Want to be beautiful and not frozen? “Short cotton coat” is playful and warm, whether it looks good, whether it is tall and thin, who looks good?

In winter, if you want to be beautiful and not frozen, it is not extravagant. As long as you dare to think, you always have to take action and find the truth in practice. The “short cotton coat” in winter is playful and warm, and it has already become a street trend.

Whether it is tall and thin, whether it is men, women, and children, short cotton clothes can be used to buy people’s hearts. Give you the tenderness in winter and give you the most playful and exquisite. In warm and practical, feel the vast earth in winter, snowy.

The advantage of short cotton jackets


Short cotton clothes do not pick people

Short cotton coat refers to a cotton jacket with length and waist covering, known as thick, warm, short, handsome, leisure and other elements. The biggest advantage of short cotton coat is its short and powerful. Do not require you to have tall long legs, nor do you have a slender waist.

The short cotton coat is extremely inclusive and can optimize the proportion of the body. Therefore, the short cotton coat does not pick the crowd at all. From 20 to 70, you can choose a short cotton coat that suits you. And the short cotton coat version is loose and casual, which can accommodate that kind of body shape. No matter whether it is tall and thin, there is no pressure at all.


Short cotton clothes are more handsome

There are some derivatives of short cotton clothes. Like a fur -integrated locomotive jacket, it is a type of short cotton jacket. Based on the principles of handsomeness, coolness, sharpness, and exquisiteness, create a more upright image. The short cotton coat comes with a handsome eye, and it is easy to wear the beauty of the streets and South Korea style on the street.

Short cotton coat is a more handsome choice, and the little girl can try more at ease. If it is a handsome face and a tall figure, wearing a short cotton jacket is full of aura, cold and eye -catching, instantly becoming the focus of the audience.

Short cotton coats will not press a person

For the little girl, the least missing thing in winter should be a short cotton jacket. Warm, tolerance, leisure, fashion. The most important thing is that you won’t press it. Even in the cold winter, no matter how thicker the package is wrapped, it will not be like a dumplings.

After all, short cotton coats are not systemic packages. It will show his legs, add points to the overall temperament, and better optimize the proportion of the body. Create a superior three -seven ratio, making the figure of the little girl even more upright.


The matching skills of short cotton clothes

Short cotton jacket + mopped pants


There is a taboo in the small man’s dress. That is, don’t choose the upper and lower -width mix, it is easy to look sturdy and short. But short cotton jackets + mopped pants are actually a kind of upper width + lower width. Why is this match not only pressing a man, but it will show high gas field?

The most critical reason is the matching. Although it is matched with the upper width + lower and width, the inside uses bright white, the layers are clear and clear, and the color sense is lighter and outstanding, and there will be no visual depression. In addition, although the mopped pants are a loose tailoring, the pendant is stronger, extending the longitudinal proportion, achieving a high -legged effect.

Short cotton jacket + nine -point pants/skirt

Short cotton coats are elegant and handsome, with a variety of styles and strong plasticity. Therefore, in terms of clothing matching, it also has its own unique advantages. It can be compatible with various styles of clothing. It is a kind of salty, sweet, fashionable and casual item.

The short cotton coat, combined with slim nine -point pants, forms a tightly matte match, the visual proportion is more outstanding, and the legs are particularly slender. With a loose skirt, a straight skirt or umbrella skirt, it is more mild and elegant, and the temperament is dusty.

Short cotton jacket + straight pants


The advantages of straight pants are very obvious and can cover the lack of leg shape. Whether it is an O -shaped leg, an X -shaped leg, or the leg circle legs. Even the proportion of the legs, the thickness of the calf, etc., can be more perfect under the modification of straight pants.

The combination of straight pants and short cotton coats outlines a more handsome image through straight and upright legs. The short cotton coat can be a more casual style, such as the jacket’s cotton jacket, handsome and easy, with straight pants, more tall and tall.

Other cotton jackets with look:

There are many categories of cotton jackets, but they can be divided into long jackets, short jackets, and medium -long coats from length. Long jackets are generally below the calf. The biggest advantage is that the warmth is stronger, but the small man needs to choose cautiously. It is more suitable for tall European and American women, handsome and handsome.

Loose long cotton coats are more suitable for stacking. The inside can be matched with a different shape of a different shape, highlighting a clear sense of layering, and it will not look bloated at the same time. Pants or skirts, try to fall upright as much as possible, domineering and high.


The long cotton jacket has a certain expansion. So in the choice of the version, try to choose the version of the straight tube. The more straight the tall cotton clothes, the less likely it is bloated. The H -shaped cotton clothing in the straight tube, the version is more drooping, and the combination of straight pants is simple and capable.

In daily wear, long cotton clothes are more warm. The combination of trousers is elegant and capable, but the combined skirt is also gentle and sweet. Long cotton clothes are more warm. There are more possibilities in matching. If you choose to open, it will not look too bloated.


Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how to match winter cotton clothes, do you share the fashion trend knowledge every day, hurry up and pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)

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