Wearing “nine -point jeans” in spring, it is still more fashionable to take carele

Although there are many pants suitable for spring, nine -point jeans have always occupied a place in the minds of the general public. Whether you are a workplace, a housewife, or a tall and thin, the nine -point jeans cannot be missing in the spring wardrobe.


This kind of pants are not only versatile and practical, casual and fashionable, but also can easily show slender ankles, making the shape exuding a full spring atmosphere. However, this spring is wearing “nine -point jeans”, it is recommended to wear carefield shoes, which is not only more fashionable, but also suitable for small people. Let’s take a look together!

1. Why choose Jiu -point jeans+loaf shoes?


As mentioned earlier, the nine -point jeans are very versatile. Most shoes in spring are very suitable for it. From canvas shoes to sneakers, to light -mouth single shoes, spring boots or sandals, it will not make mistakes with jeans, but the most recommended is still still the most recommended Love shoes.

This is not only because Lefu’s shoes use thin and narrow shoes, with the effect of modifying leg shape and extending legs. Because of the flat -bottom design of loafers, and simple and classic styles, it is comfortable and elegant to wear.

In addition, loafers are made of soft leather. Choosing red, beige, white, or earth colors can emphasize elegant and noble dress style and enhance a sense of formality.

Especially when you like light French style, you can choose more care and generosity. Of course, in addition to loafers, light -mouth single shoes, small white shoes, and small white shoes based on the earth colors and retro reds can also help us with a highlight of the shape.

Finally, when using this method, everyone needs to pay attention to the style of nine -point jeans. Small children must wear more blue nine -point jeans or high -waist nine -point straight jeans.


Second, Laofu shoes that are very combined with nine -point jeans

Because of the versatile and practicality of Pharom Shoes, it is very common in our daily life, but when you use it with nine -point jeans, you must pay attention to color choices.


1. White Lefu Shoes

Cortical shoes such as loafers are most suitable for choosing some light colors to create a noble and intellectual atmosphere, such as beige, apricot, or creamy white.


Especially in spring, it is recommended that small children choose simple white loafers to highlight the clean temperament. With blue nine -point jeans, the blue and white color is very refreshing and pure.

2. Red Lefu shoes


In addition to light -colored loafers in spring, small girls can also try some bright and moving loafers, such as red.


This type of color comes with retro -tone. With nine -point small straight jeans, it can not only show fair and slender ankles, but also emphasize fresh and elegant French style.

3. Dadi Color Laofu Shoes

The more classic the color of Lefu’s shoes, the more versatile shoes, like ordinary people who pay attention to practical dressing in spring, you can choose the earth color shoes.


The colors such as khaki, camel, and brown are attached to simple and classic Lefu shoes, which can often easily improve the grade of dressing.

Third, the combination of nine -point jeans

When ordinary people wear nine -point jeans, they must not only pay attention to shoes, but also pay attention to the matching of tops. You can try the following matching schemes.

1. White shirt+nine -point jeans

If you like a simple and elegant French style, you must not miss this wear in spring. With the help of a white shirt designed by stacked lantern sleeves, bubble sleeves or doll collar, you can wear a playful feeling.

It should be noted that the nine -point jeans should choose small straight pants or micro -pants types to modify the leg shape and have a sense of French atmosphere.

2. suit+nine -point jeans

When it comes to the dressing of jeans, how can you not mention the suits? In the spring, the partner can also help you lead the fashion trend.

It should be noted that when wearing an H version or micro -profile suit, it is recommended that a small girl choose small straight nine -point jeans to create a casual fashion sense.

3. Knit sweater+nine -point jeans

What we can’t miss in spring is to use knitwear with nine -point jeans. It is gentle and fashionable and neat, and we can win good temperament without effort.

In addition to white, beige, and apricot sweaters, you can also choose a color knitwear to reduce the age.


That’s it for you to share this spring. If you like nine -point jeans and want to wear nine -point jeans more fashionable, then you may wish to learn from the match here!

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