Which electric toothbrush is good, the highest popularity ranking the top five common brand professional electric toothbrushes evaluation

Smart home appliances such as electric toothbrushes have gradually entered people’s vision. With the advantages of technology and ordinary toothbrushes, they have quickly become popular ~ National oral health has also paid more and more attention in recent years. Everyone’s quality of life has improved. More rigorous. So the above two combined, the electric toothbrush set off a wave on the market. Many brands of electric toothbrushes should be brought out, and the wind is very large, so choosing should be more cautious. As an evaluation blogger who has been using electric toothbrushes a few years ago, I will share with you several favorite electric toothbrushes today. I hope to help you choose!

1. BYCOOH9 electric toothbrush

This brand is a real good reputation domestic brand. I knew this brand in 2019. Their H9 sales of this H9 exceeded 100,000+ sales in three months! With such a high sales volume, the performance of all aspects is to treat the needs of the public.

There are 5 types of cleaning mode, and each mode has 5 gears to adjust. This is really intimate, after all, everyone’s oral problems are different, and the demand for electric toothbrushes is also different. It can achieve so many cleaning modes, and the scope of the population is quite extensive. What I like most is his massage mode, because the teeth are more sensitive and fragile, and the massage can be softened and softened. At the same time, you can choose the one that suits you!

At the same time, it also has the function of ordinary electric toothbrushes. Its charging is a flash charging. It can last for 15 minutes to charge for 7 days. It is convenient for people like me who often need to go out.

2. Softie 101 electric toothbrush

This is a Hong Kong brand, and the founder is committed to the brand created for the physical sensitive population. So the performance of this product will be more milder. It is especially suitable for people with fragile gums. Like me is a person who is more sensitive to gums and is easy to brush teeth and bleeding. He has 5 clean modes to choose from, and brushing hair is softer than other brands. The handshake place is also a soft silicone cover design. It feels comfortable, the whole body is very light, and the brushing is not tired.

The disadvantage of the United States is that its 5 modes cannot be adjusted by itself, so the performance is relatively single relative to H9.


Third, F1 electric toothbrush

Everyone should be familiar with this brand. After all, it is a recommended model for celebrities, and their styles are too young! No girl can escape the style of spending ~

This one I use is F1 on the flower. The fuselage uses Morandi’s color matching. The charging mode adopts wireless induction, eliminating the risk of water inlet in the charging port, and extending the service life. Especially the fuselage has intelligent aperture and intelligent pressure induction. When brushing is excessive, automatically turn on force protection, which can automatically weaken the strength ~

It has been more than half a year. There is no bad place. Except for the clean mode, there is a single gear adjustment. Compared with the above two models, there are more flaws. The battery life is very long -lasting, and the reminder of the brush head replacement, the humanized design is very in place ~

Fourth, Aiyou & Pokémon joint name electric toothbrush


This one that is definitely favored by young people is the joint model of Aiyou and Pokémon. It is really cute! There are five models in total, including Pikachu, Fat Ding, Jennie, Little Fire Dragon and Ibrahimovic, which is our childhood!


Not only cute, this function is also very complete. There are five types of cleaning mode, which can meet daily needs. At the same time, there are induction charging. It can be said that it should be available!

This one is really cute, and there are gift box packaging to send friends very well!


5. Roman X20 electric toothbrush

Roman is also the dark horse of the electric toothbrush, and they have a lot of explosive electric toothbrushes. This X20 is an excellent reputation. As a cheap electric toothbrush that does not exceed 200 yuan, this battery life is really not said. It only needs to be charged once a year! After so long, it seems that I have n’t charged two times. The brush head is also smaller than other toothbrushes. It can deepen the deeper tooth blind zone. As a cheap electric toothbrush, the cleaning mode is relatively small. There are only 3 modes: novice mode, conventional cleaning And the bright white stain mode specifically for smoking and tea people. Although the model is small, it is strong for professionalism and a wide range of applications.


The above is my recommendation. Different electric toothbrushes have their own advantages. When choosing, you can focus on your needs to choose more suitable for your own electric toothbrush!