Zhenyuan County 80-year old man embroidered 22 meters “Qingming Shanghe Map” a needle first line “full”

Zheng Huizhen, 80-year-old people in Zhenyuan County, embroidered a 12-meter long 70 cm wide, and a “Qingming Shanghe Map”.

48 kinds of color lines, more than 3 million pins, more than 1600 people, more than 200 animals. In the painting, all the images are vivid, this is the work of the original county embroidery, the original county of Qingyang Town, Gansu Province, was “Qingming Shanghe Map”.

Zheng Huizhen, 80, is still earn, and the embroidery dream has also been supported by his family.


“Qingming Shanghe Map” is the existence of the people who saw the end of the Northern Song Dynasty. It vividly recorded the urban appearance of Tokyo in the Northern Song Dynasty in China, and the lives of all walks of life at the time. The works are in a long scroll, painted in the number of livestock, cars, sedar, small vessels, houses, bridges, and city buildings, etc. Due to the huge engineering volume, many cross embroidered enthusiasts are desperate.

Although it has been 80 years old, Zheng Hui Zhen Tong is clear, the reaction is sensitive, and the action is desirable. She said: “This painting is much more, the characters are also very much, the color is cheap, and it is necessary to take care of the color. Although the characters in the original painting is small, it also leads to the strongest work. So many characters, everyone needs to hook the fixed, so that the needle thread is turned, it is not easy. “

In the past 5 years, Zheng Huizhen has been embroidered, no matter whether it is cold or heat, it is embroistered for 5 or 6 hours a day. Zheng Huizhen said softly and said: “Sometimes the family is sleeping at night, I still sit in the living room.”

Affected by the family, Zheng Huizhen has had a strong interest in art since child. “When I left, my father wrote, I followed my mother to learn the needlework.” She said that after growing marriage, the family has a lot of people, the life is difficult, and the embroidery has become a kind of pastime for busy work.

At the age of 60, Zheng Huizhen’s wife retired. Her life is so beautiful, the embroidery dream has received more support, when the cross stitch is surrounded by the surroundings, Zheng Huizhen is fascinated by cross stitch.


Huang Huizhen’s home, placing a variety of cross stitchs, “Qin Chess”, “Shui Hibiscus”, “The Heaven”, “Songhe Hulong”, etc. These cross stavies are all works in Zheng Huizhen for many years. In these years, she has become more skilled, and the skill is also more exquisite, and many people in the neighbors of the neighbors, and many people in relatives come to home to learn embroidery.

Zheng Huizhen said that embroidery is an excellent folk art in my country. She also wants to use this “Qingming Shanghe Map” to encourage the post to inherit this craft. (China new network)