MLM, Huang, false propaganda … 2017 style entrepreneurship is fascinated, some are dead, some death

In the past few years, the “lazy economy” concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the e-commerce has pushed the e-commerce. In 2016, the live broadcast was held on the day, and the back is a more high “昧 economy”. The two patterns are far away, the same is that the human weakness is firmly grasped.

According to incomplete statistics, 17 financing mergers and acquisitions have taken place in the live broadcast industry this year, involving 16 live platforms, of which 8 are in A round financing, and the total amount involved in financing mergers and acquisitions exceeds 10 billion yuan. Both live itself has hot potential because it is closer to humanity, lower cost, higher returns.

In a melee, almost all the live broadcast platforms of the fire are “the live broadcast”, and all the mysterious rumors of all kinds of people who have been reported to be reported by the masses of Chaoyang District. White flowers, vanity satisfaction, Hormon’s high, how many empty life has found a sense here.


In 2017, he witnessed everything about this. At the end of the year, when the consumer became numb, when the capital of “people who stupid money” began to return to rational, e-commerce, live broadcast and VR, and the enterprises that take off from all kinds of ventilation take off into the fierce next half. Does not have market foundation, blindly killing, start-ups that will be given money, facing giants, the winter of the giants and the cold winter.

E-commerce – Xu Xiaoping also has a look at it

1, subscription

On January 27, the reservation treasure focused on the night hotel reservation business was closed. At present, there is no content in the subscription treasure APP and WeChat platform.

The booking treasure invites Aoi to enter the position to serve as the chief user experience.


After the completion of the book, the booking treasure CEO Sun Jianrong said to the media that this market does exist, but too low frequencies, leading to user costs, which has caused huge difficulties in the later company operations. “A low-frequency product has never been able to find high-frequency products to make supplements, the burden is too heavy to the company, and finally decides to completely give up the booking treasure.”

2, green box

In January, the “Internet Children’s First Brand”, which was caught closed, was unable to access.

At the end of 2016, the green box sub-supply chain head suddenly lost. There is a supplier to discuss the green box CEO Wu Fangfang, saying “Wu Fangfang as a young man in Shanghai, a successful person who has never been coming, and it is troubles to give us the money.”

Green box CEO Wu Fangfang

Amoy brand bonus is no longer the main reason for the green box. In addition, children’s wear homogenization is serious, and the financing failures since the end of 2016, and the formal store layout leads to the sharp increase in the pressure of green box. At the same time, the bankruptcy of the green box allows the industry to start thinking about whether the brilliant Amoy brand has already ushered in the turning point. Where is the road to the future development?

3, love life, E purchase, Excelle Express purchase

In 2017, Li Wenxing took the “MLM” two to the tip of the wind. And love life, E-purchase, and unrequited books are founders of such a horrific case. In January, the love of life and E-commerce was due to suspected pyramid schemes, more than 700 backbone and members were “a pot end” in the annual meeting. In June, the Shenzhen Municipal Consumer Council exposed Yigu Express to buy suspicuous mission, triggered a number of complaints. As early as in April, You Lu Express is exploded by the media to explode false rebate, and consumers are fraudulent more than 800 million, and they are not lost.


In order to profit the moral bottom line, love life, E-purchase, unpacking, unpacking, unpacking, bundled, the destruction of the won the alarm of all expecting free lunch.

4, 帛 澜 家纺 天mather shop

In January, Yubang Power Network received netizens broke the news that the owner’s home textbook flagship store owner is suspected of running, arrears of a large supply of supplier usage and employee wages, and debts are as high as 16 million yuan. At present, the factory has stopped working, and the Taoist Tmall shop has also been closed.

Product quality is the bottom line of e-commerce brands. The Shujia Spinning Tmall flagship store is due to quality, but the loss of consumers lose confidence in consumers, and then fell into a vicious circle due to false propaganda.

5, takeall

It is acknowledging the “Internet attack, the system is unable to recover” by the “Internet attack, the system is unable to recover”.

The Ashboripment Network is a subsidiary of cross-border logistics, mainly providing one-stop export logistics service solution for the seller. On March 16th, a message was pushed by the WeChat public number, saying that Beijing time is around 19 o’clock on March 10, 2017, lending the network server to the malicious network attack, causing the website to be paralyzed and cannot be used. After the discuplication of the company, it decided to officially close the borrowing network.


With the rise of large cross-border e-commerce, the days of small and medium-sized cross-border sellers are getting better and less than, but the sales network of the small and medium-sized seller has also become a victim of the times. Hackers can’t kill a company, only the last straw against the camel.


6, Xu Xi Net

On July 4th, an exclusive news that unwilling to disclose the name of the name (WeChat ID: PINTU360) broke the news: Fresh e-commerce Xu Wen has entered the clearing stage.

Since 2016, the field of fresh e-commerce has repeatedly “bad news”, like delicious seven seven, youth vegetables, etc. The data of the China E-commerce Research Center suggests that from 2016 to 2017, there are 14 fresh e-commerce companies in China.

Fresh electric business profit hard is already a secret in the industry. “A company-driven company, the reason is very simple, that is, you didn’t get money. The loss is normal, most of the people lose money.” In the e-commerce analyst Li Chengdong, fresh e-commerce is almost all Loss, even the 1% profitable e-commerce data reported by the media, it is also for publicity. It is almost all the models that burn money subsidies are almost all novel.

7, on the other side

In May, many media reported that it was tried to break the original interest chain and the other side of the funeral industry with the Internet. I originally wanted to solve the other side of the “death” problem through “Internet +”, I am starved to death.

Almost all people in the Internet funeral industry know the other side, the first courage to eat crabs has driven the outside world’s attention to the cold industry. According to reports on the official website of the other, Xu Xiaoping, founder Xu Xiaoping, found that the founder of the other side, only one and a half hours, determined the investment intention. Xu Xiaoping said that the other side must pass the extreme care and the ultimate, in the dark place, you should leave a collective memory in the mind like a generation of people.

Xu Xiaoping, founder of the true foundation fund

The outside world seems to be high in the funeral industry to give “broken people” living space, but the online business is difficult to break through the cause of the “mortar”. On the other side, we have also envisaged the design of pure online e-commerce websites, add payment, reviews, shopping carts, etc., but the actual investigation is in the form of the industry. However, a traditional “one-stop” funeral service provider who did not want to be famous, “it is a bit not grounded, the old high-end, human service. In the current consumer age floor, even online strong promotion The other side is still unable to get enough source. “

8, is known

In September, the name “Wonderful” “Wonderful APP” is officially stopped. As a product that has been highly hoped, there is a manner that fails to complete Metersbonwe, and radiate more young people.

Have a form of antique APP

From the data previously shown in the previous display, only 116 items on the Adidas brand, but their views have exceeded 90,000 times. On the contrary, Mei Bang and the most popular sub-brand Me & City have nearly 4,000 pieces, but only 700,000 views, which is far less than the former. Obviously, trying to build a channel of “close” young people, and did not make the US own products more attractive. Another greater embarrassment is that the so-called “hundreds of millions of passenger flow and 10 million members” did not succeed in transforming into a single user. Sadly, in order to attract more users, there is a great energy in the marketing, such as the title “Wonderful”.

Live – a killing of hormones and money

1, aperture live

On February 17, the live broadcast platform was established in 2014, the aperture live, and the official website did not access it normally. The founder and CEO Zhang Wei said to this reply: the entrepreneurial is difficult, and it is difficult.


2016 is China’s live broadcast in the first year of China, many entrepreneurs, and even large companies such as BAT have entered the game. However, according to the incomplete statistics of Sohu, as of January this year, there are at least 116 live platforms in China, and 90% is still in the angel round, the inclusion of about 30%. A number of live broadcast platforms that are not integrated into the B-wheel are in close edges; some have closed platforms still failed to defair the arrears of the anchor.

Only the aperture live broadcast platform of PRE-A round financing, there is no profit such as advertising, and can only rely on capital. However, when the competitive situation in the live broadcast platform is stable, the strength of the head platform is highlighted, there is no segmentation, and the live broadcast platform with the user’s foundation and IP content is difficult to become the show, it is more difficult to grasp the investors’ attention.

Aperture live APP screenshot

2, cat earthen live broadcast

The vertical show of the main second charter scene live the lives, the lives, the live broadcast of the ear, on June 28, 2016.

In the whole, there are two main reasons for the departure of cats and ear. First, the secondary element is positioned missing the distortion. Relative A, B stopped has accumulated strong secondary content resources, and the live broadcast of cats has lost the exhaust of accumulation content. Second, the lack of capital support. Although in February 2016, the cat ear has obtained Pre-A financing, but it is a drop in the bucket.

3, honey Live

The honey Live App of the main student outdoor live broadcast is set to global social entertainment. At the beginning of 2017, Baidu passed the netizen broke the news, the project’s anchor video was recorded. After that, honey lives have not been updated.

The market positioning has deviated and ignores the primary cause of the domestic market is its loss. At the moment, the group of international students has been occupied by Twitter, Facebook live platform, and the maitrator on the May launched a domestic young group and the content is inclusive. In this large environment, honey Live wants to stand out to stand up.

Facebook Live is deeply loved by international students

4, night charm community

On February 20th, “Beijing Morning News” reported that the night charm community is the first live broadcast platform in Beijing that is investigated and closed.


“Let you change your sexy pajamas, small gifts. Or give me a sports car, brush sports car, I will change.” Night is quiet, a live platform a male anchor said in live broadcast. And this is just the corner of the iceberg, on the live broadcast platform of pepper, soapper, etc.

In this era of “Entertainment,”, some non-compliance content can always attract many users, this is the manifestation of humanity, but it is also a mistake. Industry insiders believe that the content of content is an important cause of industry accelerated shuffling, live bubbles are cracking, and the future live platform is small, and the future vertical platform will usher in upgrade.

Other Torts Industry – Drone, VR and other high-tech clothes are just “perfect illusion”?

1, Skai drone

Sky intelligently participated in CES in 2016, caught a sensation, and even industry people compared it with the star product LILY. Today, lily is dead, Skye has not lived.


Notice of Sky-UAV internal employee


In the interview It is difficult to sell it, it is difficult to sell. Talking about financing for half a year, there is no result. “


The industry believes that the current consumer unmanned head is obvious, and Daxin has occupied a high market share, resulting in a few small players in the future. However, there are also practices, saying that the consumer drone market is not saturated, and the subdivision entry point and play will endlessly, and the companies that are eliminated are product positioning or technology. Problem.

2, Zhou Botong Recruitment

At the beginning of February, the relevant people revealed that Zhou Botong recruitment has stopped operating for more than half a year, on the Douban, Zhou Botong Recruitment Group has also been disbanded.


As early as 2015, Zhou Botong recruitment was blocked by the brokerage financing and two-thirds of the staff. With the racing network, hunting network, BOSS direct hired competitors have obtained huge financing, Zhou Botong recruitment days are getting better. The model lacks core competitiveness, leading to the implications of financing, and thus triggered the fund chain break, perhaps this project exits the Internet Recruitment Battlefield.

3, perfect illusion

The perfect illusion was established in 2013 and is the earliest enterprise in China to enter the VR panoramic camera industry. The faucet of this scenery was seized in Shenzhen Nanshan Court in March 2017. The company CEO Zhao Boxing is like to be lost.

Perfect illusion was seized by Shenzhen Nanshan Court in March 2017


According to the popularization law of normal technology products, new products must first experience the test of developers and enthusiasts, and may be popular. From HTC Vive to Hololens, the sound painting experience of high-end VR hardware products still has improved space. In the VR industry, there is still a big outbreak, and there will be more VR companies that “no money” on the road.

Written in the last

The e-commerce industry has a red four A shares. The total amount of live-e-commerce financing mergers and acquisitions exceeds 10 billion yuan, but when the death tide is coming, the background of the cattle will also save the business model of the barrier. After all, the wind will stop, pigs will never grow wings.

In fact, in 2015, the smart, unclear, uncle, Li Yanhong, warned us at China IT Leaders: “If everyone wants to find shortcuts, everyone is this way of thinking, actually very dangerous.”

Any industry must go through the shuffle after developing to a certain scale. As a start-up business, it is inevitable, but it is still not enough; can not be paid in the middle of the way, and the big talks are very happy and played, it is only a winner.

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