Female college students must have a versatile and easy -to -wear shoes collection

Hello!I am right and right, and I shared the collection of clothes worn in the last issue. Then someone must have a collection of shoes. This will bring slowly shoe collection today.


1. Change the deduction of loafers -small leather boots -Maryzhen shoes

In fact, I have already entered a lot of loafers. The reason why it takes it is because it can be buckled!Family, you can DIY a magic sticker yourself!I feel wearing new shoes every day!Does it feel good!

Second, canvas shoes series

Sisters who love to play skateboards can look at this!Just among the majority of students, there is almost one person in canvas shoes. It is really the price of cabbage!


Third, sneakers

Brothers who play basketball at school ~, or go to work to drive, and think that it looks good again, the price is moderate, just set it. I like the design of the chess and cards, the thief handsome!

All right!Family, this is here to share this issue ~ 886