Spring boots can be put away. This year’s “dancing shoes+half skirts” popular, elegant and long legs

In such a comfortable and pleasant spring, are you still using your boots and skirts? It is a single product that belongs to winter. It can be put away in spring. This year, the “dancing shoes+half skirt” is popular. Just listening to this matching formula, it feels very elegant and noble. , I can make you grow long in seconds.


Boots have become the past. What we should do is to cater to the present, choose suitable and comfortable items, and “dancing shoes” and half -body skirts are the must -have for temperament women. The advantages of the single product, as long as you choose the style, you can easily reveal the feminine charm and charm, whether it is commuting or daily!

What is “dancing shoes”?

“Dance shoes”, as the name implies, is similar to ballet dance shoes, but in order to be more in line with women’s aesthetic concepts, it will be improved on the basis of dance shoes, retain its original advantage highlights, and add more advanced design.

The biggest advantage is comfort, fitting and integrating foot shape, gentle and temperament.

How should “dancing shoes” choose?

1.V/U -type opening design

When we choose “dancing shoes”, we must pay special attention to the design of the opening. It should not be too high, it will not be breathable, and it is no different from the boots. The opening design,

The former is more feminine, sexy and elegant, and the latter is more dignified and elegant, and the skirt is more advantageous.

2. Flat heel or bottom high heel design


A qualified “dancing shoes” need to be tested. Not only must you receive the test of the face shape from the opening, but also the height treatment of a heel. For the type of tall and long body, choosing a flat heel is enough to achieve it to achieve Advantages,

For medium and short body types, using low heels is more in line with temperament, and it can also achieve a thin role.


How to choose a skirt?


1. Very wide and stylish skirt design


Compared with “dancing shoes”, the dominant item that can be regarded as a skirt can be regarded as a large area. Because the coverage area is large, it is more cautious when choosing. For the choice of skirts, we must first start with the version. The design of a stylish skirt is a top priority, which is related to the drainage texture of the skirt, and the degree of thinness and highness.

The narrow and width version will also be more conducive to the manifestation of body advantages.

2. The length of the ankle without the ankle

This is to start with the length of the skirt, with the “dancing shoes” designed with an open -minded, too short skirt length, it will only be more likely to expose the figure defect, it looks old and tacky. It is recommended that you choose to pass the knees without ankle ankle. The length, revealing a small calf line and ankle line,


It can be visually raised to the beauty of the line, and the modified calf lines are more slender and slender.

“Dance shoes+half skirt” elegant look sharing

LOOK1: Aquatic green shirt+white skirt+khaki “dance shoes”

Only when you choose the right shoes and skirts, can you enter the next stage, that is, the overall match. If you want to create an elegant and intellectual side, you can choose a shirt to match. With the white skirt, the buttons of the skirt and shirt are decorated with pearls,

At this time, the khaki “dancing shoes” played a coordinated role, and the overall effect was elegant and gentle.

Look2: striped sweater+black umbrella skirt+wine red “dance shoes”

If you want to dress daily and comfortable, then knitwear must be the first choice. Classic and versatile knitwear with striped elements is classic and versatile. It was shaped just right, and at the same time, the waistline was also improved.

The overall black and white matching requires the emission of highlights. A pair of wine red “dancing shoes” is high and white.

Fashion summary:

1. The combination of each item has their unique advantages, and the advantages between single products complement each other is the focus of our attention.


2. Elegant women, never sharing themselves to beauty, and correctly wear it, will also bring reference effects to more people.


Alright! Today’s fashion wear, I will share here for everyone. If you encounter doubts about dressing, you can leave a message in the comment area!