6 major infants and nursing assessments, novice mothers do not step on thunder

It’s almost May, and the weather is getting hotter. The baby’s care supplies have to start preparing. My family also tried many shower gels before and after, so I concluded this evaluation with a lot of time. I hope the novice mothers can see it. Intersection

This evaluation is the six major infant wash products recently! How to choose a baby shower gel?

1. The formula should be mild, the cleaning power should be moderate, and the skin of the baby should be cared for

2. Be sure to have no tears formula, not to stimulate the baby’s eyes

3. It is best to choose no preservatives and flavors

4. The baby is more convenient to choose two -in -one, it is best to press the type

5. The baby is not suitable for strong fragrance


Price: 98/300ml

Smell: The aroma of tea oil

Main ingredients: mountain tea oil seeds, no fragrance, no preservatives

Moisturizing: 5 stars

Press the two -in -one, which can be used in all seasons


Price: 139/500ml


Smell: The light fragrance of chamomile

Main ingredients: chamomile essence


Moisturizing: 3 stars

Suitable for sensitive muscles, but preservatives and flavors are added


Price: 148/370ml


Smell: No incense type

Main ingredients: amniotic fluid and amino acids

The formula of amniotic fluid, mild and not irritating, the foam is delicate, but it is not two -in -one


Price: 99/500ml


Smell: The taste is more unique

Main ingredients: Oat Essence, Aloe

It is gentle, aloe and oats have been organically certified, but the taste is a bit alternative

Miao Si Le

Smell: a strong fragrance

Main ingredients: Avocado Live Santa Sugar, Glycerin, Coconut Extraction

The fragrance is too strong, and the fragrance is added


Smell: Faint peach incense

Main ingredients: silk gel protein, peach leaf extract, citric acid,


It is more suitable for summer, not suitable for autumn and winter!

The above six models are better -selling baby bath gels. I choose Xiaodou for Xiaodou Baby Mountain Tea Oil Shampoo. Recently, it has become hotter and hotter. Xiaodou is always sweaty at night. It is very suitable for Mansa. Its main ingredients are tea oil seeds. Mountain tea oil is rich in oleic acid, which can effectively care for the baby’s skin!

Well, today’s evaluation is shared here, novice mothers can see it!

Moisturizing: 3 stars

Moisturizing: 3 stars

Moisturizing: 3 stars

Moisturizing: 3 stars

Price: 99/500ml

Price: 99/500ml