Inventory of 16 representative mobile phone automation equipment and system integrators in China

Text/New Strategic Robot All Media Reporter Wang Bowen

As a representative industry in the field of 3C electronics, the automated production of mobile phones often has more flexible characteristics. Whether it is traditional automation equipment or emerging robotic equipment, it is an important tool in mobile phone automation production. Each mobilized gear of the mobile phone manufacturing process is replaced with automated equipment or robots.

At present, equipment providers and system integrators serving the mobile phone automation industry are vigorously developing more cost -effective and more flexible solutions and products, and this road is obviously the focus of mobile phone automation in the next few years.


Table: my country’s mobile phone industry automation equipment and system integrator representative enterprise

Guangdong Taksda Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2017, Guangdong Taksda Technology Co., Ltd., in 2018, has a total market value of 7.68 billion yuan in 2018. It focuses on the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of intelligent equipment represented by industrial robots. For the overall automation solution of system integration, ontology manufacturing, and software development trinity, strategic cooperation ABB is “Guangdong Robotic Enterprise”.

Customers related to the 3C electronics industry include FoxLink, Kunxing Technology, Jin Sheng, Foxconn, etc.

In addition, Taksda’s customers also include nearly 4,000 well -known enterprises, including the top 500 in the world, and the sales service network spreads throughout the country. The products are exported to more than 30 countries such as Asia, the United States, Europe, and Africa. It belongs to one of the larger enterprises in system integrators in the 3C intelligent manufacturing field.

Zhejiang Tianzhong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.


Zhejiang Tianzhong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was listed in 2015. The total assets in 2015 were about 3.2 billion yuan. At present, it mainly provides component processing (CNC processing, component detection, component welding) The automated solutions integrated to the finished packaging and other systems are the main business directions.

The rapid increase in the penetration rate of double -sided glass body on mobile phones will drive the demand for precision carving and hot bending machines. The subsidiaries as the leading enterprise of domestic glass refined machines, the order increase in 2017 is expected. In addition, the company’s original winding machine business will benefit from the widespread application of wireless charging on mobile phones. The company’s product lines in the field of 3C equipment manufacturing are continuously enriched, and it is expected to fully benefit from wireless charging and curved screen development trends in the future.

Guangsheng De Group

Guangshengde Group was established in 2002. So far, it owns Shenzhen Guangshengde Technology Development Co., Ltd., Anhui Guangshengde Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Songjian Robotic Co., Ltd., etc. The development, production and sales of equipment mainly provide customers with the overall solution of PCB board (SMT/inserted) assembly, electronic electrical assembly, and aging testing.

Shenzhen Songjian Robot focuses on the development and production of 3C industry application robots, polishing robots, and polishing robots. Anhui Guangshengde Automation focuses on equipment production. ——The mobile phone motherboard automatic detection robot above is produced by it. Haier’s mobile phone factory in Indonesia has cooperated with it.

Shenzhen Tuke Smart Technology Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Tuoke Smart Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. It was opened in Shenzhen Longhua Office Factory in March 16th, and the Shanghai Branch was established in June. At present, it is mainly in the field of intelligent automated production equipment and intelligent automated detection equipment for 3C digital products such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, audio, and televisions.

As a new company, Takuke Smart has a lot of hardware in the 3C electronics industry’s “Automatic USB plug -in burning equipment”, “mobile packaging line”, “mobile phone PCBA test line”, “MMI”, “automatic mobile phone labeling and attached equipment” Provide software and hardware system integration solutions.

Shenzhen Orange Automation Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Orange Automation Co., Ltd. focuses on the 3C automatic assembly process and technology research and development and application of national high -tech enterprises. It is relatively leading technology in the field of flexible manufacturing in mobile phones/server/server/PCBA/IoT hardware/PC.

The main business is automated equipment, automatic production lines, functional treatment, industrial robots and related software technical development, inquiry, and services. The company has “electronic potentiometer automatic assembly line”, “PCBA motherboard test line”, “PCBA motherboard test line” in the flexible production line. Hard disk automatic assembly test line “and so on. Taking the “PCBA motherboard test line” as an example, the practical number of personnel before launch is 15 and 1 after the launch; the production efficiency is increased from 60pcs/h to 180pcs/h; the yield rate from 95%to 99.5%.

Guangdong Tianji Industrial Intelligence System Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Tianji Industrial Intelligence System Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Songshan Lake. It was established in May 2015. It is a wholly -owned subsidiary of Changying Precision in the listed company. The registered capital was 100 million yuan, and in 2016, its performance was 120 million yuan.


At present, Tianji Intelligent is mainly targeted at 3C industries. The independent design and development includes six -axis industrial robots, automatic detection equipment, automatic film equipment, fully automatic polishing and polishing lines, and fully automatic multi -station smartphone installation cables. Huawei, vivo, OPPO and other well -known global smartphone companies are customers of Tianji Smart.


Shenzhen Xinxinteng Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Xinxinteng Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, is “Aitex” for all its brands. Based on the intelligent equipment manufacturing field of the consumer electronics industry, the company passed the national high -tech enterprise certification in August 2016 to provide the electronic manufacturing industry system service provider, mobile communication terminal product manufacturing automation test solution provider, and unmanned automated factory Test solutions and robot solutions providers.

The company mainly has the two major business directions of test solutions and automated production line solutions. It is mainly dedicated to the research of audio testing technology, image testing technology, antenna test technology, motion control technology and high precision machinery technology. A number of products such as automatic audio testing system, MMI test system, LCD module test system, Camera test system, antenna test system, mobile phone motherboard fully automatic test system, mobile phone automated test line and other products.

Shenzhen Tian Ruitong Technology Co., Ltd.

Tian Ruitong Technology was established in December 2005. It is mainly engaged in the automatic testing equipment and automated testing fixtures of mobile phones. Take the MMI test device as an example:

This device can be compatible with most Android mobile phones on the market, covering all the test items of mobile phones.

The MMI entire machine automation test system can differentiate mobile phone testing and implement sub -testing. The single device UPH can reach 200pcs, which can replace 16 testers to effectively save human resources for the factory. At the same time, the company also has a mobile phone camera test equipment C400. Cooperative customers include Lenovo, Hua Qin, and Germany.


Great Laser Smart Equipment Group

The Shenzhen Great Laser was established in 1996. It is a listed company. The current market value is about 58.7 billion yuan. As the largest industrial laser processing equipment manufacturer in Asia, the world’s top three industrial laser processing equipment, the Internet spreads throughout Asia, the United States, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

The laser business involves the industry’s extremely wide industry. It has the ability to “matte treatment” and “fully automatic adhesion” in the mobile phone industry. At the same time, it also provides an automated system integration solution based on its own technology.

Shenzhen Lihexing Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Lihexing Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and successfully landed on the New Third Board on December 10, 2015. At present, Lihexing’s main products are 3C industry equipment, automation equipment, automatic box making machines, etc.; The market is distributed in mainland China and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries. It has cooperated with Huawei and Foxconn companies.

Among them, the 3C industry equipment is mainly tested such as: glass cover contour detection, LCM appearance detection platform, etc., taking its test assembly integration automation equipment line as an example, it can realize the test, interoperability, and assembly integration ancestral industry. Good product, production capacity of 600UPH. At the same time, the entire line integration is achieved according to different processes and process increases.


Shenzhen Tongchuan Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Tongchuan Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 2012. The company focuses on artificial intelligence and industrial automation solutions. At this stage, it has exceeded representative product industrial robots in the field of industrial automation, and mastered core technologies such as bus -type servo motors and sports control systems, making high cost -effective industrial robots possible into all enterprises.


At present, in addition to providing system integration business, Tongchuan has also developed stamping robotics, six -axis and 7 -axis collaborative robots. In order to better build an electronic assembly automation production line, Tongchuan Technology’s 7 -axis collaboration robot has a human -machine collaboration function with a safe collision and shutdown, and it can achieve accurate drag teaching.

Shenzhen Siprui Robot Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Siprui Robot Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. It is both an industrial robot body manufacturer and an automation system integrator, or a robotic artificial fixture manufacturer.

I have accumulated rich technology and experience in the fields of precision mechanical parts processing, automated equipment design and production, industrial robot design and production and system automation integration, and have the ability to quickly provide customers with the ability to automate solutions and equipment. Especially in the 3C electronics manufacturing industry, such as: assembly, handling, detection, welds, lock screws, and alien parts, etc., it has provided solutions and equipment for many large international companies.