The most secure hug boy hangs on the third floor, “Spider -Man” quickly rescue

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Rescue site.

Huasheng Online May 13th News The rain was slippery. The 5 -year -old baby was accidentally trapped outside the window sill of the third floor. At the dangerous moment, the uncle of the police rushed to the wall, hugged him tightly, and rescued him. A thrilling and warm scene occurred in Yiyang Anhua.

At 9:21 on May 11th, the Pingkou Police Station of Anhua County received an alarm of the masses. A 5 -year -old child was trapped on the window sill on the 3rd floor of the residential building in the district. Police Yao Honghao and Gong Shanggui, assistant police officers, Chen Jiahao, Zhang Yongbing and other rescue utensils and rushed to the scene.

After asking the people at the scene, the police learned that there were no adults at home in the child’s house. When the child was playing on the window sill, the anti -theft net railings at the bottom of the window sill broke and accidentally fell on the outside window sill.

“The children’s emotions are very excited, and they are frightened and crying. In addition, the outer window sill is dangerous at any time because it rains.” On May 13, when recalling the scene at the time, Yao Honghao was still a little nervous. “The child’s body is severe. Trending, too late to wear security ropes, must be rescued immediately. “Yao Honghao introduced that colleague Chen Jiahao turned over the window sill and was close to the child. The wires of the wires help him find the best point. “

In the end, there was no danger. Children and the police were safely landed. The whole process was about 2 minutes.

■ All media reporter Wang Zhifang Correspondent Wei Rengui

最有安全感的抱抱 男童悬挂3楼,“蜘蛛侠”火速救援

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