There is a kind of Chen Shu, a 44 -year -old, wearing a splicing suit elegant and foreign. The color matching is simple but high -level

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Intellectuality is synonymous with many women, and it is also what they have been pursuing. Whether it is atmospheric wearing

Elegant posture

Still calm and calm temperament, these can make us look more elegant and dignified, but the temperament needs to be cultivated slowly, and the shape of the shape is wearing it!

People with an elegant and elegant will always have something in common, such as Dong Qing


Sun Yan, in this era, the face value is no longer simply dependent on looks, and it can be created the day after tomorrow, such as dressing and matching, such as makeup hairstyles.

Speaking of Chen Shu, I feel that she is the most colorful of older actresses. Chen Shu is not beautiful, and her shape is always generous. It feels that Chen Shu is there as long as he stands there, it belongs to the most eye -catching existence of the crowd. Even the simple and ordinary suit with T -shirt was amazing by her.

For example, in this shape, the suit adopts the design of Tibetan blue and gray stitching, which combines calmness and gentleness, and matches a low ponytail hairstyle, which looks fresh and elegant.

In daily life, it is easy for us to master the wearing skills of casual suits, and it is easy to wear a sense of people and cheap. Today, I will analyze Chen Shu’s shape. I hope that everyone can learn some casual suit wearing skills and can be used in their own shapes.


One: Chen Shu casual style suit analysis

1: Tibetan blue stripes+gray squares, stylish and foreign style

With the continuous development of fashion trends, the design of the suit style has become more and more diversified, which has long been out of the original style of monotonous tediousness.

For example, Chen Shu’s suit design is very interesting. Half half is a hidden blue striped pattern, half is a gray square pattern, both of which are classic suit design elements. After combining two classic elements Sely eye -catching.

And neither Tibetan blue and gray belong to the bright colors, so the color collision given people is not strong, and it will not give people a visually abrupt feeling. She looks more feminine.

2: White T -shirt makes the shape more daily

A solid -colored basic white T -shirt can make the shape more daily. White T and any color and style suit can be well integrated together and will appear very coordinated. Chen Shu used white T -shirts with color -fighting suit, which made the two different colors combine well together, which strengthened the overall sense of shape.

In addition, the design of the V -neck is more mature than the round neck, and there is an extended neck line to set off the effect of the swan neck.

Point of knowledge

The V -neck T -shirt is extended. It is more friendly to the round -faced girls. It can play the effect of modifying the face shape and extending the neck curve. For people with shorter neck, it is a gospel. And for people with bloated upper body, choosing V -collar type also has a good lean effect.

3: Fresh and eye -catching colors, highlight

Generally speaking, it is best not to exceed three colors in the shape. There are too many colors in the shape, which is easy to give people a fancy and cheap feeling, but the color matching of the shape should not be too single, a single color, a single color The dressing is too monotonous and there is no sense of layering. Only by maintaining a clean color and not mixed can it give people a better visual experience.

The upper body of Chen Shu is composed of black and white gray. The color matching is not abrupt, it seems more coordinated, highlighting the sense of high level; the gray trousers and small white shoes are also selected on the bottom, so that the upper and lower colors can be balanced. The color tone is fresh and eye -catching, showing a clean and refreshing temperament, with the watch, it looks more noble and elegant.

Two: suit style wearing knowledge points

1: Two fit in suit wearing


Because the suit has not only appeared in formal occasions, it is also more common in daily life, so the requirements for not formal suits have been reduced, and it is not so important to do it in many places. But what you need to pay attention to is: no matter how you change the suit version, if you want to dress well, there are two places to fit.


01: neckline

To put it simply, the lines of the collar are stood straight in the body, and we must fit the shoulders and necks.

Otherwise, the suit is not like its own, it seems uncoordinated and has a sense of cheapness.

02: Ahead of the chest


Although in our daily life, wearing a suit will not be buckled up for most of the time, but there will be wrinkled suits in the buckle, which must not be bought. Because this means serious disagreement, it is very expensive, and thousands of suits will also feel the feeling of wearing dozens of land.

2: Is the shoulder pads of the suit, do you want or not?


The shoulder pads are the key to ensuring that the lines of a suit shoulder to the back of the chest and back are smooth and straight.

You can choose a thinner shoulder pads in flat shoulder and high shoulders. You can choose a thicker shoulder pads; the shoulder pads of casual suits are not perfect for women with a perfect shoulder line, which can play the role of tailoring and shape of a large suit. If itself itself itself The shoulder is flat enough, and you can consider choosing a casual suit style without a shoulder pad.



: As a template among middle -aged women, Chen Shu is very significant to wear skills. We can often pay attention to Chen Shu’s styling in daily life. This has a great effect on the improvement of our clothing.

I am a small makeup, and I update different body wearing skills every day. Here, you can not only learn various styles of dressing guide, but also help you have a deeper understanding of fashion.

“Dressing is not expensive” is an account that helps problem users to solve the difficulty of choice and provide solutions based on the subdivision category. The original intention of creating it was because I believe that beauty becomes a belief, and to treat various choices through methodology to learn from each other.

If you are not confident in your body, or if you want to understand different styles of dressing skills, please give me a private message or leave a message below. I will regularly summarize and give solutions. I hope we will always be overwhelmed on the way to become beautiful.

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