Baby! I am never afraid to wear clothes anymore in winter! Copy photos and copy these 27 sets, it’s OK

I do n’t have to worry about dressing in winter. I have found the big pattern and elegant style. I often face the young ladies and sisters who are worried about a cabinet clothes.

The 27 sets here,

It is suitable for daily wear and is suitable for commuters

It can not only meet the dressing needs of the student party, but also meet the aesthetic requirements of Baoma and freelancers. The practicality is very strong.

Among these 27 sets, let’s first understand

Keep warm

Style! Everyone knows that if you want to ensure a 100 % warmth effect in winter, you must be inseparable from coats, down jackets and lamb cotton clothes.


I choose to choose the three pieces of the bloggers directly than choosing other niche but not knowing how the quality is. Although they cannot guarantee that everyone can earn a 100 % return rate, they can It is absolutely guaranteed.

Everyone is choosing

down jacket

At this time, you can choose a conventional down jacket, or you can choose this simple and low -key down jacket on the blogger. Supreme.

When you choose wool cotton, you can choose the style of the fur integration. You can also choose between large particles and small particles. It is fashionable and warm.


It is not recommended that you choose short wool cotton clothes



One is that it is very picky, the contour is slightly plump, and it will lose its original immortality as a whole. It is very beautiful.


The second is that it is very picky. Only with a short tight lining with it, it will not make people feel bulky and bloated as a whole, but in this way, it will lose the ability to keep insulation. If you can, the hips and knee are very worthy of everyone!


When you choose a coat suitable for winter out of winter, you must not only pay attention to the coat version and color.

In order to keep warm, be sure to choose the thickness of the woolen coat

The most ideal state is to choose a woolen coat with down inner dystoconis. Wearing it upper body can not only feel the warmth of the down jacket, but also use a wide and wide hair fabric to modify the shape to ensure the absolute exquisite and capable. The effect, the pattern was opened instantly!

After understanding the items that can increase the effect of keeping warm, let’s take a look at the personal characteristics if other items are displayed through other items.

Although different young ladies will have different starting points when choosing the lining with a warm jacket, in order to ensure that the versatile is not wrong, it is recommended that you choose the following thinking.

Both style and recognition

First, choose the same color

The overall shape is the same color that I think is the least easy to make mistakes, and the same color of the same color is stacked, and the existence of the single product version can be talked about. Don’t panic, because you can’t see it at all.

Second, use small area color to brighten

95%black+5%white is the best template. In turn, 95%of white+5%black can also make people shine.

In addition, everyone can also use a 95%basic color system with a 5%high saturation color system, which can also be a vaguely exposed way of presenting the side of the clothes.

It can be small items such as hats, hair hoop, bags, socks, or there is not much existence, but it can increase the overall style of earrings, breasts, necklaces, and tablets.

At the end of the article, I hope that everyone will go back to the head and look at this is the 27 set of matching skills. The matching of the upper and lower jackets and the matching of internal and external items are all learned.

You can choose

Shallow and shallow

Match matching. Pure white high -waisted mop jeans, beige straight skirts, and white high -waisted jeans are worthy of everyone.


If you want to show your meat, you can also show your young ladies and sisters, you can learn from the blogger


Upper Panasonic

The dressing method.

In addition to Mao Wa suit meets the requirements of dressing, everyone can also choose Mao Woors+tight jeans/slim jeans, profile long down+tight jeans/slim jeans. Jeans/slim jeans.


No matter which one you choose, the upper body effect is stylish everyday!

I am a settlement. If you are confused, you can trust me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Following it and learning to wear, we become better and beautiful people together!

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