Is it necessary to install the front light of the bathroom bathroom mirror? How to choose the right front lamp?

someone said,

In front of the bathroom bathroom mirror

There is no use, but some people think it is easy to use. It is necessary to install it. Do you want to install the front lights of the bathroom mirror? How do we choose the appropriate mirror front light? It is better to see how Wuxi decoration network explains.


Is it necessary to install the front light of the bathroom mirror?

Generally speaking, the front light of the mirror refers to the lighting above or on both sides, which is mainly used to illuminate the mirror, making it easier for people who watch the mirror to see themselves; because the mirrors in the bathroom cabinet are mostly installed on the wall, And most of the lamps are placed in the middle of the roof, so when we look in the mirror, we often carry the lights; therefore, the face will appear dull, and it brings great difficulties to the face washing. On the front light of the mirror, the face will look clear, so it is necessary to exist in the front light of the mirror.

Bathroom mirror front light installation height

The installation height of the front lamp does not have a number. It should be planned according to the height of the family members. Generally, it can be used: the average height of the family members+200mm = the installation height of the mirror front light to design the installation height of the front light. If you install the bathroom cabinet, the mirror is on the bathroom cabinet, and the maximum height of the mirror is between 1, 7-1, and 8m, so the reserved front light line should not exceed 1 or 8m. The installation height of the front lamp is usually between, 8-2, and 0 meters.


Which front light is better?

1. Light lamp

The fluorescent lamp is released by the fluorescent substance of the inside of the lamp. The visible light is released after absorbing ultraviolet light. The conversion efficiency of the fluorescent lamp is generally twice the same power incandescent lamp. In general, it is high in light and long life.

2. LED light

LED lights are also called light -emitting diode. It will emit energy in the form of photons. Compared with the previous light sources, the advantages of LED lights are more comprehensive, with small volume, low power consumption, and long life. It is gradually applied from outdoor decoration to home lighting. The price of LED lights is expensive. If it is used for the front lights of the bathroom mirror, you can consider it again.

3, incandescent lamp

The filament of the incandescent lamp is tungsten wire. When the filament is in the incandescent state, it can be emitted. The higher the filament temperature, the brighter the light. Among several light sources, the color light of the incandescent lamp is closest to the sun color. If you want to strengthen the three -dimensional sense of the object itself, you can choose this light source. Moreover, the sources of incandescent lights are small, and the form and shape of the lampshade will not be too picky, and the universality is relatively large. However, incandescent lamps are more energy, and 95%of the electric energy will consume it in heating, and the life span is short. It is used for the low cost performance of the front lights of the mirror.

How to choose a mirror front light that suits you

1. Color selection

Generally speaking, this type of light will have two colors, which are light -colored cold and yellow warm light. The former is generally used to match the simple living room to dress more appropriate, while the latter is more suitable to match with elegant and retro lamps. For example, some European and American bathroom spaces. Of course, if you are a person who loves makeup, it is recommended to choose incandescent lamps with higher indexes, which is closer to light effects.

2. Consider the limitations of the bathroom space

Due to the large limitations of the indoor space in the bathroom, this type of light should not be too large or too complicated. Of course, if it can have good waterproof properties, it is best to use a mirror front light with anti -fog function when selecting. However, it should be noted that you must choose high -quality products, otherwise there will be great hidden dangers.

3. Selection of lighting

As we all know, in addition to the lighting that can emit the most basic lighting function, the light can add a beautiful color to the entire room and play a finishing touch. Therefore, when choosing the lighting, it should be integrated with the overall style of the indoor. Is the lights lit or secretly, both of which are artworks.

How to buy the bathroom front light

1. Electric appliance

All fluorescent light sources must have a ballast to light up. The ballast can bring instantaneous start voltage and stability at work to the light source. Effectiveness is usually better in the quality of the ballasts produced by regular manufacturers.

2. Detect the light source

Most ceiling lamps are white light. We look at the white light. Some owners will find how some ceiling lights look brighter when choosing the lights, while some are darker, some are white, some are purple or blue This is caused by the different light effects of the light source, which is different from the color temperature. Some small manufacturers produced the light source very low, but in order to make the customer look brighter, the color temperature is high. In fact, it is not really bright, just the illusion of human eyes, and vision will become worse and worse in this environment for a long time. If you identify, you do n’t need other light sources, just light a lamp, and then stand under the light to read a book. If you look clear and bright, it means that this light source is better and the light effect is high. A simpler method is to extend the palm to the light source and look at the color of the palm. If it is rosy, it means that the color temperature is just right and the color is good. If the heart is blue or purple, the color is too high.

3. Pay attention to details

When buying lamp jewelry, it is necessary to pay attention to each detail of light sources (bulbs, light pipes), switches, and sockets. The most secure way is to buy rest assured brand products in large shopping malls, and carefully check the goods. The lighting is mainly glass products, which is fragile. After long -distance transportation, scratches or damage will occur. Even tiny damage will affect the beauty and use effect, so you must look closely when buying. The qualified switch products must obtain national certification and meet industry standards. Domestic products must pass 3C certification and ISO9000 quality system certification. Some international brands have also obtained security certifications from other countries and international nature. These will be marked in the product itself, packaging or instructions. These are also a help you measure the quality of the lamps. standard.

The above is the relevant content of the front lights of the bathroom bathroom mirror explained by Wuxi Decoration Network. I hope it can help you.