Women’s Korean version of the bib, versatile style, can only be beautiful for a long time!

Korean version of wool scarf men and women in autumn and winter thickened long imitation cashmere shawl dual -use student warm wool bib

Women’s Korean version of the bib, the Korean version of the new solid color thickened baalack weaving scarf, the feel is superb color, the size is very large and soft, the classic versatile style.


The cotton and linen scarf bibbar shawl, the small fresh color match, the beautiful and multi -choice color instantly light up this season, from the warm heart design of cotton and linen, comfortable to you with intimate care, matching, versatile, versatile In the years, in the years of youth, only long -term companionship is beautiful.


The long double -sided knitted grid shawl, which has a checkered cervical cervical cervical bib, which has a thickened design, not only keeps warm, but also sets off its face. The classic grid pattern design is not effortless with all kinds of clothes.


Thicked imitation cashmere shawl, bold and eye -catching contrasting design, making the entire collapse more layered. The beautiful colors make people feel bright immediately.

The dark green double -sided bib, the winter is about to attack, how can there be a scarf with a texture. Essence weaving and pulling up the fluffy technology to create this double -sided scarf. There are also dark greens sought after, with a trace of retro and noble taste.