In Wang Xiaobo’s “Bronze Age”, those amazing sentences

“Trilogy” is an important work of Mr. Wang Xiaobo, namely “Golden Age”, “Silver Age” and “Bronze Age”.

Among them, the “Golden Age” is the highest and most well -known for readers. However, it was impressed by the “Bronze Age”.

It may be a somewhat afternoon, and I wandered in the library of school libraries. In front of the “Chinese Contemporary Literature”, which was not very interested, it wandered with a bit of damaged library.

Most of the library books are somewhat vicissitudes. After all, they have seen more about the world than those “family support” books, and they have been stained with sweat from many people, and they have felt different body temperature.

I do n’t know what I like, and I do n’t know what to like, so I have to take out one that looks more watery- “Bronze Age”.

Turn over at will, and still has not evoke much interest. In the end, in the “New Plan of Reading”, which was “ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign”, he borrowed it back.

Borrow a maximum of ten books at a time and once a month. “Bronze Age” is the “last stop” read that month.

Reading deeply, I think it’s really good. Writing surpasses my inherent understanding of Chinese contemporary literature.


Of course, the most important reason is that I haven’t seen much before.

The mixed language style, the unknown plot arrangement, the black humor and the temperament of Beijing Xiaoye are deeply consistent.

Because “Bronze Age” left me an excellent impression. So, Wang Xiaobo’s works were then swept through. This also made me no longer so stretched when talking about Chinese contemporary literature works.

The work has the consistent irony of Wang Xiaobo. Don’t mention the content first, just look at the topic -to attribute the Datang in the “Bronze Age” of the Chinese Tang Dynasty, as if he had seen Wang Xiaobo’s lips with a smile when he was writing.


This is a Chinese contemporary literature that I have exceeded content with a pen. In order to match its temperament, I also bought a notebook with lead -gray sheet.

Even at that time, the brand newly purchased from the Internet only belonged to my “Bronze Age” on the road.

So, I made a book today to commemorate this work that has an important position in my reading career.

“Bronze Age” is composed of three articles: “Wanshou Temple”, “Red Buns Night”, and “Finding Wushuang”, and the book pick is also in order.

“Wanshou Temple”


The reason why this world is in the world is because someone loses memory.

02, there is a definition of the killing of the killing: Before the kill, the killer must stare at the killer and not give him any opportunity to live; after the killing Nostalgia. In the middle of “before” and “after”, there must be an incident that makes the other party unable to survive.

03 Desperation is actually infinitely beautiful.

04 All the possibilities are not the same as possible, which will make you fog.


This puts forward a new idea: the other party is not love, and the environment is not love. “We” is love. The question now is: who is those “us”?

The place where 06 cannot be changed is the most essential place.

07 Losing memory is a major topic, and the memory itself is a fundamental field that cannot get rid of it.


“Red Buns”

01 Full of eye opportunities can’t catch it, there is a feeling of unswerving.

02 Hongfu has always remembered the scene she saw on Luoyang Street -the mud rolling under the wheels, lead -gray puddle, and people who hurried to come and go. These scenes are just separated by the stone garden she lives. If you can’t walk outside the wall, you will never know that there are such scenes. If you can’t get out of this wall, you will think that the whole world is a stone garden, and spend it in the stone garden in life. Of course, I can’t say anything wrong. But such a lifetime is not suitable for red.


No matter who it is, he will feel that time flows on his body. After being inspired by this kind of inspiration, he also imagines the reed flowers in the wind and the duckweed in the water flows.

But I hidden this flow in my heart to prevent it from showing it.

04 It turned out to be a muddy and innocent look.

This shows that people are mature on the road.

In my opinion, all beings in the world are all dreams of daydreaming.

Beggar is making a golden dream, and the bachelor is making a beautiful dream. Even dogs dream of eating meat without shit. A mathematician dreams of Ding Ding, which is also reasonable. There may always be a good dream in this world, but it may not come true to wake up. We need these dreams because the real world is too boring.

06 Your freedom is what others do, what you do; or don’t attract attention.


07 As long as you don’t pretend, each of us is not naive.

08 people were like this when they were young. If they had a question, they had to ask, but they dare not ask. When you can ask, everything is tasteless.

09 Those who don’t want to die are afraid of dying quickly, and those who want to die slowly die, so there will be so many people in the world.


“Looking for Warriors”

01 Dream has a absurdity, and the real is a real absurdity.

02 people live in the world, just like standing in front of a maze. There are many clues, many forks, and others look at them all the ways. But we must be lost inside. This is because in our small heart, there is no mystery, a little hanging thing.

Therefore, we put everything in our hearts and give ourselves to death


03 I don’t say you know that there are many people around us, and their lives are editing stories. Whether it is true or false, it is completely compiled and talked about. Except for this story, he doesn’t know anything else. That is to say, in his opinion, he always has this story, but others sound like this.


The writing of Bronze Age is extremely stretched.

The author pushed his pen loosely with two fingers, teasing the text of the jade body.


But text is just a contest that pretends to be tamed, and the author wants to refuse to welcome. At this time, he made a quiet look and opened the distance from the 10,000 style.

Suddenly, some of the unstoppable seriousness, frequent heads on the border of wind and moon. So, simply left the trembling pen.

However, a “laughing order” has been written.

The legend that passed down for thousands of years, in this way, twisted in the haha ​​mirror polished by Wang Xiaobo.

The fragrant and sexy, was cut dry by the calm narrative, and was blown up by the absurd painting style.

Wang Xiaobo used the soil of the fish stalls, and the fresh peach blossom was cold. The aroma and smell, softness and rough … each entangled strongly.


Even if the details are blurred, when you think of the “Bronze Age”, this unique smell lingers at the tip of the nose and has been dispersion for a long time.



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The road to reading:

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