bit of honey, and it changed in the ears of the Zhengzhu Qin Zhengyang.

“Why not tell the truth?” Qin Zhengyang abandoned the feathers, and his rough slap followed his neck and neck, stroking his spine to the tail bone, and slammed down.

Miao Zhen’s red face: “You are tired of me, bully me, and now hit me …”

Qin Zhengyang picked up the person, biting Miao Zhen’s ears and scolding her: “Fool, you still have time to like you, how can you hate it?”

Miao Zhen looked up unbelievably, but the obscure eyes could not see the man’s expression at all. She clicked her mouth: “You greet me.”

That’s right. Since seeing her at first glance, he grew her, but he thought that in the final analysis, he had giving birth to buds, and grew into a vine densely trapped him in it, without seeing the sun and the moon.

“Little Fairy.” Qin Zhengyang loosened her rope and poured people on the big bed behind him.

In the early morning, Miao Zhen sat in front of the dressing mirror with the red marks on his neck. Qin Zhengyang was full of his feet, and his head looked at her sullenness.

It is strange to say that as soon as she passed yesterday, her fear of Qin Zhengyang was cleaned, and she could only rely on him in the darkness.

“Zhen Zhen.” Miao Zhen glanced back at him and should not.

Qin Zhengyang had to get out of bed and caught the person: “Dare?”

Miao Zhen’s little temperament came up, and it was a bite when he rushed up.

“Little has no conscience. If you really want to pay back, you have to pay me here, Fang is fair!” Qin Zhengyang nodded her heart with his hands.

“I don’t believe you!” His eyes were burning, so that her heart was trembling. In his mouth, he didn’t believe it, but his two thin arms were wrapped around his neck.

Qin Zhengyang’s eyebrows fluttered, disrupted her long hair, and wrapped people into the quilt again.

In September, osmanthus hug into a cluster in a cluster. Miao Zhen was sitting under the osmanthus tree and reading a book set.

Rongxiu ran in with a basket of crabs, and Miao Zhen stopped her: “Rongxiu, I didn’t see you to stop, what happened?”

“Mrs. Young, the young master invited someone to come to the house to discuss the matter. In the morning, Xiao Ba found the crab for the boatman. This was not just sent.” Since returning, Qin Zhengyang has changed the helper at home. Hou, no one is called the fourth aunt, collectively known as Mrs. Shao. Except for Rongxiu, Xiao Ba, and Cai’s housekeeper, few of them can be called by Miao Zhen.

Miao Zhen was a little strange. Qin Zhengyang never had a banquet at home to invite guests. If he had something to go to the restaurant, he went to the restaurant: “What do you know?”

“Listening to Xiao Ba, they are all friends who make friends when they are studying abroad. These days, I have to leave from the boat, and I have to live at home recently.” Rong Xiu took two words and ran to the kitchen with crab. Essence

Miao Zhen is a little dazzling, his friend? He is trapped in this big house, but he has the world.

Miao Zhen was sitting west of the sun under the osmanthus tree. It was not until the sound of the car came from the gate that Miao Zhen woke up. She hesitated to say hello, but was a little shy. Stand up, turn around and go back to the west courtyard.

“Zhengyang, I really didn’t expect you to go home to inherit the family business. I always thought you would go to college to be a professor.” Qingqing’s female voice nailed Miao Zhen’s footsteps.

She was a little curious, who could be as intimate with him, calling his name and discussing his career with him.

When the group came in, they saw Miao Zhen standing under the osmanthus tree.袖 Blue dark lines, long sleeves loose cheongsam wrapped with slender waist, really weak willow Fufeng, Hao’s wrist is a white jade bracelet on Hetian jade, and the hair is rolled up, revealing a warm pointed chin, two Mingyue 珰 on the tip of the ear ears, Shake.

Qin Zhengyang frowned, and Miao Zhen couldn’t figure out what he meant, only when he was angry. Suddenly, he was also aggrieved. He listened to Rongxiu earlier. He returned from studying abroad in a certain family, and then abandoned the wife set by the family and had a two -suction with the female students. Didn’t you drink ink? Now that he has this body, it is annoying that he is disgusted.

She smashed her eyes with red eyes, and she greeted it. She smiled and turned back to the western courtyard. The moment turned, the girl beside him drifted by his eyes, a flowing white lace long skirt, long hair on the shawl, and a quartz watch on the wrist was really capable.

The young man with his peers returned to God, and secretly praised a beautiful woman with an elegant Wenxiu: “Zhengyang, is this daughter -in -law set by your family?”

Qin Zhengyang nodded with a smile: “I haven’t seen the world, let you laugh.”

“The sister -in -law hasn’t read the book, don’t you recognize the words?” Qin Zhengyang was a humble word, but the woman on the side asked curiously.

Seeing several other people in Qin Zhengyang also made a curious gaze, explained slightly: “The word is recognized and written.”

“Listening to other students, I can’t tell the wife set by the family. A person is full of minds, and one person is all suspected of listening to it.”

“Wen Qing, this is the life of their husband and wife, how can we ask?” The young man on the side quickly stopped.

The woman spit out my tongue with embarrassment: “Zhengyang, don’t mind, I’m curious.”

Qin Zhengyang shook his head: “You go in and wait for me, Uncle Cai, you arrange people to go to tea, I will go to the Western Court to see.”

Uncle Cai was busy leading everyone into the main hall. Seeing the luxury of the main hall, everyone held back and sighed.

When Qin Zhengyang pushed in the door, he saw Miao Zhen’s red eyes sitting in front of the window. He stepped forward and held her face: “Why are you unhappy?”

Miao Zhen opened his hand: “You dislike me!”

“When did I have abandoned you?” Qin Zhengyang shouted injustice.

Miao Zhen looked at him with an oblique eyes: “I still said that I didn’t dislike it. When your classmates saw me, you frowned.

Qin Zhengyang laughed dumbly: “Fool! Where did the savvy strength go to the past?”

Miao Zhen pushed away his entangled arms, decided not to let him hold him, and did not look at him, and asked again, “Do you like such female students?”

“What kind of female students?” Qin Zhengyang did not answer.

“It’s a female student who came today …” Miao Zhen was a little lacking.

Qin Zhengyang took over her earlobe: “Vinegar jar! Do you like me?”

Miao Zhen was pierced by this, turned his face to look at him with his eyes, his face was bright: “You like me first!”

“Yes, I fell in love with Jiaojiao first!” Qin Zhengyang murmured in Miao Zhen’s ears.

Miao Zhen’s fear is also straightforward, and he likes straightforward. She stretched out her arms and hung on his neck and gave him the whole person.

Qin Zhengyang hugged her soft body with both hands and turned to downstairs. A frightened screaming: “To die, what are you going to do?”

“Don’t you like crabs? When I came here, Rong Xiu just came to the table, and it would be late if he didn’t go!” Qin Zhengyang teased her.

Miao Zhen naturally doesn’t believe it. The owner’s house did not move the chopsticks. How can the guest move first: “Huh!”

When the two walked in hand to the main hall, the voice of the conversation stopped and looked at Miao Zhen. Qin Zhengyang frowned slightly, and blocked his side: “Brother Zhao, Brother Han, Wen Qing take a seat!”

Miao Zhen didn’t disturb them, and she couldn’t understand what they talked about. The little hand was too busy, she would eat crab. Small scissors cut off their legs and launch crab meat. Going to Gai’er cut off his belly, took out the crab orange and stomach, went to the white cheeks and chills, the yellow crab yellow with crab meat, pouring a little vinegar, eating her, fed Qin Zhengyang, he also bowed his head and then bowed his head. She was eaten with her tone.

“Zhengyang, you also know that it has not been too peaceful recently, and the enemy is getting more and more arrogant. Since you already have plans, why not leave early and leave, can you make a circle with his uncle and aunt?” Wen Qing put down the chopsticks and wiped his mouth.

Leave this? Miao Zhen did not listen to Qin Zhengyang’s mention.

Qin Zhengyang picked up Paizi to help Miao Zhen wipe his hands, one by one very careful: “There are still some business here.”

“The situation is not good now, it is better to send the sister -in -law first? You can do things with peace of mind.” Do you have no worries to do things with peace of mind? Or can you do things with peace of mind?

Miao Zhen looked at Wen Qing, but seemed to see several aunts of Qin Wuye, and immediately understood her mind. I didn’t feel so annoying before, but now I am really upset. She didn’t have the interest of eating crabs, and she was sobbing to Qin Zhengyang: “I don’t want to go, I want to be with you.”

Qin Zhengyang ate her set: “No, no, where am I, where are you?”

Wen Qing obviously did not expect Miao Zhen’s bold. Aren’t the women in the house all from three virtues?

She continued: “By the way, my aunt stayed with me today and asked me to help handle several real estate shops. Some places that I do n’t understand may come to the door to disturb Zhengyang. Xunzi, you do n’t think I am annoyed.”

Miao Zhen has been a aunt and wife for ten years. Do you let her have a wise and virtuous virtue of his wife? Regardless of her situation, she immediately stunned the small scissors in her hand and looked at Qin Zhengyang angrily without talking.

Suddenly, the sound of persuasion on the table was calm, and I was obedient. It is really not to blame Zhou You Wang. This kind of resentment, just wants to hold her heart to her.

Qin Zhengyang grabbed her hand with a smile and rubbed: “Wen Qing, your sister -in -law is vinegar. I know a reliable real estate agent and copy the phone to you later.”

Wen Qing was tender on the ground, and Miao Zhen was so stirred that he felt hot on his face, and only felt that he had lost his face clean.

There is nothing between men, and three or two sentences are lively again.

Suddenly, Miao Zhen was sitting on the sofa in front of the fireplace to see the snow fall. There are very few snow here, and some things are mixed with snow beads in the rain. But this year is the cold winter, and the snow has fallen several games. Miao Zhen is very happy.

Qin Zhengyang was so busy in the past few days. She saw that he was exhausted in his eyebrows, and his heart hurt. When I was thinking, I saw others coming back. As soon as the car stopped, she hurried out to welcome him.

Qin Zhengyang was full of alcohol. She was a little disgusting and pinched her nose: “How did you drink?”

“A little bit, can’t get rid of it.” Qin Zhengyang caught her hand and entered the house together.

Miao Zhen gave him the sober soup. When he saw him lie down on the sofa and closed his eyes and kept his eyes, he returned to the cat on the sofa. Qin Zhengyang grabbed her feet and put it in her arms, and Miao Zhen deliberately rubbed the bad.

He opened his eyes and Miao Zhen rushed up to kiss him. But the alcohol of the face smoked her pyramid and vomited.

I was so scared that Qin Zhengyang passed her back: “Uncle Cai, called Dr. Zheng and let him come.”

“It’s okay, these two days may be inflammation of the throat, and I have been a bit tutoring.” Miao Zhen rinsed his mouth.

Qin Zhengyang did not dare to approach her. When the bath came out, Dr. Zheng was giving Miao Zhen’s pulse: “How?”

Dr. Zheng smiled easily: “Congratulations to Xiao Qin, Mrs. Shao is happy!”

Qin Zhengyang froze for a moment, then was shrouded in huge joy, and rushed to kiss Miao Zhen’s face.

Miao Zhen touched his belly incredible, child? Do you want to be a mother yourself? She thought she would not have her own children in her life! It’s really time to care for!

She pointed at her stomach stupidly: “He really wants to let me be a mother?”

This sentence laughed at a house, Dr. Zheng comforted her: “Yeah, I have lived in for two months.”

“Two months! I am really confused and never found it …” She looked at Qin Zhengyang annoyedly.

Why isn’t Qin Zhengyang: “He is a good, not making trouble with you.”

When Miao Zhenxian’s arms, it was July in the coming year.

Several Su Ying looked at her stomach, showing a difficult expression: “It turns out that this dog has such a thoughtful mind, and I did n’t see it when he did n’t see it when he was frustrated!”

Miao Zhen smiled awkwardly: “Why are you here today?”

“Why don’t you welcome it?” Cardamom stunned her.

“Where dare, I am not … this is not …” Miao Zhen couldn’t say.

Jin Lian watched her two laps: “Do n’t have a baby, you have to become ugly, how can you be so wise in your stomach?”

Rongxiu brought desserts and interrupted: “We Qin, for fear of anyone to treat his doll. I can’t wait to suffer bird’s nest three meals a day, and the milk, red dates, and wolfberry have never been broken.”

“Well, our little Qin Lord hurts people, and no one can compare.” Su Ying envied Miao Zhen’s blessing, who said she was suffering.

Miao Zhen drank the tea handed over by Rongxiu: “What’s the matter with the door today?”

“Really begged your family Qin!” Su Ying put down the tea.

Miao Zhen understood that Qin Zhengyang did cooperate with the shipping company. She nodded: “Stay at night for dinner and talk with Zhengyang, it should be easy.”

“I don’t dare to eat with the living Yan Wang, Zhenzhen will help us.” Cardamom shook Miao Zhen’s arm.

Miao Zhen responded with a smile. When he talked about it at dinner, Qin Zhengyang was silent.

“Are you not easy to do?” Miao Zhen looked at him carefully.

Qin Zhengyang shook his head: “Zhenzhen, this time you go with them.”

“Why?” Miao Zhen didn’t understand, “You said, where are you, I am there …”

“Zhen Zhen, obedient. Recently, I am worried about you, worried about your baby. Even for me, for my children, you must go this time.” Qin Zhengyang’s face was serious.

Miao Zhen shed tears: “What about you? When will you come?”

“Soon.” Qin Zhengyang wiped her tears.

The baby in the stomach should have consciousness. When Qin Zhengyang touched Miao Zhen’s belly, his small hand followed.

Qin Zhengyang murmured: good son.

In the middle of the night, Miao Zhen got up to find water. But she didn’t see Qin Zhengyang’s figure. She walked out of the door and faintly heard the sound of conversations in the study.

She knocked on the door: “Zhengyang, I want to drink water.”

Qin Zhengyang came out and covered the door. I poured water downstairs and watched her fall asleep again.

“Zhengyang, you’re going too. You have been suspected …” A middle -aged man in a green -gray long -distance running.

“Old horse, give me some time, there are too many things that are missing now, lack of money, lack of food, medicine, lack of clothes …” Qin Zhengyang smoked a cigarette.

Lao Ma and the man on the side looked at: “This is the last time. You must leave when the drug is safely transported!”

When Miao Zhen left the boat, Qin Zhengyang looked at Qin Zhengyang: “You have to come soon.”

Qin Zhengyang hugged and hugged, kissed and kissed, his eyes were full of tears.

In late August, Miao Zhengang’s hospital student gave birth to a baby boy, and the news of the war came.

She was so anxious that the telegram sent one after another, and she couldn’t wait for the news of Qin Zhengyang. She thought of seeing what he saw that night, and he heard his true identity.

For the rest of the year, there was still no news. She didn’t know how many times she cried. Her son had long opened, and her eyebrows looked like a father.

She had a lot of money in her hand, but the price was soaring, and she couldn’t sit in the mountains. She simply bought a building and changed into a hotel. She also started some restaurants business. Some of Su Ying bought the building and lived on the rent. Occasionally, let’s help and make some small money to play mahjong.

When he was one and a half years old, Miao Zhen no longer held hope, and Qin Zhengyang’s parents finally stopped starting to take the initiative. The family was famous in the local area. With the help of the father -in -law and mother -in -law, the business was even more gold.

In the summer, Miao Zhen sent Ping An to Qinfu, and he sweated when he returned. Back to the apartment, he was about to remove his clothes but was blinded by a pair of big hands.

She screamed screaming, struggling to escape.

“Jiaojiao.” With a soft call, the little woman stopped struggling.

Miao Zhen couldn’t believe it, she tried to call, “Zhengyang?”

“Zhen Zhen, my Jiaojiao, why don’t you look at me.” Qin Zhengyang held her waist from behind.

Miao Zhen’s tears turned around, turned around, beating his hard chest: “Bastard! Bastard!”

Qin Zhengyang hugged people tightly, and the hot kisses smashed over the sky, making Miao Zhen almost breathless.

Miao Zhen unbuttoned his clothes and watched the bomb marks in his abdomen: “Is this because of this?”

Qin Zhengyang stroked her hair, closed her eyes and raised her head inhaled: “After lying in the hospital for three months, the entry and exit was blocked. I couldn’t find a chance. “,”

Miao Zhen climbed on him and kissed his cheeks to leave a watermark one after another, making Qin Zhengyang lose his degree.

When Xiaoping saw his father for the first time, he tilted his head and looked at it for a long time before he shouted: “Daddy.”

“How do you recognize Dad?” Miao Zhen was curious.

Holding the toy gun given by his father in Ping An’s hand, he watched and watched: “Dad and I have played the game.”

Miao Zhen was confused. Only Qin Zhengyang smiled and stretched out his fingers to point his son’s forehead. Xiao Ping’an looked up at his father and laughed at the flowers.

(Original title: “Bandit Grandbags and Little Widow”)

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