How to clean the sand slippers, teach you this lazy trick, the simple and fast effect is good

Introduction: The sandals will become dark after we wear it for a long time.

Home sand slippers should be cleaned regularly. After wearing some Handi stains and dirty dirty, the sandals will first stick to the dandruff on the dirty slippers. Of course, some bacteria and viruses are indispensable.


In order to let the sandals return to the previous makeup. Today, I will share with you a small trick to clean the sand slippers. Next, please follow the editor step by step how to operate.


First of all, let’s take a look at the dirty slippers, which is not uncomfortable to wear. The front and back of the sandals are very dirty, and they are dirty. I don’t know, it’s startled at a glance.

Step 1: We found a laundry basin to make “shoe washing solution”


1. Pour in an appropriate amount of laundry powder,


2. Add the kitchen seasoning baking soda

3. Salt a little

washing powder:

It can remove the dirt on the shoes. At home, we wash clothes, shoes, and washing powder. It can remove the dirt on the dirt on our shoes, and then leave a faint smell of laundry powder. Many netizens have ignored a little bit here,

: Waterwashing powder needs to be soaked for more than 15 minutes, whether it is hand washing or machine washing, the effect of laundry powder is the best.

baking soda:


Small seasonings in our kitchen consume baking soda. Not only did he eat small seasonings, he also had a particularly strong oil removal and pollution ability. He could soften the stubborn dirt on the solid and let the solid and the dirt away. When cleaning items in your home, you can use the function of baking soda appropriately.



He is a small seasoning for our entrance, and it also has the effect of disinfection and sterilization. In this month of the epidemic, we must be careful. Clear the bacteria and viruses around them as much as possible.

Salt is the safest disinfection and sterilization raw material in our lives. I

Let’s add some salt in, and it can also make the virus on the shoes effectively remove.

The steps that are often ignored:

During the process of making a cleaning solution, we have to add these things

Warm water

He stirred him evenly. The three things that have just been put in are all white crystals. If you do not stir evenly, it will precipitate under the water. Then he couldn’t achieve the effect of predating. Here we need to stir with him passively to make it melt into the water. Then use warm water to accelerate their decontamination speed.

Step 2: We put dirty sand slippers in this solution.

The sandals wearing in summer are generally lighter because it is made of plastic. When we put all the sandals in the basin, all these sandals will float up. But we need to soak the sandals in the water, and its effect is the best.


Seeing all these sandals and slippers can not be soaked on the water.

Step 3: Put a basin of water on the shoes to press it, so that the entire shoes are soaked in water.

We need to let the entire shoes be completely soaked in water for more than 15 minutes. Let the stubborn dirt on the shoes soften all the time, wait until he takes 15 minutes, it is warm, and you will fall down as long as you brush it gently.

Step 4: Cut the abandoned toothpaste tube at home and cut it with the remaining toothpaste to brush the sand slippers.


After the toothpaste at home is used up, this toothpaste tube must not be thrown away. We can collect it. When we clean the cold slippers, we can cut it with waste toothbrush and draw the remaining toothpaste inside to clean it White shoes.


With very strong white white and friction. So after the light slippers of our light slippers are soiled, it is very ugly, and it is more difficult to clean. At this time, we can use the ability to increase the whiteness of toothpaste. Easily let our wet sandals recover the original color.

During the cleaning process, we can use our old toothbrushes. He can take care of every small corner, and he is very easy to wash the dirt on the shoes.

Take a closer look, the solution in the washbasin has become dark! That’s because of the oil on the shoes, the dirt has all fallen into the water. Wait until our sandals and shoes are brushed after all brushing

A pot of solution can also be reused to clean the floor pads or mop at home.


Then go under the water faucet to rinse.


Let’s take a look at what the sandals after cleaning are like,

Although it is not as good as I just bought it, it is a lot more beautiful than before cleaning.


The sand slippers after cleaning will look much better and more comfortable to wear. And the cleaning process is not too laborious, the main kung fu is still in the process of soaking.

This method can be cleaned in your dull shoes at home. The simple and fast effect is still very good. House slippers are cleaned on a regular basis, which can increase the quality of your life a lot.

Have you learned the above -mentioned lazy tricks to clean dirty sand slippers? If you think this method is particularly good and use very well, you can also help you in your life, and share it with your friends and family around you.





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