The mobile “nuclear acid sample pavilion” with its own air conditioner appears on the streets of Wuhan

Source: 【People’s Daily】


People’s Network Wuhan, May 3rd (Zhou Wen) “With such a hot day, with this nucleic acid sample pavilion, ‘Dabai’ can blow the air conditioner to make us nucleic acid.” On the afternoon of May 2, in Wuhan, Wuhan Near the bus stop of Hanyuqiao Street, Mr. Chen, a resident, completed the test in a few seconds of the nucleic acid sample pavilion, and praised the sampling pavilion with its own air conditioner.

It can be moved on the streets of Wuhan. Photo by Zhou Wen

The reporter saw at the citizen nucleic acid test point that a medical staff stood in a sampling pavilion with an area of ​​about 1.5 square meters. It reached out through the protective gloves on the glass hole on the outer wall, and they could complete the “non -contact nucleic acid detection”. Also installed with air conditioners.

At present, such nucleic acid sample pavilions have appeared in many places in Wuhan, and there are more than 100 units in the mouth area. At the same time, there are not only a single -cabin, but also a double -cabin sampling booth, that is, there are two sampling places, which can accommodate the sampling work of two medical staff at the same time to improve the sampling efficiency of nucleic acid.

Not only is the air -conditioning system, the nuclear acid sample kiosk is also installed with positive and negative pressure protection systems, disinfection systems and operating tables. The positive and negative pressure protection system allows the front pressure environment to form an external environment in the cabin, thereby ensuring air cleanliness. The air outlet on the back side of the cabin can discharge the air in the cabin in time, purify the air in the cabin, and reduce the risk of cross -infection. The ultraviolet disinfection lights on the top of the cabin can sterilize sterilization and sterilize the environment in the cabin in real time.

“It can not only cover the wind and rain for medical staff, but also facilitate residents to do nucleic acids.” Mr. Chen, a resident, said that recently, Wuhan needs to do nucleic acid testing every two or three days. Such nucleic acid sample pavilions are very convenient and efficient.


According to the news of Wuhan’s new crown pneumonia’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters, from 0th on May 3, the citizens entered the community, communities, schools, institutions, enterprises and institutions, and various public places, and to take public transportation, etc. Cingering nucleic acid detection negative proof or nucleic acid sampling information. At the same time, in order to facilitate citizens to conduct nucleic acid testing, from the 2nd, Wuhan City organizes a round of surface expansion nucleic acid screening every 3 days.

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It can be moved on the streets of Wuhan. Photo by Zhou Wen