AirPods really has black: and it is officially produced by Apple

I wonder if Apple plans to launch colorful AirPods?


AirPods is the last new product launched by Apple in 2016. Although it has not been launched for a long time, it has become one of the most popular Apple products at present. AirPods, which was listed in the market in December, was even selected as the best wireless headset product in 2016 by some media. After listing, the only big problem encountered by AirPods is insufficient supply. At today’s Apple shareholders’ meeting, Cook also responded to this issue.

Cook said Apple would produce AirPods as fast as possible to meet market demand. A series of markets caused by the listing of AirPods referred to as a “cultural phenomenon”. At the meeting, some investors proposed that wearing AirPods may cause harm to the human body, and Cook’s answer is very confident: if AirPods will cause users’ health problems, it will not appear on Apple’s official website.

According to insiders participating in the shareholders’ meeting, Apple also played AirPods’s promotional videos for investors at the conference, and black styles appeared. Unfortunately, due to the provisions of the conference, the black AirPods displayed by Apple did not have photos or videos flowing out. I wonder if Apple’s official black AirPods uses the same bright black material as the iPhone 7/7 Plus?

So far, AirPods is still only white. However, some third -party manufacturers have launched custom color services for AirPods. Apple’s official black AirPods, when will it come?