“Red umbrella and white pole, lie on the board together after eating” Wild mushrooms are good, you must eat carefully

Source: People’s Daily Online

Recently, according to media reports, the grandmother, mother, and 3 -year -old children of a family of a family in Meizhou, Guangdong were died of invalidation for wild mushrooms and sent medical treatment for rescue. Two cats in the family were also poisoned. Experts say that from the symptoms of poisoning, the three people are likely to eat the mushrooms with a mortality of 70%of the local mortality. Everbright, maybe gastrointestinal sins, or lose their lives.

my country has reported 435 kinds of poison mushrooms

With the coming of the rainy season, wild mushrooms in many places have sprung up like rain, which can not help but make people have a desire to rush and be full of mouth. Wild mushroom growth is mainly in summer and autumn, and it is produced in mountains, plateau and other places. In recent years, various places have caused poisoning and death due to mistakenly eating wild poisonous mushrooms.

According to data released by the China Centers for Disease Control in 2019, there are more than 1,000 poisonous mushrooms in the world, and 435 species have been reported in my country. The onset of mushroom poisoning in my country is concentrated in June to October each year, and it occurs throughout the year. Southwest and Central China are the hardest hit areas of poisonous mushroom poisoning in my country.

One mushroom may contain a variety of toxins


Experts say that different types of mushroom growth habits are different and the toxins contain are different. Different toxins have different absorption, distribution, and metabolism in the human body, and the target organs with different effects are different, causing different types and degrees of effects.

Moreover, a mushroom can contain a variety of toxins; one toxin can also exist in a variety of mushrooms. The content of different growth stages of the same mushrooms and different parts of the toxins of different parts are not the same. These characteristics make mushroom poisoning a variety of clinical manifestations, and the results of health hazards are also very different.

At present, the known mushroom poisoning can cause symptoms such as acute liver damage, acute renal damage, transverse muscle dissolving, hemolysis, gastroenteritis, neuropathy, and photosensitive dermatitis.

“The common goose cream, yellow powder beef liver bacteria, etc. in Yunnan, after eating, there will be psychological symptoms such as dizziness, fantasy vision, and even the illusion of” villain dancing “.” Nanjing Medical University First Affiliated Hospital Sun Hao, deputy chief physician of the emergency medical center.

Poisonous mushrooms that cause nerve and mental diseases can cause diseases that may occur within 15 minutes to 2 hours after eating. In addition to gastrointestinal symptoms, pupils will also appear narrowing, sweating, saliva, excitement, blurred vision, hallucinations, hallucinations , Stepmoth and other neurological symptoms. In severe cases, symptoms such as visual distortion, mania, frustration, anxiety, and victimized delusions may occur.

Do not trust the traditional routine, carefully identify the safety of security

(1) Identifying whether wild mushrooms are toxic and need professional institutions. At present, there are no simple and easy identification methods. Some of the recognition methods circulated by the people have proven that it is not reliable and cannot be easily believed.

(2) In areas with wild mushroom customs, consumers should not collect wild mushrooms that have not been eaten or unknown, and their lives are close to the sky.

(3) Consumer concentrated areas such as school canteens, catering service units in tourist attractions, rural self -run banquets, and construction sites can not use unspecked wild mushrooms in ingredients to prevent group edible wild mushroom poisoning incidents.


(4) During the feeding of wild mushrooms, the relevant units of mushrooms and regions with wild mushroom habits shall be promoted through various forms of science popularization, and they are widely explained to the public and reminded not to pick or eat wild mushrooms at will. In the place where the poisonous mushroom poisoning has occurred, it is recommended to set up a warning sign with poisonous mushroom photos. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the poisonous mushroom poisoning of poisonous mushrooms, combined with temperature, humidity, rainfall and other factors, early warning and forecasting before the mushroom fever period , Timely issue risk warning or consumer prompts to ensure the health and safety of the people’s lives.

It ’s critical to eat poisoning by mistake.

What should I do if the unfortunate poisonous mushroom is poisoned? Zhang Yongfu, the head of the Public Health Section of the Heze Disease Control Center, reminded that vomiting is the most commonly used self -aid method. Poisoners should immediately vomit. However, if the poisoning person is pregnant or a coma, it is not suitable for artificial vomiting, otherwise it will easily cause suffocation.

At the same time, you should call the ambulance immediately to the hospital. Do not delay. I went to the hospital immediately. Whenever I have eaten the same mushrooms, they must go to the hospital for examination immediately. In addition, pay attention to retaining the remaining mushroom samples, and should be kept for testing to find out the cause of poisoning.

(Source: People’s Daily, Science and Technology Daily, Sichuan Online, Qilu Evening News)