British well -known underwear brands ingeniously lay off the lineup Luxury Internet catwalk show

The current epidemic is almost sweeping all over the world, and all walks of life have been impacted by a lot. Many offline stores are intermittent overnight. And various international competitions and industry summits may be forced to postpone or cancel directly, as are the catwalks in the fashion industry.

However, according to the British “Sun” on May 7, the founder and CEO Emily Ben Dell of the underwear brand Blue Bella did not succumb to the closed rules, but instead organized a grand network in history. Fashion show, as many as 200 models.

英知名内衣品牌别出心裁 创办阵容豪华网络走秀 秀场不拘泥T台

It is reported that Blue Bella launched a home catwalk event on social media. Participants can be divided into career, figure and age (18-50 years old).

However, according to the requirements of the blue Bella’s activity, the participants need to take a 2 -minute cat -step video at home, and then convert the video to the multi -screen format to the blue Bella activity group.

英知名内衣品牌别出心裁 创办阵容豪华网络走秀 秀场不拘泥T台

More than 1,000 “models” from different countries have enthusiastically signed up, and in the end Blue Bella chose 200 “models”.

The selected “model” was also shot at home in the blue Bella 2020 spring and summer series.

英知名内衣品牌别出心裁 创办阵容豪华网络走秀 秀场不拘泥T台

Then Blue Bella posted the 200 -model show into a zoom video on its official website, becoming the largest zoom fashion show in the century.

Blue Bella CEO Emily said, “The epidemic creates the clothing industry, and the original spring and summer series of new runway catwalks have to be canceled, but the clothing industry cannot have no catwalk.

This event is mainly to improve the popularity of the new spring and summer series. Blue Bella wants to take this opportunity to integrate more elements and create a street style. “

At the same time, Emily also said, “The entire clothing industry has to adapt to the changes of the times. I guess that the fashion week of Paris, New York, London and Milan in September still cannot be performed as planned. Each brand may have to consider online shows. The success of this event indicates that embracing the Internet is a wise choice. “