Reveal the true face of the ice mats! How to choose a mat in summer?

Author: 娟 鄢 作, Bai Jie

Xiaoshu and the summer, steam it up and cook! The mat can be said to be a must -have in summer, and the types of mats are different. The traditional mats include bamboo mats, mahjong mats, rattan mats, straw mats, etc. With the development of the times, the mats gradually have new faces, such as: ice silk mats, latex mats, cold but not ice. At the same time, some high -tech mats also appeared, such as high -performance fiber PE mats and thermal cooling mats.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of mats? What are the applications of each mat? What kind of material does the ice mats make? Is it a gimmick or a real material? Where is the high -tech mat?

Traditional mat

Common mats are mainly bamboo mats, linen seats, rattan mats, straw mats and cowhide mats. Due to the different production processes and the different technological content, sub -mats, printed plants, bamboo mats, bamboo silk mats, carbonic mats, ancient vine mats, wild vine mats, water leather mats, etc.

Bamboo mats are a very traditional style. It will feel cool when lying on it, because bamboo can absorb the calories emitted by the human body and make people feel cool. However, lying on the bamboo mat for a long time, it will become hotter and hotter; more than, the bamboo mats will cause a splitting of people and affect the beauty. In addition, it is difficult to store the bamboo mat. not enough. The bamboo mat is cold, and the elderly, children, and weak constitution are not easy to use.

Bamboo Mahjong blocks are strong, and there are gaps between mahjong blocks, which can easily hurt the baby’s skin and not suitable for children.

The linen mat is very humid and the heat dissipation is strong. It is softer and easy to fold like a sheets made of linen. Moreover, the linen mat is easy to clean, and the linen fiber itself has its own self -cleaning ability. It does not need to be washed frequently. It can be dried in a cool and ventilated place.

The flax of the linen is moisturizing, breathable, and bacteriostatic. The disadvantage is that it is not cool enough, and it is suitable for the elderly and children in the air -conditioned room.

The rattan mats are more absorbed and breathable than ordinary bamboo mats and straw mats. The rattan leather is flexible and not easy to break. It can be folded and placed. The service life is long, comfortable, cooling and cool, sweat -absorbing and sleeping, not sticking to the body. The disadvantage is that the price is high, so the rattan mat is very rare.

The grass mat is cheap, the material is soft, and the skin is strong, but the cooling is poor, which can easily lead to allergies and prone to mites.

The temperature, softness, heat dissipation and moisture -proof function of cowhide seats are good, and the coolness is moderate. The disadvantage is that after use, the seats are easy to fold. The leather cortex is easy to absorb water and volatilizes slowly. It is not advisable to see water and the price is higher.

Ice silk mat

In recent years, the ice mats have often appeared in the public’s field of vision, and the sales of major online platforms have been hot. Because it is easy to store, is not easy to be insects, it is easy to wash and the price is moderate, and the market demand is large.

But what is the material of “ice silk”? In textile fiber varieties, there is no name “ice silk”. Strictly speaking, it is not a material, but a name that shows the characteristics of the product. It is a term created by the merchants.

The ice mats are generally intertwined by cellulose material and polyester fiber. The more common is the material (the length of the mat) material of the polyester fiber, the material of the weft (the width direction of the mat) Complement. Cellulose material has good hygroscopic and breathability, and polyester fibers just complement each other to solve the problem of fiber fiber prone to wrinkle, shrinking, and abrasion resistance.

At present, major manufacturers are scrambling to use artificial silk to make mats, named “Ice Silk”. Listening to the name makes people feel cool, and it seems to be a sense of high -level sense. However, the cooling mat is not as cool as the traditional bamboo mat, and the comfort is inferior to ordinary cotton sheets. The ice mats can be understood as a slightly cool sheet. Ice silk mats (the bottom layer of non -woven fabrics) is not recommended to wash, wipes with a wet towel, be careful not to rub the texture of the mat, to produce wrinkles; if the ice silk mat in the bottom layer of non -woven fabric can be washed. When storing, you can iron the suspension at low temperature and dry it.

The latex mat can be said to be an upgraded version of the ice silk mat. It adds a layer of natural latex to the middle layer of the ice mat, which will increase the elasticity and softness of the mat. The advantage of latex mats is that the surface is smooth, without burrs, and there will be no indentation when sleeping. And the whole Zhang can be washed, stacked for folding, and is convenient for hygiene. But latex mats are also inadequate, suitable for use in air -conditioned rooms.

Other high -cooling special mats

In recent years, high -performance fiber PE (ultra -high molecular quantitetic polyethylene) and cellulose fiber -intertwined mats have been intertwined. It can be washed, comfortable, and durable. It is very popular with the market. High -performance fiber PE has the heating coefficient and powerful of steel, very durable and continuous cooling. However, because high -performance fiber PE is relatively expensive, cost and processing difficulty, the market is not common.

Thermal cooling is a cooling method that directly converts electrical energy into thermal energy. Compared with traditional compressed refrigeration, it saves the mechanical refrigeration links such as compressor, refrigerant, and medium pipelines. The use of semiconductor refrigeration and thermal pipes on mats can achieve a certain refrigeration effect. Compared with traditional air conditioners, although there are shortcomings of low refrigeration efficiency and expensive, they have the advantages of exemption, simple structure, noise, pollution -free, and low power consumption. With the continuous development of semiconductors and thermal pipe technology, the continuous emergence of new composite materials, the production cost of thermoelectric refrigeration mats will be greatly reduced, especially in some special industries and places.

Precautions for selection and use of mats

The coolness of the mat is related to the thermal conductivity of the materials used. In simple terms, it is the skin contact fabric. The heat on the skin is transferred to the mat in a low temperature place to obtain the coolness. The “cool” of the mat is that it will be stuffy when used, and it is also a key factor affecting comfort. The comfort of the mat also depends on the ability of the dwelling of the body to naturally discharge the body to the external environment, which means that the mat can absorb moisture and quickly dewne, and can also take away the heat of the human body during the dampness.

Try to buy as much as possible when you choose a mat. Take a closer look at the products such as product packaging, tags, and avoid buying products with rough packaging, names of immutable products, non -manufacturers’ names and addresses. See if the seat surface is smooth and the color is well -proportioned, try to choose light -colored products. Whether there is a pungent smell, if you have a heavy odor, you need to buy it carefully. Before using the newly bought mat, it is best to wipe it with warm water and dry it in a cool and ventilated place.

Source: Textile Science Popularization Expo