Reverse season clearance! Real silk cubes 25 yuan! Cashmere wool is not a hundred! Lamb leather export shoes, real silk shirt big discount

The smartest pig Girl pay attention!


You can buy all kinds of coat down jackets in half a year in this season!

You can also buy various high -quality good goods at low prices in the summer!

why? In fact, this is the open rules of the entire clothing industry.

From mid -July to mid -August each year, summer clothes are almost unable to sell, and autumn and winter have not started to be new. Many factories are semi -vacation this season. When the clothing and shoes industry really makes money every year, it is generally in the second half of the year. Winter profits are high, and there are many festivals in winter. Many sellers and manufacturers need to return the funds to the winter for half a year. There are also some Taobao sellers. In order to try their styles for half a year in winter, they will also sell some new autumn and winter development styles at low prices in this season.


so! No more suitable for buying goods than this season!


Girls are stamped!

So here is a small inventory.

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Anti -season

True silk scarf shop

It is difficult to climb out when you enter the scarf! The TA family basically belongs to the style and the age span is also very large. The focus is that the price and quality are a factory store that is very proportional. I bought it several times and did not lose.

I have bought several of the small silk scarfs with a fire before and after Su Mingyu. I bought several of them one after another. The color of the fabric is very good, so silk! Intersection Intersection The focus is




1, 18 Mimi’s heavy bauxial silk scarf. It is a foreign trade order, which is really super heavy. Because the general market 16mmi can be said to be heavy, the 18 -Mmy factory has a wholesale of 270 yuan each before! So when the off -season clearance is 139 yuan, it is still earned! 135x135cm, it is relatively large, and the air -conditioned room is just right. price:

139 yuan

2. Black and white striped mulberry silk silk scarf. 12 Mimi Zhenshu Satis satin, delicate and smooth fabric. In the sun, a pearl -like luster will be emitted. 88*88cm size, strong matching. On the hair, it is okay to be a small belt on the bag or tied to the waist. I have to admit that the black and white stripes are not so demon, and the matching is also rising. price:

88 yuan

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, Get the details of this real silk shop and more clear position list

Luxury down jacket coat shop

This shop is indeed relatively high -quality, and we recommend the haze blue coat last year. At that time, it was indeed the original price. Many girls reflected that even if it was the original price, it was relatively far from the same price. The anti -season clearance of the TA family can basically be said to save money for winter!

The style is relatively classic and generous, and you don’t have to worry about outdated problems for three or five years. It is not comparable to the cost of raising the cost without cost.

1. Real fox hair collar, luxurious level! Intersection Intersection It can be seen that the dense and fluffy and soft luster of the hair collar is softer than the real rabbit hair. White duck down is always about 120g, which is a relatively lighter down jacket. It is not bloated and bloated without pressing a person. Price spike:

649 yuan

2. The color alone has won more than half of the haze blue double -sided velvet coat. The price is half cheaper than last year! Now buying is hundreds of dollars in Pingbai. The imported wool of Meroin, Australia, is very delicate and high -quality cotton material, plus the value of no one who can enemy, the price:

434.5 yuan

, Get the detailed information of this coat down jacket store and more clear position list

A boyfriend’s work style of an old foreign trade store should be cleared in the anti -season clearance?

Some people say that winter clothes are basically regardless of men and women. Especially like a trench coat, Parker coat, men’s models look better! Of course, more and more shops are aware of this, so that we can get to the MAN balance of the MAN balance without going to men’s clothing stores. Girls are handsome, sometimes there is nothing about boys.

This shop is a long -hidden foreign trade store. The dynamic score is very high, which is basically 10 times cheaper than the mall … but it is faster to start, because it may not be able to replenish the goods in the later period, and sometimes miss it.

1. The rare short spatial sleeves are wide. The new autumn 2019, the first batch of shipments! With a little popular science, the first batch of shipments are basically the best batch of quality and details for such foreign trade shops. The sleeve feels a little bat, the cuff folds are very designed. The waist also has a drawing rope, which can freely adjust the waist size. price:

288 yuan

2. You can remove the inner hair fur, waterproof Parker coat. The maximum is 2xl, even if a down jacket can be stuffed even if it is covered in winter. Do n’t feel early to collect autumn and winter models now. Now when the order is available, it ’s not so cheap if you make the goods. When you can cherish it and cherish it …. The inner liner is full of hairs, and the real material is real! It is also particularly anti -wind and cold, and the waterproof performance is also the first level. There is a hairproof cloth inside the black model. price:

488 yuan

, GET, the detailed information of the discount of foreign trade, and more clearance list

Basic wool base high -quality clearance

It is definitely not lost to buy now. Because the real good -looking clearance models are basically a factory from tears. The real left, in order not to drag the inventory, simply give Baoyuan.

The quantity is good, the color and style can be selective, but the more this is really worth buying. If a shop is cleared in the anti -season, there are thousands of inventory, then … you must polish your eyes and take a look!

1. 100%pure wool bottoming shirt. The real pure wool has been burned to verify … the cost price of the factory must be lost, the clearance is made. Each color and quantity are limited, and the owner also said that it will not be added after the selling … because the quality of the same price cannot be done.

The thickness is a thick sweater, which is very warm. The cuffs are cut design, age reduction, loose, and the upper body is still thin. price:

98 yuan

2. Pure Ao Mao high -necked bottom shirt. The sweater feels delicate and elastic. It is a bit tie. It should be a whole wool relationship … The color is super milk, and it is beautiful in the inside and outside! High -necked, elastic, and the upper body is not tight and close. But now it ’s too hot. Buying will try penetrating in the air -conditioned room secretly. My mother said that I am neurotic haha. price:


95 yuan

3. Super comfortable black silk commuting cropped pants. There are not many inventory, and the real end is really ended. The small wide -leg version of the straight tube, the black texture of the sky silk fabric, is super breathable and comfortable. It is more suitable for anti -wrinkle than the average sky fabric. It is very suitable for commuting. It will not be wrinkled all day. price:

118 yuan

4, thick hair cigarette pants. The fabric is very delicate, the texture is soft and comfortable, and the legs can be stretched and stylish.

The cone design belongs to the calm first collection. I left myself, waiting for autumn and winter to match shirts, trench coats, and small heels. price:

79 yuan

, GET’s detailed information and other lists of the wool base commute store.


100+ real silk basic dress, do you want to have?


This store was originally a foreign trade store that is satisfactory for word of mouth.

Mainly high -end.


From underwear to outerwear, it can be bought at least 30%lower than the same quality than the market.

At present, some real silk items are making clearance, and the price of clearance is cheaper than the price of the cloth. It is a good time for Taobao ~

1. 100 % mulberry silk floral gentle dress. The fabric is 100 % mulberry silk, with wheat ears in the chest. The middle and high waist can cover the meat and curves, which is suitable for the little princess who takes the sweet beauty. price:

159 yuan.

2. 25%silk+75%cotton blended, suitable for newcomers in the workplace. Hurrying the sharp white also takes into account the youthful atmosphere. price:

149 yuan.

3. The same is true, and the versatile sunscreen with a real silk is 25%. It can be used as an office air -conditioned fir. It is also perfect to make a small jacket in early autumn. price:


129 yuan

4. Luxury peacock blue


Really silk skirt. The style is simple and generous. This day goes out, two are high -end, and the gloss is very good. Suitable for light customs, buying for Ma Ma is also a good choice. price:

259 yuan

, GET real silk product specific links and more lists

Great dignified first -layer cowhide bag, the price of 100 in the early 100s, is it very touching?

There are not many items, focusing on making several factories’ tail bags.

Pure leather basic bags are generally more than 100 a little.


It is equivalent to at least 3-5 % off the normal price.

The style is not how good it is, but a few are really suitable.

Shop pictures are very average.

It can be said that it affects shopping.


1. The easiest design of the exported soft cowhide -based soft cowhide is very resistant to back. Whatever clothes are good in autumn and winter, the leather is good. The size can be put into three folds umbrellas, which is very practical. price:

119 yuan

2. It is also a soft cowhide of the remaining single -headed layer. Similar to dumpling bags. The size can also be packed in a 30 % off umbrella mineral water bottle. Very practical, can be installed. Suitable for general commuting, buying a hemp to buy a vegetable bag is OK ~ Many girls do not understand the existence of the dumplings, but in fact, the black dumpling bag with a good autumn and winter coat is very temperament. This bag is very good. price:

109 yuan

, Get clearance bag link and more introduction


You can wear a small sheepskin high -heeled shoes. Do you want the cattle in the foreign trade factory store?


An inadvertently visited a shop and went to the three keywords of “foreign trade”, “original order”, “leather”. Within a hundred yuan, he won a pair of lambskin high -heeled shoes that can be dressed in a trot. The texture of hundreds of large textures bought in the heel shopping mall was almost the same, and his heart was ecstatic for a long time!

Basically, there will be a lot of inventory in foreign units, and the number is based on foreign sizes. In terms of experience, it should be the original order. Now changing the season, you can put a few pairs of single shoes or small heels, and do not lose the shopping mall goods bought by the next door.

1. You can wear shallow work shoes with trot, a small leather high heel in the early autumn. The leather is good, and the delicate lambskin is completely tolerant. The fine heel of 3cm, even if you dare to dare to dare to the subway, it is okay. price:

2. True cowhide rough Chelsea boots can be worn until winter! There are not many inventory, but it is earned to earn. The texture of the real cowhide is the stitching design of the loose band. It is convenient to wear and take off. With bottom socks+woolen coats, you can wear a full sense of aura without momentum. price:


268 yuan

, GET Clearance Leather Shoes specific links and more introductions

Do you want to pick up a high -quality shirt T -shirt?

This is the end -of -season promotion of many treasure stores in the collection clip. It is not a cheap product that is casual, and it is discount in real time. Their face value and quality are enough to wear for a year or two. It’s not the one that throw it in a season.

Du Weishan and factory goods, the price of 100 is 500 for you ~ you can wear it into a workplace elite!


1. The stitching design of striped T and knitted cotton cotton has a relatively novel style and is a shirt, but it is not the kind of Feel. Easy, casual, and a little lazy. It is very suitable for girls who are new to the workplace.





115 yuan

2. Cotton striped gauze shirt, proper high -end goods. The quality feeling is veil, and the color and pictures are basically always. The disadvantage is that it is slightly shorter for a person with a long. Many of this one on a certain treasure under foreign trade, only TA home reputation and quality are made. price:

138 yuan

3. It is too happy to buy a shirt when you clear the position! The TA family is the clearance shop of the brand’s women’s clothing. It can really evaluate the kind of good texture. Although the print is a little old, the upper body is still very temperament. Those who don’t like this printed model can bring one to the mother, which is 10 years younger. price:

89 yuan

4. Single -piercing and beautiful thin paper people shirts. The version is very loose and hidden, a single row of the placket, and the little laziness is out! If you do n’t go in the inside, what denim, jackets, jackets, knitted cardigan sweaters … Also comes, do not refuse, and the real wild king. price:

68 yuan

, Get these shirts and T -shirts specific links and more introductions

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88 yuan

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Long press this picture of the two -dimensional code reply:

Long press this picture of the two -dimensional code reply:

Long press this picture of the two -dimensional code reply:

Long press this picture of the two -dimensional code reply:

Long press this picture of the two -dimensional code reply:

Long press this picture of the two -dimensional code reply: