Mantian Star: Women who are coarse -threaded and weaved lazy mid -length jackets (with weaving illustrations)

“Full Sky”



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Use needle:

No. 9, No. 8, No. 7


Dress length: 84 cm width: 120 cm


Work Show:

I still used the alpaca horse sea, and I bought two large buckets to try to destroy the collection, and finally made up my mind to pull the grass. Fortunately, the thick needle and thick line can be completed in a week.

The back of the back is full, you can’t take a picture, let’s make a look at it


There is a little color difference between indoor and outdoor, which is based on the first color

Weaving instructions:

Weaving notes stay here, because it is still wired. Try the big leaves next time

Rear film: No. 9 needle, single thread 134 needle, 6 lines, change No. 7 knit twist 22 lines (7 stitches and 4 lines and 1 flower), and at the same time, 8 stitches are 126 stitches. After hitting 222 lines (111 braids), starting the oblique shoulder, 5 stitches once, 9 pins, 49 stitches, 28 stitches after the fifth renewal 24 stitches are not led), and the sides of the sides continue to lend back (curved collar).

Previous film: No. 9 needle, single thread 134 needle 6 lines and 6 lines. 7 -pin twist 22 lines (7 stitches and 4 lines and 1 flower), and then weave the pattern B43 needle, pattern C48 needle, open pocket after 80 lines, After hitting 222 lines (111 braids), starting the shoulder, 5 stitches once, 49 stitches on the shoulder, and after the fifth led (at this time, 24 stitches left on the shoulders), 36 stitches Continue to return to the shoulders on both sides (no arc -shaped excavation)

Collar: 8th needle in front of the needle 36+ Shoulder to pick a needle 16+ and then leave the needle 28 (put the needle to 36 stitches)+the shoulder side of the shoulder 16 = 104 needle to keep the front and back collar pattern C. After hitting the right length, change the 9 -row single thread for the 9th needle, and collect the needle


Sleeve: 9 needles 50 stitches and 6 lines of single threads, 26 rows of tweezers 7, starting with 2 stitches on both sides, 48 ​​stitches camislated C, starting from twisting, 14-1-1, 6-1-16, Do not reduce 4 stitches, 84 stitches, suture after flat collection.

Swipe the sleeve and the positive body, occupy 28 braids from the shoulders, and there is no height. According to your preference


Thanks to the crystallization of the wisdom of the weaver girls, the graphics are as follows.


• END •

Author | Xixi’s mother