How to choose adult paper diapers? Tena Tenning PROSKIN Diagnosis gives you better choice

Many people are in the face of urinary incontinence, such as I me, at the time, the old man suddenly stroke, and the condition accompanying the stroke has urinary incontinence, but the urinary incontinence is not the previous thing for me. Clear, I don’t know what kind of diapers choose to do it for the elderly. On the selection of diapers, it can only be bought according to the recommendation of the supermarket shopping, the result is not a good care effect. When you often have a diaper, the old man feels guilty, I feel that I brought us, see The old man is sad, I am also anxious, after all, the old man is already a pain, and the mood is not good. I also asked friends to have any good diaper brands. Finally, a friend recommended Tena Tennin this brand. At the beginning, I will still worry that there is a case before, but don’t buy it back and try again how to know how it is good.

Because the old man is inconvenient, I choose to choose the Ten Ning PROSKIN dry and comfortable adult diapers. This is a durable magic buckle. It can be repeatedly pasted, which can be adjusted to the right waistline, will not make the diapers shift or It is also relatively convenient to penetrate. There is also a urine prompt outside the diaper. When the display strip fades, you can replace the diapers, save me repeatedly inspect the diapers and save effort.


Tena Tenning PROSKIN diapers use innovative lock-drying technology, the surface layer has 3D embossed small bumps, can quickly absorb urine, quickly extract the urine, and to avoid urine reflection, can keep the diapers and The skin remains dry. Diapers also have three-dimensional leak-proof, coupled with its elastic legs to form double leakage protection, do not need to worry about side leakage.

Since I use Tenning Paralia, I take care of the elderly. The old man is not like the past, and some people secretly have tears. Nowadays, there is a lot of mood, it is really thanks to this brand.