Girls cautious! Why do boys like to wear four -corner underwear?

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What do you wear? I heard that it is related to personal temperament ~

A secret investigation was made in the office casually. As a result, boys with high face value

100%are all four -corner underwear,

For example, our handsome and aggressive father.

(Dad Wei: Ah! Say a good secret investigation!)


Why do boys like to wear four -corner underwear?

The most important reason for boys like to wear four -corner underwear is:



The main reason for girls to wear triangle underwear is:


For this division, even a certain treasure

Couple underwear


They are all designed like this: Amazing ~

Boy: “I love the four -corner underwear”

Boys’ obsession with four -corner underwear is mainly from derived from


Boys’ special body structure.

Wearing triangular underwear to worry about side leaks. If you wear too tightly, you have to be uncomfortable. It is difficult to have both in these two aspects.

In addition, wearing triangle underwear, sometimes



Legal root.

Which boy saw on the road, suddenly his face was crimson, and he walked and twisted.

Don’t think too much, maybe he wore it

Triangle underwear


The four -corner underwear is very good in the shape (temperament), which can relieve these embarrassment steadily, which can guarantee

Comfortable and not,


Don’t worry about side leaks.

This feeling of freedom (flying) allows boys to choose four -corner underwear.

Girl: “Triangle panties are true love”

However, if girls wear four -corner underwear, the small wings of aunt towels in a special period (physiological period) will be placed nowhere.

It is estimated that there will be straight men who will say:



We should not hear anything, forcibly sticking the aunt towel on the four -corner underwear, sticking to it, not to say,

Grind the thorn

The pain can only experience it slowly by yourself.


So girls in the physiological period will basically choose to wear

After all, some people once said:

In addition, triangular underwear is more versatile and can fit better

Girl figure

The curve direction, this comfort is difficult to reach. If wearing four -corner underwear, on both sides

Easy to roll,

The pile position is easy to highlight.

If the pants wearing the outside are just tight and close, the traces of panties are printed inexplicably, and they feel embarrassed across the screen …

But if wearing a skirt, four -corner underwear can be used as safety pants. It is better than ordinary safety pants.

More comfortable


Having said so much, what kind of underwear to wear, as far as your temperament is concerned, everyone must have a number (shape) in their hearts.

Finally, I will summarize it for you,

Suggestions for buying underwear:

It should not be too tight

Regardless of boys or girls’ panties, don’t buy too tight. In addition to unnecessary “pressure”, leg friction will also be increased and affecting walking posture.

Of course, the more loose is, the better. For boys, it is guaranteed that the “prominent” position does not have folds, and it will not be tight.

Avoid dark colors

Overall, light color is relatively better. The more dyes used in dark fabrics, the higher the risk of harmful substances that may be released, and it is easy to contact sexual allergies.

For girls, underwear can help find clues about the disease early, so as to discover early and treat early. So choosing light -colored or white is the most ideal,

Fabric material

The underwear is dressed closely, paying attention to the moisture absorption and breathability of the fabric, and keep it dry from time to time. Preferably natural materials such as cotton to avoid nylon, polyester and other chemical fiber panties. It is best to have some elasticity in the fabric, so it is comfortable to wear.

In addition, the choice of mothers’ underwear during pregnancy should be more cautious. This is not only about the mother’s health, but also affects the baby’s health. In addition to paying attention to the above points, it is also necessary to buy according to the changes in the size of the abdomen and hips during pregnancy. In terms of style, it is recommended to be high -waist and middle waist.

Self -containing

Dad Wei

I hope everyone likes it ~


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