LED outdoor display irrigation sealing technique


LED organic silicon outdoor display screen sealing glue The performance requirements

Organic silicon -sealing glue is used in terms of use, and most of them are applied to the outdoor environment. Of course, special places are applied to the bottom of the water or a more humid environment. Therefore, performance requirements are mainly to talk about “weather resistance”, but keywords that are directly resistant to weather resistance are: adhesion, adhesion, stretching, flexibility, high and low temperature aging, acid -base environment, acid -base environment Wait for professional terms.

The weather resistance is mainly reflected in the use of irrigation and sealing, in various environments, such as: constant high temperature, constant low temperature, constant humidity, as well as outdoor pH, sunlight, snow, snow, etc.耐紫外线以及高导热、高阻然、高酸碱的等性能要求下长年应用,固化后的胶水还能保持稳定良好的附着力、粘接力、拉伸力、柔韧性、绝缘性、防水sex.


In the application process of the application process of LED outdoor screens, in terms of quality advantages and disadvantages, what are the phenomena mainly?

Shenzhen Xishun Organic Silicon Technology Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience in the research and development and production of adhesives, especially in service LED display manufacturers in large quantities, and has accumulated richer experience. The advantages of characteristics and quality are very well -grained and very fine. Here, I will not distinguish the products with the advantages and disadvantages. In order to be more detailed, I divide the quality into excellent (high -end), good (middle end), ordinary (low -end), so inferior products are called unqualified products or not Stable products.

Ordinary (low -end) products: have certain elasticity, softness, and good stretching length but not great stretching strength and intensity. After a year or years after the use of irrigation, such products have a significant contraction rate. The larger the contraction rate, the lower the glue contains the pure material, and the cost is relatively cheap. On the contrary, the smaller the contraction rate, the glue contains pure materials for pure materials. The higher the cost, the relatively high cost. If the market is in vicious competition, and excessive reduction of pure materials and immature technology, there may be unattractive quality and safety risks, such as: falling off, silicon cracks, decomposition flow oil, and so on.

Good quality (mid -end) products: Compared with high -quality (high -end) products, it has a certain degree of elasticity, flexibility, stretching, adhesion, and adhesion. After one or two years or more, it can maintain better and stable performance, and it is found that the contraction rate of glue has changed less.

High -quality (high -end) products: with high elasticity, high toughness, high stretching force, high attachment and adhesion, etc., using the sealing products can withstand various outdoor environment tests. After the years or more, it can maintain very stable performance, and it is found that the changes in glue contraction rates are very small. Of course, there are special requirements in high -end performance, that is, the characteristics of sub -light, heat conduction, and flame retardant are added.


On the issue of quality, how to balance the selection of sealing?

The user’s selection of irrigation and sealing is first considered the quality problem, that is, stability and reliability. As an electronic chemical auxiliary material, it is mainly used in various outdoor environments. The long -term test of sunshine, etc., to achieve the weather resistance of what effect is the positioning standard for the user;

Usually users have several positioning methods

(1). Ordinary (low -end), the surface characteristics are soft rather than flexible, have certain elasticity, can be described as soft elasticity, and the tensile length is also very good, but when stretching is not large, it can pull to a certain length. Attachment and adhesion are also very good with substrate materials such as PCB boards, lamp columns, and plastic shells, but the use of weather -resistant for a long time will find that the contraction rate of glue is obvious. And the application of ignition or long -term outdoor environmental application can be called qualified standards.

(2). In the middle, the performance of stretching, elasticity, toughness, adhesion, and adhesion is one level lower than the high -end, but the difference is not obvious. The long -term outdoor environment has a small contraction rate;

(3). High -end, that is, generally exported to Europe and the United States. Of course, many domestic high -end project projects also use high -end sealing. High -end irrigation sealing requires high -end materials, stable performance, and long -term resistance, that is, high -strength toughness, elasticity, stretching, adhesion, and adhesion. ;;

Unqualified and inferior products should be carefully selected. In the market, there are many electronics manufacturers of adhesive agents. The technology is immature. The experience is small on the one hand. On the other hand, the price of the raw materials is cheap and poor. The bidding enters the market, but after use in various environments, various bad syndrome appears, such as: separation (separation from plastic shell), removing adhesion (separation from lamp columns), off -PCB board (that is, adhesion, press according to pressing, press according to pressing, press, press, press, press, press, press, press, press, press, and press PCB. I feel that loose and digging a large block, there is no glue residue on the bottom of the plate), the colloid is scattered, and even the silicon cracks. In addition, after the lighting or outdoor environment is used, the material decomposes the flowing oil outside the module. These phenomena are all immature in technology, and the raw materials are caused by inferiority.

4. For high, medium, and low glue, the positioning of users is different, and the market positioning is different. What is the main principle of the main selection

The price -performance ratio is the basic principles of the production and persistence of Shenzhen Xishun Organic Silicon Technology Co., Ltd., for users to think about the cost and profit balance for users, and different R & D directions for the product market. Shenzhen Xishun Organic Silicon Technology Co., Ltd. has developed to the present. The product line of the irrigation and sealing of LED outdoor screen is the most complete in the travel and the highest cost performance.方面已经过多年的考验,特别是在北方地区的高温低寒地带更能明显地表现出持久的耐候性,不会出现:脱边(与塑壳分离)、脱粘(与灯柱分离)、 Take off the PCB board (that is, the adhesion, press a large block with a soft and digging feeling, no glue residue at the bottom of the board), the colloidal scattered, or even the silicon crack, and the lighting of the light (sample a few modules, the continuous continuous continuous will not be After the power outage is 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 ​​hours, or a few days), after the use of the outdoor environment, the material decomposes the flowing oil to the bottom of the module.