Full cup of hot drink version of red pomelo, rabbit running free milk tea drink formula

BY Bunny Running Tea Drinking Academy



2 slices of grapefruit

Grapefruit fruit particles appropriate amount

Grapefruit juice 20ml


Gold fructose 25ml

Blizzard Jasmine Tea 300ml

Practice step


1. First add 2 pieces of grapefruit slices to the production cup to decorate

2. Add 2 spoons of grapefruit pulp for later use


3. Next, add 300ml of fragrant jasmine tea soup to the heating cylinder

4. Add 25ml gold fruit sugar

5. Add 20ml grapefruit juice


6. Use it with a spoon to stir well


7. Then heat it with a steam milk milk machine to between 55 ° C and 60 ° C


8. After heating well, pour into the production cup until the full cup, this drink is ready

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