The retro “velvet skirt” is coming, and it can be worn in autumn and winter.

The cold autumn and winter season is here, but many beautiful MMs still want to wear skirts. What should I do? It’s better to try the autumn and winter popular items of 19 years -velvet skirt

The warmth is better than that of cotton, highlighting the body and more noble dresses than knitted dresses. In short,

The velvet materials that grandma used to wear before, this year finally retro back


1. The history of velvet skirt

The history of velvet skirts should start with the Kashmir who brought the molding velvet technology into Baghdad


, It’s a while since Europe, it has become popular,

In a dozen centuries

Throughout Europe, especially the royal nobility of Europe at that time, it was deeply obsessed with the material of velvet.


The velvet material looks low -key and has no anger, but it feels smooth and delicate, with a lazy retro atmosphere in the finger seam


The deepest impression of velvet should be in the Titanic,


A elegant blue velvet dress worn by the heroine, letting turns look back and adds a soft breath

Second, the show of the velvet skirt

Whether the velvet was sought after by the grandmother’s teenage in dozens of centuries or later,

It all appeared in a classic elegant style, and although this material was not versatile or daily life at that time, it was still mentioned from time to time.

And now the velvet is a hot fashion element to return to the clothing show


The major brands and the fashion shows of major autumn and winter can be seen on the velvet


Some luxury and wealth, some grand finale, shows that velvet plays a pivotal position in the eyes of the designer

3. How to choose the right velvet skirt




) Press the style of the velvet skirt:

1. Velvet skirt


In fact, it is the most suitable skirt that is most suitable for winter. The plush material is very comfortable and has a strong and warm effect.

And the gloss is far more than ordinary skirts, superb,

When choosing a half -body velvet skirt, if you are not sure, the half -body pleated velvet skirt should be your best choice


It is the least color and figure dress,

Especially for pear -shaped figures or short legs, it can no longer be friendly.


If you must choose the most versatile color, then the caramel color


If you want a gentle color,

That is the pink pink, and the least ignoring point is that if you choose a skirt, you must choose the high waist, so that the small man will not be short, and the cheekbone will not be fat.

There are a hundred there are a hundred

2. Velvet dress


The velvet dresses are divided into short and long. The short velvet dress will be more playful when wearing it.

It will not be old to wear, and because the whole person’s lines are exposed, the whole person will not be fat. The age reduction effect is relatively good

As a winter dress, it is recommended to put down jackets or coats on the outside, which is more suitable;

The long velvet dress has a strong fairy atmosphere. The high -level sense of the girl taste is probably it, but because it can be regarded as a large area of ​​velvet material, it is a very stylish style.


It will be exposed to the body that will be exposed to a slightly fat body, and then with a slightly fat body.

Therefore, when choosing a velvet dress, it is recommended to choose a stitching style.

For example, the lower body of the velvet is other materials. This stitching style can just avoid the disadvantage of the velvet long skirt

3. Vented suspender skirt


This suspender skirt is generally used as a stacking method in winter. It is a good choice to wear a knitted bottoming shirt or shirt.

But be sure to remember the style of the clothes inside, the fabric should be delicate, the color should be elegant, so that the body will be modified and shows the personality.

(2) Design of the velvet skirt:

1. Light velvet skirt

The things on the light will exert the color to the extreme

It will look more bright in color, but it will make the whole set of clothes dress up, for example, you chose an orange or orange -yellow skirt,

A single cotton and hemp fabric may feel more folded

But velvet, the whole looks beautiful, and will make your whole person more generous and decent.

So if you choose a bright velvet skirt, Xiaobian recommends choosing a more bright velvet skirt in the color, wearing it will be more mature feminine, more elegant temperament


2. Mattic velvet skirt

Compared to the velvet of light, in terms of high sense, more or less regrets,

But the matte material will be very suitable for daily wear,


And the matte velvet itself is not very textured.


The main daily life is the most important. You can choose the design of the cake skirt in the style.

It is best to have a needle -footed kung fu on the waist part, and the whole person will look more stylish and stylish.

(3) Press the pattern of the velvet skirt:


1. Pure color velvet skirt

Reasons for velvet material,

Therefore, it is recommended to choose a dark color. After all, the dark color system is relatively thin

And velvet is relatively close, which can lengthen the line of the body

But there will be a disadvantage of deep color is that it is easy to make the whole person look more aging, so in this case, it is more recommended that you wear a skirt.

The upper body chooses a tight -fitting high -necked sweater, the lower body with a velvet skirt, and the color of the two incremental relationships of the same color system.

Use color differences to create a layered sense of overall matching, so a solid color velvet skirt will also wear more fashionable

2. Platter velvet skirt


The pattern is actually difficult to match itself. If it is velvet material,

Xiaobian will recommend wave dot patterns, because the entire pattern of the wave dot will make the skirt look particularly three -dimensional. The color should be as pink as possible, or the color of the girl system is mainly based on the color of the girl.


Very fantast

(4) Select the color of the velvet skirt:

1. Gorgeous velvet skirt


The colorful velvet skirt will be particularly attractive,


For example, red or pink, but it will be tacky if you don’t wear it well, so since you choose a more gorgeous velvet skirt in the color, you need to reduce the color on other items to elegant


For example, a white basic model or a satin material is a good choice

And the silk material and velvet are particularly matched, which will make you look more fashionable and sexy


2. Dark velvet

Dark velvet has always been the category of the royal nobles. It has a kind of noble spirit, which will make the whole person particularly graceful and luxurious.

But if it is black or gray, it is particularly not energetic, at this time, maybe aunt red is a good choice


If you choose aunt red or dark blue with color and darker


Then the editor will suggest that you choose a dress, especially the style of the hem is a pleated skirt. The waist design will make your entire person’s lines stretch, and if you can choose a semi -length length, you can quietly expose the ankle’s ankle. Location,

It will make the whole person’s dress very sexy

Fourth, how to wear velvet skirts


1. Stacking


This method of wearing a velvet skirt is generally applicable to suspended dress

In other words, wearing a velvet skirt with a base and a suspender, this style of stacking will make the whole person thinner and look very tall, suitable for most people,


The bottoming shirt with a camisole with the knee length is mainly as the same color as the same color

And choose the length of the knee, so that the whole person will not look deep and will not be very old -fashioned

2. Do inside


It is not limited to make a strap or long sleeves. In fact, this is also a way to wear, especially in autumn and winter. If you want to keep warm, if you want to keep warm, if you want to keep warm,


It will recommend short jackets, such as cotton jackets or sweaters. If it is a tall beauty, with a woolen coat is the best choice

3. Wear velvet skirt alone


If you choose a skirt, the top can be paired with a sweater and put the sweater under the skirt. The high -waisted skirt will make the whole person look very energetic.

If you choose a dress, you can only work hard in color and style, such as cake skirt, the color is black, it is more versatile

Fifth, female stars’ velvet skirts wear

Ni Ni’s black and jujube red camline velvet dress is indeed amazing.

Sexy, charming, noble, this velvet dress gives Ni Ni more feminine and sexy,

The whole person’s tempera

Compared with other materials, velvet has the most important feature that is low saturation, that is, the color of velvet items that are dark and weak in color can highlight the temperament of the whole person.

Therefore, when choosing a velvet skirt, it must be simplified, and decay into magic