Summer is here! Men’s beach pants guide, go to the beach to chat with girls!

The enthusiastic summer comes, and I don’t know that there are white flower thighs everywhere on the street. Are you still at a loss? Hurry up and change to the big pants and go to the beach sister ~

Summer men’s linen loose beach pants


This beach pants have added stitching elements based on the current popular ethnic style shorts. The style is simple but just showing the trendy and leisure fan; it is a good choice for wearing ice and comfortable in summer. Loose+drawing design, wearing is more casual and practical.


Summer Men’s Eye Printed Shape Beach Pants

Bing Shuang breathable mesh fabric, soft and waterproof and fast dry, give you the most comfortable dressing experience; high -quality belt, bid farewell to the scar, free movement, comfortable and personal; active printing and dyeing process, no taste, no irritation, high degree of color, no color beach beach The pants are good beach pants.

Summer men’s striped casual beach pants

Quick -drying water -proof fabrics, soft and comfortable, do not shrink and not fade, cool and breathable, more comfortable to wear; vitality striped color matching elements, handsome on the upper body is handsome, very suitable for leisurely wear on the beach ~

Summer men’s 3D printed fast dry beach pants

Quartet beach pants, version slim, strong sporty, dumb dog printing pattern more fashionable; ultra -high -density oblique peach fell, thin and not transparent, skin -friendly, elastic lining, anti -light, no need for underwear, no need for underwear, no need for underwear, no need for underwear It can be directly launched, and it is more suitable for water activities such as general beach pants. It is more suitable for surfing and other water activities ~

Summer men’s solid color beach speed dry sports shorts

Essence of fine nylon fabrics, delicate and comfortable feel, soft and humidity and breathability; personal knitted loose tightness, good elastic, humanized outer pumping rope design, looseness, comfortable and stylish; zipper side pocket design, do not worry about mobile phone wallets Lost; simple and stylish styles, versatile, can be worn at home, can be worn at home, can be worn on the seaside vacation ~

Summer thin loose, fast -drying camouflage casual beach pants


Anti -splashing water -proof fabric, effectively keep the fabric dry and ensure the skin is comfortable; pants waist elastic tight band, convenient to wear, and more fit the waist lines; fashion camouflage print patterns, vibrant youth, wet seaside, casual casualness ~


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