Can the disposable lunch box be used with confidence? Experts on -site experimental results are here

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Meeting point News Today, whether it is takeaway or packaging, there is a sex lunch box. Many consumers are doubtful for one -time lunch boxes with plastic materials. Can one -time lunch boxes be used with confidence? Will the harmful substances be precipitated when the hot rice is filled with hot rice?

Experts from Jiangsu Quality Inspection Institute and National Food Packaging Product Quality Inspection and Testing Center (Jiangsu) Experts on -site experiments telling you the answer.

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Boxes of inferior meal box may precipitate toxic and harmful substances, and colored lunch box may be discolored

Consumers, commonly known as one -time lunch box, are “toxic”, and a more standardized expression is that the total migration is unqualified. In this experiment, the inspectors chose several of the more common one -time lunch boxes on the market and conducted food packaging migration experiments.

Migration experiments are mainly to test the total migration volume. Total migration refers to the total amount of non -volatile substances obtained by steaming the soaked solution after soaking the food simulation solution such as simulation vinegar, simulation wine, simulation oil and other food simulation liquids under certain conditions.

Through the detection procedures such as soaking, steaming, drying, and weighing weights, some of the experimental utensils are transparent and unchanged, while some bottoms leave white or pink marks. The inspector said that the mark of white or pink is precipitated from a sex lunch box. The results of the food packaging migration experiment can be concluded that one -time tableware with qualified quality is relatively safe to the human body, while inferior lunch box may be precipitated by a large amount of toxic and harmful substances. Targeting.

It is worth mentioning that it is not that the one -time tableware is not qualified, because the national standard stipulates that the total migration limit is 10mg/dm2, and only the limit is unqualified.

Consumption reminder: preferred and transparent disposable lunch box, try to avoid heating in the microwave oven

In response to the results of this test, it is recommended that operators and consumers try to choose transparent, colorless disposable catering utensils.

Many consumers think that the disposable lunch box for packaging is too wasteful once, so can it be used repeatedly after washing? Inspectors said that a disposable lunch box is best to avoid reuse.

Can a disposable lunch box be put directly in the microwave oven? The inspector suggested that if you want to use a microwave oven to heat the food, you must pay attention to the material of the tableware. If it is not PP (polypropylene) material in the tableware logo, or the labeling that can not be heated in the microwave oven, it is best not to use the microwave oven.

It is reported that the current PP melting point is 167 ° C. It is the only plastic lunch box or disposable lunch box that can enter the microwave oven. Its outer packaging is marked as 5. It should be noted that even if some tableware logos indicate polypropylene materials, if the manufacturer is not marked with microwave heating, consumers should not heated through microwave oven.

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