Is the louver value not worth installed? Husband wants, his wife quarrels, who is it good?

For curtains, I believe that everyone is more familiar with curtains and curtains. These ordinary curtains are directly installed on the curtain rods or guide rails. You only need to pull the curtains gently. Everyone is more accustomed to use it. With the diverse development of modern people in interior design, more and more shutters appear in the decoration of ordinary people. For those who are used to ordinary curtains, the first time I saw the installation effect of the shutters at home. I believe it will be attracted. If you are also interested in the shutters, then these objective analysis below may have a greater help to you.

1. What are the advantages of the shutters?

① Do not adsorb dust


Ordinary cloth curtains, curtain curtains, these curtains are all fabrics, and fabrics will have a good adsorption effect on dust. Over time, the curtains will adsorb a lot of dust, and switching the curtains will make the indoor dust greater; And the louver will not have such “attractiveness”.

② Different light -transmitting shadow


To cover the sight of indoor and outdoor, ordinary curtains need to completely turn off the curtains; while the shutters have a flexible control ability for light. By tilting the leaves, the indoor and outdoor vision can be partitioned. , So as to achieve the effect of transparent lightness.

③ Do not occupy space


After the general curtain installation rail and cloth curtain hang up, the design of the space will have a certain impact, while the shutters are fully installed with the glass window, which has a small impact on the space design.

④ Jane and elegant beauty

Blossom curtains are more concise and generous than ordinary curtains, and the overall visual effects are more concise and generous. In addition, the light can make light enter the room like rhythm through the leaves of the louver’s leaves to achieve the high -level and elegant light and shadow effect.


2. What are the disadvantages of the shutters?


① Not easy to clean up

Although the shutters will not adsorb dust like cloth curtains, it will still be ashes after a long time. The artifact for the cleansing of the shutters allows us to easily clean up the leaves of the shutters.

② Will leak light

The gap between the leaves of the shutters and the surrounding windows are prone to light leakage gaps. In the bedroom, there is a high space that requires high light blocking. If you sleep and sensitive to light, the shutters are not suitable.


③ No sound insulation

For ordinary curtain curtains, if you are more heavy, you will also help the sound insulation of the window. If the house sounds not well, the curtains will have a certain effect; while the shutters are relatively thin, and there is basically no sound insulation effect.

④ Affect the switch window

The ordinary curtain switch only needs to be pulled lightly, and the shutters are completely troublesome. If the shutters are installed, the operation of the opening window will be relatively cumbersome and troublesome.

3. Is the shutters worth installed?

Recently, I have a client’s home decoration. The owner and couple are arguing for “whether to install the shutters”. To this end, I made this content and summarize my point of view.


① The bedroom is not worth installing

Space like bedrooms is mainly sleeping. If you install 100 -leaf curtain, the shading effect will be poor. Therefore, unless the situation is special, the bedroom space is not recommended to install the shutters. In addition to the bedroom, such as study rooms, guest restaurants, cloakrooms and other spaces, shutters are more suitable choices.


② Small windows are worth installing

For some small windows, if you install curtains, it seems like hanging a flag on the wall. It will look very awkward. At this time, the effect will be much better.


4. Strongly recommended -hollow glass clipstick spell curtain

Putting the shutters in the hollow glass window. This is the ultimate form of the design of the louver. It can solve the disadvantages of the difficulty of cleaning, affecting switching windows, and no sound insulation. The window of this glass clipstick is really a solution worthy of being highly recommended.

The analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the shutters is relatively comprehensive. I personally think that the louvers can be considered except the bedroom at home. The overall effect is also great.