In the spring, don’t wear “big mom pants”. Try these 4 fashion pants, Japanese women love to release

In the spring, I believe that many people gather their attention in various trendy spring jackets or upper items. In fact, for women, trousers are equally ignored.

The pants are equipped, except for the skinny and modified legs, it can make the matching of half-power, and wearing a pants that are not suitable for themselves, and the leg-type short board is old. Spring woman wants to make a new height, don’t wear “big mom pants”, try these four fashion trousers, Japanese women do not release!

First, wide leg pants

Spring is recovered in spring, spring is full, women’s clothing should be relaxed in casual, while the wide legs is absolutely unsuccessful.


Take a straight line cut, leisurely wide-leg trousers that are both a leisurely spring and Japanese atmosphere, but also satisfy women’s fashion and comfort, the key harsh trousers are very large, regardless of Is it a shutter-type short board or a meat effect, and the wide legs are not here.

Dark colored half-high-colored bottoming shirts with mint green high waist wide leg trousers, upright, natural, black pointed shoes and bottom shirts echo each other, simple but not simple.

Wide-legged texture, diverse color system, women in choosing, it is recommended to take advantage of the fabrics and elegant style.

This is because the stronger of the wide legs, the more you can get a thin effect, you won’t give it bloated; like light green, beige, mint, light blue or white wide legs, light, young .

The wide legs are comfortable, and there is no restriction on the age of women. Whether it is a light cooked woman, or a four or five-year-old mature women, it is not worthy of worrying, it is used to match T-shirts, slim shirts, shirts or Knitters are very elegant.

However, it should be noted that the wide-leg pants themselves are loose, try to use slightly slim tops to reduce the expansion of the outline pants to a certain extent.

Second, the petunter

Spring horn pants is always very fierce, whether it is in the day of the day, or is the horn, the horn is high.

Pants have big petuspete and microse pants, and the material is more than cowboy fabrics, suit fabrics or cotton linen.

This trouse trouse pants is a flavin, which can weake the existence of the thigh portion, play a slim effect of the leg-shaped, and the two horn trousers face the calf line, which is the gospel of the legs.

Black suit takes a gray horn nine pants, the double-breasted design used in the suit adds a casual sense; under the nine-point horn pants, there is more ankle;


Secondly, the horn legs also play a balanced suit, and will not give people a sense of generos, and they can take a pair of white shoes, and the workplace can also be elegant.

Third, trousers


Perhaps many people think that the suit is too serious, but it is an indispensable pants in the workplace.


In addition to being able to apply to the workplace, suit pants are still four or five-year-old women to enhance the spiritual situation, no matter whether it is used to wear it or a shirt, there is no idea.

With sea blue shirt with black high waist suit trousers, high waist design raise waist lines, take a double black pointed cat with shoes, mature syndrome and atmosphere; blue print silk scarf becomes a finishing touch, delicate!

Four, touching pants


In spring, touching pants has gradually have a warm momentum, which is frequent in the day or fashion blogger.

The tights are not like a wide leg pants, because of the adoption of the leggings, the tights is high, more suitable for leg-type flexible or calf line straight women, if it is leg, bending people or body type fat Be careful to choose a tights.

Black shirts are stacked in black love neckweed sweater, and the love is easy to show exquisite clavicle, light green tightspeed pants highlights the thin legs, which are minimalistic and legs.

Tight pants color, numerous materials, such as black, blue, beige, white, light green or light blue is relatively common.

The deeper the color is, the better the slimming effect, and the color is clear, and it is easier to create a light and pleasant spring, and women can choose as needed.

In addition to shirts, sweaters or t-shirts, you can also be used with single items such as shirt long skirts, T-shirt long skirts or long-winding clothes. Compared to short-top, long top or long jackets can often play a better cover, and create a clear and distinctive dressing level.

For women, the spring wear clothes is patronized or jacket choices. The trousers are also the key to the way to the United States. If you don’t know what pants, you may wish to try these four Japanese women love not released trousers. !

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