How dirty is the quilt sheet at home for 10 days? How long should I wash? How to wash the best? I dare not be lazy after reading it

In daily life,

When skin itching, allergies, and acne occur,

Do you first think of

It may be caused by food, clothes, toiletries, etc.

And ignore the bedding?

What are the “invisible dangers” of bedding?

Many people change laundry every day, but rarely clean the bedding. About one -third of people spent about 1/3 of them spent during sleep. Sheets, quilts, and pillows have been used for a long time, and “hidden health hazards” will appear.

Every night, the human body will discharge about 200ml of sweat. People who are prone to cold sweat at night will have greater sweats. The humid and warm conditions are the breeding bed for bacteria. In addition, the human body metabolism will automatically fall off dandruff, dry in autumn, lack of water in the skin, and greater dandruff. Not only that, the sheets, oil, saliva, dust, urine, etc. will be left on the sheets.


Such sheets, which are easy to cause skin diseases such as ringworm and tinea. And with the breathing during sleep, microorganisms, bacteria, fungi, etc. on the sheets may also enter the body, and respiratory infections are prone to occur. Do not wash the sheets for a long time, and it is more likely to have gynecological diseases.

How long does it take to clean the bedding?


Sheets, quilts: once a week

It is reported that the sheets that do not wash in 10 days may have 5.5 catties of sweat left on it. Such sheets are simply paradise for mite bacteria.

Pillow towel, pillow sleeve: once a week

Pillow towels are prone to dandruff, dust mites, fungi, bacteria, and oil and dirt on hair and skin. If you clean your face every day without changing the pillow towel, your face may be “washed”.

If there is discomfort such as skin allergies on the face, it is recommended to change it every two or three days. In the same way, the pillowcase should be washed once a week.

Pillow core: once every 3 months

The saliva, sweat, and dust, dandruff, and oil on the head when they sleep, and it is easy to penetrate into the pillow core. The longer the pillow is used, the greater the possible risk of thrombosis. Low -aged and elderly people have low resistance, and are more likely to be infected with link bacteria and buried thrombosis.

If the pillow core material is not easy to clean, it is best to expose it once a week; after 1 year of use, it is recommended to replace the pillow core.

Cleaning and removing mites have wonderful tricks


The sheets, quilts, and pillowcases are different from material materials, and the method of cleaning is also different:

Sheets, quilts

Everyone knows how to be cleaned or exposed to the way to remove mites. In fact, adding some flower dew water during washing can also assist to kill mites attached to it.


◎ Fibrous pillow, down pillow can be used for neutral detergent warm water hands or machine washing;

◎ The silk gel composition in the silk pillow can prevent mites and dust, and it is often dried in the ventilation place;

◎ The latex pillow is covered with pillows, squeezed and cleaned by hand, filtered with water, and dried or dried at the hair dryer after dripping.

How to wash the items yellow?

◎ Tao rice water+orange peel

Put the orange peel into the pot and boil the rice water and pour it out. When the temperature of the water drops to about 55 ° C, put the yellow sheet in and soak for 15-20 minutes, and then scrubb the yellow stain.

◎ Salt+baking soda

Add an appropriate amount of salt and baking soda to 1000 ml of water, stir well, put the yellow sheet in and soak for half an hour, then wash it in a normal method, and dry it.

*Not only the bedding, but also yellow stains of white clothing, you can also try these methods!

Tips for mite removal


◎ Frozen method

Wrap the pillow with plastic wrap, and then put them in the refrigerator for 6-24 hours. The mitigation rate of mites can be as high as 70%. If you take it out, the mite removal effect will be better!


◎ Black plastic bag exposure method

Studies have shown that the exposure can only kill 30%of mites, especially for the thick home items such as pillows. But as long as you put a black bag for two hours, the mite removal effect can be greatly improved!