Is Xuanzhi’s Snail Mask? Xuanzhi is a domestic brand

Xuanzhi snail mask said that it has the origin of snails, so the content of the snail’s original liquid will be relatively high, so

Is Xuan Zhi snail mask?

What brand is Xuanzhi? Let me introduce this brand.

It’s not a three -without brand, the product is filing

Overall is really good. The filing, the test report, etc. are all, it is a regular mask. If you understand their company in depth, you will know that they are a powerful and low -key company, and the price is also affordable. It is the real natural snail original solution in China. What brand of snail cream is forgotten, and the raw material raw materials of French Clarins are from Henan. You can check the parent company that can be checked to Xuanzhi, Henan Runzhi Biotechnology.

There are a lot of raw materials in the world in the world, which turned out to be from China, but I do n’t know why there is no domestic brand to stand up, but the Korean Yisi in South Korea is good at overseas. , But it sells so well. This shows that our domestic products need great efforts in research and development and publicity.

What brand of Xuanzhi is

A brand in Henan, its parent company is Henan Runzhi Biotechnology.

Since its establishment, Xuan Zhi has insisted on natural skin care, effective skin care, and a valuable brand. 99%of the nails in the world are synthesized by artificial synthesis, which means that the fake snail primary liquid has not much environment that can really breed the snail, because the temperature and humidity are relatively high, but there is a place in China, the Yellow River in Henan, the Yellow River in Henan. This is the nation’s certified organic farm. In fact, there was a breeding snail a long time ago. It has been nearly 20 years since the long -term supply of snails. Xuan Zhi from Natural Ranchs from Henan, China. The unique snail original liquid is their scattering. The effect is so good that there are no friends. With the natural snail raw liquid, it will definitely swept the world. The unique environment and humidity of Henan, China, bred this world’s highest quality snail original liquid. Snail primary liquid is called soft skin care gold. It has efficient hydration and whitening anti -firing effects. 0 allergies. #p#subtitle#E#

How about Xuan Zhi Snail Mask

I just bought Xuanzi’s mask and raw liquid. I used a mask last night. It was really surprising. I was mixed with oil. I think it is particularly easy to use and absorb well. It will not be as sticky as other masks. It is refreshing and not greasy. The raw liquid is also easy to use to rub the mud when you are worried that you will be greasy, and you will not be at all after use. I have used a little bit of snail cream in Korea before, and I feel that the repair is very good. A few days ago, I found that Xuan Zhi’s snails were exported to other countries, and they were all big -name suppliers, so I bought Xuan Xuan without thinking. To. In addition, some people say that its mask has fewer mask essences, and others can’t, but it is said that its packaging bags are relatively long. Many essences will flow to the other side. I cut it with scissors in the middle. It’s better to take it out by hand. Having said so much, I want to say: Xuan Zhi’s products are very easy to use !!! Of course, I have not used it for a long time. The repair effect of the snail original liquid is very good, and it takes time to see it.


This mask is an unknown domestic product mask brand. Xuan Zhi may not know, but many people should have heard of Yiseskin. Their snail series is very famous, and Xuanzhi is the supply of snails. Shang, Xuanzhi has the world’s largest snail breeding base to provide many big -name skin care providing snail original liquid BLABLA ~ I probably know so much

The last thing I want to say is the sense of use: the mask paper is very thin, the type I like is very convincing, the essence is very moist, and it will not dry for 30 minutes, and I buy it during Double Eleven. At that time, I remember me The skin barrier is a bit damaged. It is a bit tingling with other skin care products. It uses this to make me feel soothing the skin. Even red and swollen acne feels calm. This is the power of snails!

宣致蜗牛面膜是三无吗 宣致是国产品牌

Is Xuan Zhi snail mask?