Make a refreshing texture BOY, men’s summer shirt+T -shirt daily match recommendation

Although the day before the day has entered the beginning of the autumn, the domestic weather has not dropped significantly, and the weather is still sweating when they go out. For such weather, I believe that many boys are T -shirts with shorts. Although the daily match of the Lord is easy to use, it is not a way to wear every day, and it is too casual, resulting in some occasions that may not be appropriate. In this case, you can solve only a short shirt jacket. Below Xiaonan organizes three summer shirts+white T -shirts to take a look!

衬 The first set: dark shirt

First of all, the dark shirt that appears, the dark shirt feels that it is relatively stable and not easy to make errors. It is suitable for boys with conservative styles. Choose a dark -colored shirt in the inside of a white T -shirt. The neckline of the shirt creates a sense of layering. The lower body is paired with versatile jeans and small white shoes. The jeans can create a sense of coordination with the original color of the jeans at the same time. The shape is not too boring, giving a sense of cleanliness.

系 Second set: bright color shirt

Different from dark shirts, bright shirts feel more energetic and eye -catching, which is very suitable for creating a sunny boy in summer. The color of the other items when matching the bright shirt is most suitable for white or beige. When trying bright colors at the beginning, you can choose more versatile to match it. With a white T and a white straight casual pants, you can wear a refreshing male shape with simple sunlight. If you are afraid that the overall color will look too bright, then match some dark colors to neutralize, as shown in the picture above with a black handbag or black leather shoes.


Third set: Transformer shirt


Purious shirts have always been the most basic style, but if you are a fashionable man, Xiao Nan believes that the fashionable transformer pattern shirt will make you more satisfactory, rich and regular transformer patterns, you can definitely make you you The shape becomes more eye -catching, and the turn is full. For you who are pursuing fashion, you can use a transformer shirt+white T with cool military green shorts, and step on a pair of texture sailing shoes. The whole shape is refreshing without losing personality.


The above is the entire content of this summer short shirt. In the next summer shirt with a T -shirt, it has both layers and can easily cope with the conversion of air -conditioned rooms from the outside to the air -conditioned room, and it will make your shape more profitable. Three things, such a good matching item, do you determine that you will not try it in this summer?