Long vest can also be so beautiful, taking into account warmth and fashion, so that autumn is not monotonous

The long vest can also be so beautiful, taking into account the warmth and fashion, wearing the handsomeness and coolness of the big woman, so that the autumn is not monotonous.


The vest, originally only for comfort and warmth, how to wear new ideas is the theme we have been pursuing. The style of the vest has not changed much. One thing in common is that the aura is too enough, and it is beautiful and beautiful.


Several ways to wear vests:

1. Vest+long -sleeved shirt

In the slightly cool autumn, the vests are fashionable and beautiful on the shirt. The style of the long trench coat will not be lost due to the lack of the sleeves. The combination of combination has a great gentleness, so beautiful.

The long vest with a skirt or shorts is very beautiful, and the appropriate skin exposure effect on the ankle will not lower the height.

The medium -length vest with a suit collar has a sense of calm atmosphere. This length is not high. It is good -looking with skirts and pants. Women in the workplace can be paired with straight pants and high heels to set off the intellectual beauty and the aura.

Based on the shirt+trousers, the mid -length vests are gentle and intellectual. This is very suitable for the dress of middle -aged beauties. The fashion of middle -aged beauties does not need to be fancy. Wearing clothes that suits you and create an elegant temperament.

Basic white shirts and small trousers are the evergreen trees in the middle -aged beauty wardrobe. It is suitable for the combination of various jackets. The combination with the long vest is a bit leisurely, simple and beautiful.


In addition to the style and quality of the long vest, the color is also very important. The simple and simple atmosphere of solid color, the print, the checkered, and the color vest are more lively.

2. Vests+short -sleeved tops

How to wear the long vest of the suit collar to youth? To work hard, the casual white T -shirt is indispensable. The freshness and simplicity of the wind dilute the calm atmosphere, become light and lively, and the effect of age reduction is great.

The matching of shoe and bags should be coordinated with the style of the vest to create exquisite femininity.

The vest and trousers’ suits are also very good. The long+long match is fashionable and tall. The trousers and short -sleeved shirts are contrasting between thick and light and thin. They collide with white and orange -red to break monotonous and increase fresh temperament.


White T+shorts+long vests create a chic and handsome image. The simple dress is not picky, and the leisure is a little strong, free and free.

3. Put the vest as a skirt alone

The slim vest can also be worn as a skirt. Don’t look at the calmness of the black. With the appearance of the temperament, the style, fabric and style of the clothes can be determined. The vest of the black suit collar is originally ordinary. The necklace echoes the buckle on the clothes, and the middle boots are called a sting, fashionable and fashionable, cool handsome and stylish.

The effect of the long leather horse armor wearing a wind dress, the low and luxurious leather’s luster and atmosphere make people not ignore. Large lapels, double -breasted plus the embellishment of the belt perfectly show the woman’s flavor, necklaces, sunglasses, and sunglasses The bracelets are increasing exquisiteness, the aura is full, and it looks expensive.

The long vest is very practical. You can wear it or wear it as a skirt. When you do it, you can wear a thin gauze cuff shirt when you do it. When you wear the skirt The belt is essential, letting the loose version wear the curve beauty, set off a good figure, the embellishment of the shoe, bags and accessories increases fashionable and looks good.

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