Energy -saving and emission reduction technology product promotion- “magnetic suspension centrifugal blossom technology”

1. Technical name: magnetic suspension centrifugal fan technology

Second, the area and scope of applications

The machinery industry can be widely used in sewage treatment, papermaking, petrochemical, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, steel, cement, mining and mines, food, pharmaceuticals and other industries, and used for the processing links such as aeration or gas conveying.

3. The current situation of energy consumption and carbon emissions related to this technology

The fan electricity consumes about 10%of the total power generation in the country, of which about 50%of the total amount of electricity consumption of fans is used. Corporations are widely used in various fields in my country with the advantages of energy conservation, efficiency, and low failure rate. However, from the limitation of the speed of the fan, it cannot provide higher -level wind pressure, which has restricted the use of centrifugal fan to a certain extent. Especially in the sewage treatment process industry, if the wind pressure of centrifugal fans can be improved, the operating costs of the sewage treatment plant can be effectively reduced, and the cost of disposal of sewage treatment can be reduced. At present, this technology can achieve energy -saving energy 30,000 TCE/A, and reduce the row of about 80,000 TCO2/A.

Fourth, technical content

1. Technical principles

Magnetic suspension centrifugal fan is a type of transparent device using magnetic suspension bearing. Its main structure is that the drummer’s impeller is directly installed on the motor shaft extension, and the rotor is suspended vertically on the active magnetic bearing controller. The couplet, a single -stage high -speed centrifugal fan that is directly driven by a high -speed motor and a variable frequency adjustment. This type of fan is integrated design. Its high -speed motors, inverters, magnetic bearing control systems, and control disks with microprocessors are integrated design and integration.


2. Key technology

(1) Integrated design of magnetic suspension fan;

(2) High -speed magnetic suspension bearing technology;


(3) Mid -power high -speed permanent magnet motor technology;

(4) high -power high -efficiency variable frequency speed adjustment technology;

(5) Efficient centrifugal impeller.

3. Process process

The innovative technology adopts an integrated design, and its core is magnetic suspension bearings and permanent magnet motor technology. The synchronous permanent magnet motor uses the magnetic suspension bearing technology with no mechanical wear, which reduces the mechanical transmission loss to the greatest extent. The operating speed can reach 36000R/min. In addition, the dedicated inverter is used, and the inverter driver efficiency can reach 98.1%.

5. Main technical indicators

1. Magnetic suspension centrifugal wind turmoil power reaches 50-300kW, rated speed 15000-36000r/min;

2. The active magnetic suspension bearings adopted, the power consumption loss is 1kW;

3. Inverter efficiency is 97%.