What is the exterior wall transparent waterproof glue construction process? Introduction to the Principles and FAQ

In the external wall decoration, in order to achieve good decoration and waterproof effect, it will use transparent waterproof glue during the construction, so

External wall transparent waterproof glue construction process

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The first step is to clean up the grassroots level. The old and new planes must be cleaned up, and there must be no debris and dust, so as not to affect the adhesive strength. When painting waterproof coatings, the grassroots should be dry. Generally, you can observe it with experience and naked eye. You can also cover it with 1M square clothing cloth, and use sunlight to illuminate for 1-3 hours.

In the second step, after the completion of the grass -roots cleaning process, the next, cleaning the dead corner, the so -called yin and yang angle, construction joint, telescopic joint and other important parts for treatment. In particular, it is important to pay attention to the treatment of the water leakage holes. 2-3 times of waterproof bottom coatings.

The third step is to prepare waterproof rolls, polyurethane waterproof coatings, grassroots coatings and adhesive coils. Completely, fully penetrate the concrete base to improve the bonding strength and shear strength.

In the fourth step, the waterproof coating must be matched according to the instructions of the product, and the ratio of the ratio of A: B = 2: 1

The fifth step, the stirring time is about 3-5 minutes, and stir until the hybrid liquid of the two components of polyurethane waterproof coatings is uniform.

In the sixth step, the stirred polyurethane waterproof coating starts the painting according to the area to be painted on the scene.

In the seventh step, the second polyurethane waterproof coating must wait for the first coating film to be completely solidified before applying it again. The underlying coating is about 4-8 hours after the first painting is completed for about 4-8 hours before the brushing can be painted again. For the second and third underlying coatings, the thickness of the first painting is 0.5mm, the thickness of the second paint is about 0.5mm, and the thickness of the third paint is about 0.5mm.

In the eighth step, the second polyurethane waterproof coating should be completely solidified when the bonding roll is constructed.

What are the governance of the outer wall transparent waterproof glue?

No matter what kind of exterior wall transparent waterproof, it is usually only applicable to the exterior wall treatment with a lighter leak without brick and peeling. For exterior wall leaks that are severely leaked or due to structural defects, it is not recommended to directly use the exterior wall transparent waterproof glue. It usually needs to remove the decorative layer, reintermine the waterproof layer, and even use a high -pressure grouting method for structural defects. The site is reinforced and waterproof.

Common issues and principles of selection

The transparent waterproof glue of acrylic emulsion exterior wall is different due to the different formula of various manufacturers, and the quality of the material is uneven. An analysis of the causes of common problems in the process of use, in order to provide a reference basis for users to choose such products.

Question 1: After the construction of the waterproof coating film is completed, everything is normal, waterproof and transparent, but after a period of time, the coating film has a yellow change, which affects the beauty.

Cause analysis: The ability to produce acrylic emulsion in the production of raw materials is poor, leading to yellow change. At present, the hydraulic hydraulic emulsion that produces transparent waterproof glue can be divided into benzalcopic emulsion, pure propylecan lotion, and siliconcar emulsion. Their ultraviolet -resistant ability is siliconoprine> pure propylene qi orbine. The highest price, pure C is the cheapest. When selecting, the user can inquire or consider the product description to clarify the type of film -forming base material, and make reasonable choices according to their own needs and budget.

Question 2: Waterproof coating film Summer sticky dust, turning black, seriously affects the appearance.

Cause analysis: The TG value (glass transformation temperature) used for the production of the acrylic emulsion used in production is too low that the coating film will change from high elasticity to adhesive in the actual environmental temperature, which will cause hair stickiness and sticky dust. Finally, it is seen to see what you see. Waterproof coating film turned black.

Question 3: Waterproof coating film is white after rain, but the sun is resumed after the sun is illuminated.

Cause analysis: On the one hand, it may be caused by the refraction of water after water entering the waterproof coating film; on the other hand, it may be that water destroys the internal structure of the coating film. The above two problems can be attributed to poor water resistance. Therefore, the coating film with water is exposed by the sun, and the original shape will be resumed after the water volatilizes.

To avoid the emergence of whitening, it is necessary to prevent water from entering the waterproof coating film as much as possible.

(1) The optional acrylics must have good water resistance.

(2) Try to choose auxiliary agent such as thickening agent and plasticizer with low water absorption rates.

(3) Select latex particle -grade acrylic emulsion to increase the denseness of the coating film.

Based on many ordinary users may not know much about product formula composition and production technology, it is recommended that you buy small packaging and use it in use and then use it in large areas when choosing.

Question 4: After a period of time, the phenomenon of drumming and falling off the waterproof coating film.

Cause analysis: Waterproof coating film is impermeable, and the indoor water vapor pings up the coating film through the wall. Therefore, when choosing an outer wall transparent waterproof glue, it is necessary to pay attention to the material of waterproof but breathable after the material formation.

Question 5: After a year and a half, the pink and falling off the waterproof coating film will lose the waterproof function.

Cause analysis: Waterproof coating film is not good for weathering. After a long time of ultraviolet rays, sun exposure and rain, accelerate aging, thereby the phenomenon of powdery and losing waterproof function. Under normal circumstances, siliconcopy emulsion transparent waterproof glue is better than phenye emulsion and pure propyle emulsion transparent waterproof adhesive.

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External wall transparent waterproof glue construction process

External wall transparent waterproof glue construction process