New technology in Japan, you can measure blood lipids without using blood

In traditional blood lipid testing, a drop of blood or serum specimens of patients need to be collected. However, the research team of the Institute of Industry and Technology of Japan recently announced that they have developed a fast blood lipid measurement instrument, which can measure the neutral fat concentration in the blood for a few seconds of light. Essence

When using this measuring instrument, the physical examiner only needs to put his fingers at the front end of a slightly thick optical fiber tube and use “near -infrared”. The wavelength of this light is between visible light and infrared rays. It uses the properties that it is difficult to be absorbed by the human body to analyze the light through the light to measure the neutral fat concentration in the blood.


The research team strives to push the liposome meter as a health device next year to the market. At that time, the measurement value will be divided into 5 levels, so that people can clearly understand their fat intake.

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