Be a temperament worker, wear white shirts like this, intellectual and advanced

“Whenever I don’t know what to wear today, I will choose the most common white shirt in the closet.”

No matter how the trend wind direction is changed, the white shirt is still the white shirt, it is still one of the fashionable and versatile items, but to wear the white shirt out of its own style and charm, it takes a lot of care. Come and learn ~

One: How to choose a white shirt


The version should be quite wide

Many times girls buy clothes only to see if they are in line or the price is appropriate, instead of considering small details such as styles and fabrics. After buying, it is easy to accumulate ash in the wardrobe. So how do we choose a good -looking and easy -to -wear white shirt?


Be white, must be white. A white and white white shirt will have a pure texture, which will give people a refreshing feeling.

Silk, chiffon, and lace are common fabrics of white shirts. This kind of fabric is soft, skin -friendly, and the texture of the pendant, giving people a simple and generous beauty, and it is not cheap.


The style must have a sense of design


The gentle ruffled edge design can drive away the boring of the white shirt very well. With the chiffon fabric of the pendant, it adds an overall sense of layering and brings out a sweet feeling. It is simply a must -have item for little girls.

The design of Raf’s shirt, surrounded by the neck lightly, modify the face shape, and virtually reflects the face to reflect the delicateness ~ the overall style is not exaggerated.

Compared with the basic white shirt, the white shirt with wind piano folds is clearer and elegant. This retro folder white collar classical romance, whether it is single or inside, it can give people an elegant and quiet inductance consciousness consciousness Essence

Two: Recommended white shirt wear


White shirt+jeans

White shirts+jeans CP can be said to be the freshest. It is very simple to look at it. It seems to be the same combination. sex.


With pointed high heels, it is a mature and capable city beauty fan. Instead of changing to small white shoes, you are youthful activities style. It really looks good.

White shirt+long skirt


This dress can be said to be a super love match for female stars. It is a universal formula, simple and elegant, and the overall will not appear too much.


Girls of literary art can choose cotton and linen long skirts. If you want a gorgeous feeling, you can choose satin. It is simple. A simple white shirt can make you play many different possibilities. Dating is not wrong.

White shirt+strap pants

If there is a strap pants in your wardrobe, the best partner must be a white shirt.


The essence of white shirts+strap pants is only one word: collapse. The overall thing is an unfair. Do not choose the satisfactory workplace wind shirt, let alone the satisfactory leggings, otherwise the girl with a thin figure will not wear a chic and beautiful feeling.


To choose a small design white shirt, a small design of the lantern sleeve in the ear ear, more romantic atmosphere, with the strap pants, the feeling of the two can be well balanced, and it looks full of vitality. Different ages can also have different flavors.

White shirt+silk scarf


The classic white shirt is wearing, and occasionally it will inevitably feel monotonous because of its minimalist design. At this time, if you want a white shirt to be more brilliant, you may wish to wear a silk scarf to add a new feeling to the whole look.

The white shirt+scarf can be said to be a perfect match. Its beautiful colors, and the rich patterns to paint on the white shirt. Not only can it be tied to the neck, but it can also be tied to the bag.