What will you understand if you understand the small black dots and black edges on the glass

What will you understand if you understand the small black dots and black edges on the glass

Have you ever noticed that there are many dense black dots on the front windshield of the car, and the edge of the glass also has black edges. If these black spots and black edges obviously affect the value from a beautiful perspective, why not cancel it?


What is the use of small black spots on the glass?

1. Let the glass be heated uniformly and prevent bursting

In the summer, opening the door, and the hot air coming in the face made many car owners can’t stand it. In the car, the surface of the car glass was directly exposed to the sun, and the temperature continued to rise. If the heating is uneven, it is likely to cause the glass to burst.

At this time, Xiao Hei spots will play a big role. These small black spots can quickly absorb heat, store the heat in black spots of different sizes, and then evenly pass the calories to the middle of the glass.

If you look closely, the closer to the small black dots on the edge of the car glass, the larger the point closer to the center. The heating of the car glass became uniform, and the risk of bursting the glass was almost zero. This makes the front gear more durable.


Protect the driver’s eyes

The seemingly inconspicuous small black spots are not as big as you want to put it. If you want to put it a few, put it where you want to put it, but you can’t underestimate it. For example, its area and location have been accurately calculated and designed by glass manufacturers.

While these small black spots should not block the driver’s sight, they can reduce the angle of the sunlight in direct sunlight, reduce the damage of strong light to the eyes and retinal of the eyes, protect the eyes, help relieve driving fatigue and ensure driving safety.

In addition, some high -end models are equipped with sensors, automatic wiper induction, etc., which are sometimes hidden in these black spots. Because it is also black, it does not look particularly obtrusive.

What is the effect of black edges on the front glass?


Prevent glass sealing tape aging, extend the service life

The front windshield of the car is fixed with glue strips and sealing. The longer the car is used, as the wind blows every day, the phenomenon of aging will inevitably occur.

At this time, the black edge on the edge of the glass must play a role. Its position can just cover the sealing tape to block the direct shooting of the sealing strip and avoid damage caused by direct lighting. Therefore, black edges can prevent the aging of glue strips and glue, keep the front windshield connection stickiness, and extend its service life.

Black edge blocking and aesthetic effects

We also say that the front glass and the body are fixed with glue strips and sealing glue. Although the sealing glue can make the front glass better fix, it is not beautiful at all, and it can be seen that glue can be seen. The traces of the black edge can be blocked at this time, it looks more neat, and it is integrated with the car, which is more beautiful and generous.



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