600 yuan optical frame recommended, these 8 light fashion

Many consumers choose to focus on appearance and prices when they choose the glasses frame. In fact, the optical and measurement indicators of the frame are very important to the comfort of the glasses.

Next, it is recommended to recommend 8 optical frames within 600 yuan, design fashion, and comfortable.


Xia Meng | Lightweight glasses frame GA38008



Many international glasses groups have their own plants in China. The glasses brand from Japan is one of the representatives, and has a mature mainland market sales chain, and has higher visibility in China’s consumers.

The GA series is designed for young people. Compared with the mature style of the other products of Xia Meng, the series is more young and fashionable, and the design is closely followed by the trend of the season. Use light sheets, good flexibility, comfortable and no bites.


The full frame of the series is rich in color, suitable for people who like large frames, specific styles cost of 500-1000 yuan.


Seiko | Retro series optical frame H03098



Seiko lasted the glasses as a separate product line, stronger, the lens and the frame are more excellent, one of the world’s earlier development of high refractive index resin lenses.

The retro series is mainly rounded, the color is diverse, incorporated into the fashion elements on the basis of retro, whether the foundation black and white, classic color, or beautiful color, there is a style optional.

The series of frames is sold between 500-700, and the frame materials are selected from titanium or TR90, the weight is lighter, and the long-term load has no burden.


Pair Mont | Myopia glasses frame Pr7820



Paramond was established in Xiamen in 1992, which is older in Chinese glasses brands. In 2009, he worked with the Global Glasses Industry Giant Luxottica Group to enter the bright spot glasses store in mainland China.

Papendicular optical frames are divided by materials, including memory plastics, injection molding frames, and conventional alloys. Among them, the AIR7 series of memory plastics is adopted with high strength, ultra-light, ultra-high-elastic aviation material, not easy to deform, and the highest overall performance.

The PR7820 is light and comfortable, only 2 A4 paper weight, and safe anti-allergies. This model is a classic box design, and both men and women are applicable. The price is between 300-500, and the price is relatively high.


Pair Mon | Optical Mirror 83608


Pairmen is “Fashion Baza”, “Ruili Clothing Beauty”, etc., now pays attention to product design, and the frame style is more fashionable.

83608 is a thin titanium frame, only 5.6g, almost 0 induction, with anti-skid nose, close to the nose, how to move it is not afraid of slipping. Its fine metal border can embed smaller thinning lenses, so that the full pair of glasses is lighter. The mirror is rich in toughness, and long-term use is also difficult to deform.



Pendon | myopia glasses box PG81405

The 81405 classic circular frame is matched with a metal wire frame, which is suitable for most face type, mirror and frame color matching, and is a simple and simple style. Black, gold, rose gold color matching is more than a hundred, Confucian, the price is less than 500 yuan.



Mason | Art Optical Mirror MJ7171


The MJ7171 ​​uses a delicate D-type metal frame design, easy to be soft, can modify a variety of face type, pure titanium mirror light bullet does not shrink, and then cooperate with exquisite striped decoration, and the trend is full. The daily price is 600 yuan, and the activity can be started within 500 yuan.


Helen Keller | Zodiac Series H82006 Elliptic Frame



Using high-elastic metal outlook geometric borders, use the electroplating process to make the mirror frames and fiber, the surface is shine, and the face is better, especially for a narrower face with a narrow forehead, priced between 450-520.


Qina 亓亓 | Optical Mirror QJ7123



Using irregular edge design, the outer foil angle of the two ends is raising, appears that the eye is round, and it is a certain trimming effect when wearing it, most of which is a woman.