Young girl bid farewell to jeans, “color trousers”, let this spring are not monotonous

# What to wear today?

# 跟 学 学 美 #

# 变 美 百科 全 # #

Spring is a colorful season. Fashion people are very good at using the spring sun, breeze and other natural environment to reflect your own dress, let the whole person look

More energetic, full of energy.

At this time, black pants and jeans are eclipsed, no ideas,

The gorgeous turn is starting with color trousers.

Today we will learn the matching method of color pants, no matter what color, what version of the trousers can be smart into the poetic pain of spring. Recently, “hit color wind” fire, pants can also “big change face”,

It is significantly older age.

History of trousers

The trousers are called “” in ancient my country, refers to costumes used to obscrain the lower body.

“” Originated in the Zhou Dynasty, disappeared in the Ming Dynasty

And include many types. In 2003, archaeologists found two trousers, which is currently discovered in my country.


Two pants in history

In the age of 3,300 years ago, archaeological experts believe that this may be the oldest trousers in the world. The shape structure of trousers is also related to the geographical environment. The long trousers unearthed in the north are different from the southern part of the materials and trousers.


And the northwest trousers are still a similar appearance.

In the Western, the Pants Form The earliest in the ancient Roman time,

Is a length of a length in the knee

, This loose shirt continues to play during the Renaissance

Getting a tight panties,

And in design

More humane

. Until the 1990s, the loose trousers continues to be popular, and the girls who prefer the dress will also choose trousers to showcase the beautiful curves of their legs to form a comfortable.





Characteristics of color trousers

The color of the color pants is its largest bright spot, and colorful candy color trousers in the sun.

Look especially dazzling

Inadvertently appear

Youth is energetic,


Young girl chooses colored trousers to show a good age.

unique charm

, The same color faces different version of the color pants, combined with cross-matching matches on the top, will produce unexpected visual effects,


Integration with spring.

Colored pants

It is extremely strong in black pants.

Not wild, it is more discerning for the choice of tops and accessories, and it is difficult for girls who have no soul without the soul to make the color pants to match their own value. But the color pants can be able to be able to be able to

Anticious eye

, Girls will be more personally in the stuffing of color pants.

Give people a feeling of ultra-blue world

. The color pants will be able to find you in the crowd in the colored trousers.

Wearing matters

It is a king

If your dressing skills have not reached the realm of god, you can choose a colorful trousers with stable win: color pants are thared onto the top,

For example, black, white t-shirt

It is all

Unlike the item

. No matter what color pants and white tops will look


It can easily avoid the embarrassing situation of tattlicity.


In addition to simple black and white, the same color tone is also suitable for novice match, combined with the body ratio and main tone,

More clearly

. For example, the upper body is thinner pear body girl, you can choose a deep shallow color in the same main color, and the upper body wears bright colors.


Weakened the shortcomings

It can perfectly interpret good body, and play the value of color pants.

It gives people a sense of visual coordination.

Item recommendation

1, rose red harsh pants

Rose red belongs to the pink system, is a relatively gorgeous in pink, close to the medium tones, this transparent powder gives a fantastic sweet atmosphere, a charming breath and uploading of rose red harsh pants The bright surface is mixed, and a small small aperture is formed in the sun.


Sexy and mysterious

. Top suit version

Be more skilled

, Clothes and pants are excessive matching of the same main tone, and the overall looks harmonious nature.

It is a tenderness of a woman.

2, red leather pants

The red is a traditional Chinese color.

Also known as a color

Red is passionate and powerful. The material of the leather is more promising and inflamery, red leather pants will make you in the crowd

Very eye-catching

, Giving people full shock, loose trousers design

More neutralized

. The upper body is equipped with a lavender sweater, just makes a deep shallow color matching, purple is more like a skin white shoe, the fusion of the two is definitely a boutique in Europe and American.

3, yellow spoof hm pants


Splashless slut color is popular from the summer of last year, and in the airport street shooting of new products and stars this year, the trend of fainting is only increased. Dizziness in pants is more


, Excessive over yellow

Very tested girl’s leg shape

, Horn trousers design plus black tight bottoming can

Outline waist hips ratio

, Leather joining appears


In the excess spring go, you can also play a light umbrella.

Wearing a recommendation

1, the same color match


Classic and not easily error-like matching is the introduction of color pants to wear, learn to match the same color, how dazzled color girls don’t worry. Goose yellow casual pants


Sweet and sweet

, Give people warm soft feelings, the feet is used to use a sticky handling, let trousers collect, let the leg lines have a degree,

Seconds, thin, thin legs


. With soft candy color sweater, the overall dress is shallow, the sleeves use yellow and pink splicing treatment with the pants color perfectly,

Just right.

Lavender purple is the popular color this year. The feeling of purple itself gives people is dreamy and mysterious.

Sweet, revealing romantic

. The purple suit of cowboy is very stereo, and the fabric is tall and can be very good to modify the girl’s figure.

Blocked the fat on the body

The five-point sleeve design is very special. In the spring weather in the color, it is clear and cold, with a pair of sports shoes,

Easy to create a leisure lady.

2, black half sleeve + color pants

Black half sleeves are the matching artifacts of colored pants, no matter what color pants are very nice. The solid color black half sleeves are slightly loose, and the overall lookout medium,

Nothing to modify

, With the ginger yellow wide-leg pants, let this dull black top, top clothes into the pants to pull the long waist leg ratio,

Very high is thin and discerning.

Black half sleeves are equipped with red printing, and red sweatpants is just just right. Half sleeves are slightly rolled up,

It seems fashionable and foreign

Pushed into the trousers in the upper clothes and collapsed. Overall to see black


Very thin

And wide legs can be easily

Hidden with extra flesh of legs

It is worthwhile to give a microveligeration girl.

3, suit + purple pants


The suit is a relatively exactly some single product, the workplace women choose a suit to make yourself look


. The addition of color pants is invested in the suit into a suit, and the girls in the workplace can also be sweet and playful. In order not to let the whole wear too exaggerated,

Lack of official sense

In the suit, you can choose white tight bottom, with a light-colored suit or a very beautiful suit with the color of the pants,

Neither a dim

It is very convenient to suit the identity of women in the workplace. White T-shirt with gray suit and purple trousers are a very good set of combinations, pick up purple pillows,

Stylish and concise.

Colorful suit is also a good choice. This set of highlights are concentrated in the ripper design of the white inside, and the ribs are perfect.

Weak waist fat

, Play a good modification, let the girl look healthy and bone,

Have a good color.

4, green top + color pants


Color bright tops with color pants, you need to carefully choose. The green blouse is light, and the English print is no longer monotonous. The lower body is mixed with tender pink suit pants.


, With a hundred white sneakers,

Girl is full.

Blue and green are also a very good set of matching, which will not be wrong in conjunction with minimalist styles. Green hollow sweater comfortable, yellow high collar bottoming

Smart brightener skin color

Can also achieve

Aggravated effect

. Blue pants seem like the color of the sky. The jug of sunglasses and silver high heels interpret this body


Modern retro American

Young girl bid farewell to jeans, “color trousers” wear,

Let this spring are not monotonous

. It seems that the match of the color pants is not difficult. You can put the color trousers in the colorful trousers, you can break the black and white curse, enter the world of colorful pants, and enter the world of colorful pants.

Let yourself go big light color





Colored pants