Seven “fairy skirts” that must be worn in the New Year, I want to have each piece

I still came out of the second day of my New Year. I couldn’t help sharing the beautiful dress with the fairy.

The highest call in the background

Still skirt

I have to say that women’s love for skirts has always been high! Of course, liya is no exception.


But choosing a skirt is also a knowledge

The popular style is not necessarily suitable for you. Instead, it is the best style suitable for your body.

If you are wearing a novice Xiaobai or you can’t find a skirt that suits you, it is really lucky to see this article.

Today I will follow


Different skins, popular styles, and Looks look like

Share it with you one by one. So quickly collect this article.

When choosing a skirt, most people think of how to modify the leg shape. In fact, the upper body also needs to pay attention to, some skirt styles and materials

There are certain requirements for the upper body

Essence If you do n’t wear well, you will turn over!

So let’s analyze it from the common body type:

Pear -shaped figure


This is the most common figure of most girls in Asia.

We have been sitting in front of the computer for a long time, sitting in the classroom, and returning home to “paralyze” and brushing your mobile phone on the sofa on the bed … If you don’t exercise, it will become pear -shaped figure over time.


Features: The crotch and thigh are thicker and the waist is thin.

Suitable: high -waist A -line umbrella skirt, slightly loose skirt.

Apple -shaped figure

After childbirth, mothers and Baoma have a lot of figures.

There will be more flesh on the stomach, so remember

Be sure to avoid personal styles


Otherwise, all are exposed. Like silk, satin, and body style, all pass Say No!

Features: There are many meats between the waist and abdomen, the upper body is plump and round, and the limbs are slender.

Suitable: bud skirt, tea break skirt.

H -shaped body

My good girlfriend grains is a typical H -shaped figure. In simple terms, the figure is straight lines, like a “h”.


The main problem is that there is no obvious waistline.


Features: narrow shoulders, no obvious waistline, and well -proportioned legs.

Suitable: waist skirt, high waist tight skirt.


Analysis of different leg shapes:



Where is the rough cover, so liya is recommended here: pleated skirt and sweater dress.

The length is exactly to the root position of the thigh

The loose style cleverly covers the problem of thick legs.

The calf is thick or the leg shape is not straight

This type of leg shape

Choose the long model directly

, Light to about 10cm above the ankle. If it is too long, it is easy to press a child, especially for the small man.


After the length is satisfied, the degree of closeness

Can’t be too tight

Slight loose is the best.

After understanding the style of different body and leg shape, the style of the skirts of different design represents different styles.

Next, sharing liya

Several popular styles

If you like it, you can copy it directly.

Beautiful first love: little white skirt

The feeling of first love is represented by a color,


White is beyond doubt

Essence Clean and look at it, wearing it on the body, it shows his temperament. But the fairy of yellow and black skin is not very friendly, remember to detour.


The white skirt can tolerate different colors; the white dress is more elegant and dignified.

Best tool for age reduction: backbolic skirt

Whenever the strap skirt is mentioned,


It will be called an age reduction artifact.

If you want a sand table to dry, you can get it for a second.


Traditional band skirts are denim fabrics. Occasionally change the fabric and color system, adding a little playfulness to the winter shape.

Representative of fresh literature and art: pleated skirt

In addition to the strap skirt, pleated skirt is also a good item for age reduction. It is also divided into short and long models,


It’s playful and sweet,


There is more literary sense.

The long pleated skirt should still pay attention to the length, which is also about 10cm above the ankle.

Retro tide: checkered skirt

The status of classic plaid elements in the fashion industry has been standing, and it will not be outdated in any age.

Many fairy will worry about the plaid skirt to be old, but it is not, but it is not.

Just choose the right color and version

You can easily control the retro style.

Color first

Choose conservative brown system; the distance between the grid cannot be too big or too small

, Appropriate.

King of warmth: sweater skirt

Sweaters are one of the necessary items for everyone in winter. It is difficult to imagine how to spend winter. The sweater skirt is well satisfied

The needs of skirts and warmth.

Liya recommends that the fairies are paired with hairy shoes, the cute and sweet index upup!


A must -have for lazy people: sweater skirt


If the office workers are still student, if you don’t want to get up early and want to rely on bed in bed for a while, you deserve to have a sweater skirt, just put on out of the door.

If you are worried, if you look sloppy, you can

Use a knitted hat to increase some fashion.

Romanticist: floral dress


Like some fairy who are not very cold, you can put the spring and autumn dresses


Take it out for mixing

Essence Matching woolen coats or knitted jackets are all good dressing combinations.

The knitted fabric can give people a soft and waxy feeling, and it is also in line with the atmosphere of winter.

The same color is wearing it gentle and doubled,

Can easily create an elegant temperament.


If you want a little bit

Niang Man’s style, suit+knitted skirt


Can be arranged.

The suit cut is simple and handsome,

The design of the shoulder pads is very suitable for the fairy who slipped

Essence The split design of the knitted skirt enhances femininity. Who can not love such a cool heroine style?


If the area is not very cold, you can use a white shirt inside, with a little capable in the middle,

Display an intellectual beauty.

Or the student party’s fairy, liya is more recommended


Sweater+pleated skirt

The combination, the coat can be matched according to the local temperature.

The little fairy can also choose

Short and back -long

Design, visually extend the leg lines. Wearing a pair of high heels is simply.

The floral skirt mentioned just now can now take it out and mix.

Stack it with the small high collar

, A soft glutinous lamb wool jacket outside, the sweet look is completed. It’s very suitable for dating!



Strive directly

All right! The design of high -waisted skirts, build a long -legged ratio in minutes. The petite fairies closed their eyes with confidence, and they would never make mistakes!

Apricot white suit, the gentle index has soared all the way!

Bowbone cord with neckline

It will not make the overall match look so boring. The sense of substitution of the Korean drama heroine suddenly came!

We can be beautiful during the Spring Festival holiday,

But pay attention to keep warm!


Today, I have shared from different body -leg shapes, skirt styles, and wearing LOOKs, hoping to help all fairies.