Major breakthrough technology main carrier is stronger strategic emerging industry

Original title: bigger and stronger strategic emerging industries

Strategic emerging industries are important forces to lead the country’s future development, the main carrier of major breakthrough technology, and the key to promoting the continuous conversion of new and old kinetic energy. Judging from the data of the National Economic Operations in the first quarter of the National Bureau of Statistics, strategic emerging industries and products represented by high -tech manufacturing, new energy vehicles, solar batteries, industrial robots, etc. “The support of the stable operation of the industrial economy and the strong support of the macroeconomic market.

Strategic emerging industries have always occupied the core position of the industrial layout of various countries because of their strategic pioneering, economic dominance, and technical conductivity. First of all, strategic emerging industries are the key to winning national competition initiative. At present, new technologies represented by digital technology are reshaping the comparative advantages of various countries and changing the global competitive pattern, which not only enhances the position of knowledge and technology in production factors, but also provides developing countries with “curve overtaking” in industrial development. opportunity. As a major manufacturing country, my country must seize the opportunity of competition through the development of strategic emerging industries. Secondly, the conversion of new and old kinetic energy requires strategic emerging industries to play a leading role. my country’s economy has shifted to a high -quality development stage, and the economic growth model is shifting from traditional extensive growth to new intensive growth. It is urgent to find new industries, new engines, and new models to promote high -quality development. Strategic emerging industries have strong application of innovative technology, wide industrial collaboration and large consumer demand, and can be used as the power source of “double upgrade” to drive my country’s industrial structure and factor structure.

In recent years, the development of my country’s strategic emerging industries has begun to take effect, but it cannot ignore the long -term, arduousness and complexity in the process of changing the new and old kinetic energy. On the one hand, the formation of new kinetic energy requires technical investment that continues to improve for a long time as support. From the course of the three industrial revolution, it can be seen that although new technologies have brought systematic and disruptive changes to human society, new motion cultivation is not a process of one -time and mutation, but a cutting -edge technology continues to burst out and gradually acts in society. Production process. In this process, new industries will not only emerge, but also improve the process, product quality, industrial chain, etc. due to the application of new technologies, and form a new form of production organizations in the process of change. Demand, finally complete the replacement of new kinetic energy. This means that before the formation of new motion, it is necessary to create an industrial environment that is conducive to cutting -edge technology applications. On the other hand, the evolution of technology upgrades is not linear. Especially after the current technology enters the “unmanned area” along the technology, there are fewer technical paths and experiences. Once you choose the wrong technical path, it will not only waste huge investment in the early stage. It may also cause the country to lose its competitive advantage in a certain industry. However, no country can fully foresee which technical path can be successful, nor can it cover all technical paths. Therefore, it must create an innovative environment that failed tolerance and encourage trial error for cutting -edge technology research and development. It is also necessary to see that the current “anti -globalization” impact has intensified and protectedism has risen. The world’s major developed countries pay more attention to its own industrial chain supply chain. Core technology and links have caused many obstacles to international technical exchanges and cooperation. In this regard, my country is also facing a more severe and complex industrial development situation.

Therefore, the focus on the cultivation of new kinetic energy and leading future development is to effectively guide and promote advantageous resources and policies to gather in strategic emerging industries. Powerful innovation subject.

On the one hand, we must strengthen policy support and coordinate and improve the policy supply mechanism. In this process, it is necessary to give play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, coordinate and improve the industrial policy supply mechanism, and improve the degree of synergy of industrial policies and regions, fiscal, taxation, finance, land, intellectual property rights, etc., and form the formation of other policies. The policy system; we must strengthen the macro -coordinating planning of cutting -edge technology and industries, vigorously carry out technical research and judgment, identification, establish a dynamic monitoring mechanism, and use a variety of methods to quantify the technical gap between domestic and foreign technologies and foreign technology. Wait, provide intellectual support for the selection of technical paths of the enterprise; to improve the talent management, evaluation, and introduction system, to give scientific researchers more scientific research and autonomy, and increase the investment in the basic research of strategic emerging industries and the research of common technology research. Attract more talents to engage in strategic emerging industries.

On the other hand, to create an innovative ecology that tolerate trials and error and stimulate innovative momentum. The first is to focus on the cutting -edge technologies and key links of strategic emerging industries, and integrate various resources such as funds and talents to promote innovation. In the short term, the “unveiling the list” method exceeds the “card neck” technology and production links that affect my country’s new kinetic energy cultivation; in the long run, it can increase investment in basic research and common technical research. Intellectual property operation and incubation system, strengthen funds and technical support for small and medium -sized enterprises’ innovation and entrepreneurship. The second is to guide social capital, industrial capital into public research and development platforms, regional innovation centers, etc., and make up for the shortcomings of combining production, research and research. The third is to improve the construction of an intellectual property financing system, protect enterprises, especially private enterprises intellectual property assets, and stimulate the motivation and vitality of small and medium -sized enterprises to innovate and entrepreneurship.

At the same time, it is necessary to cultivate a competitive and competitive innovation subject by creating a fair competition, loose and inclusive market environment. It is necessary to encourage leading enterprises in the field of strategic emerging industries to become bigger, stronger, and excellent, and actively develop the international market. It is also necessary to encourage the “specialized and new” SMEs in the strategic emerging industry field to cultivate diversified innovation subjects ; Both must be set up from the upstream and downstream fields of the industrial chain to build a strategic emerging industrial chain alliance of cross -industry and cross -region, and build an industrial chain support for development funds. Innovate the work of small and medium -sized enterprises to promote the cooperation of large and medium -sized enterprises to carry out cutting -edge technology development and innovative talent training, thereby being a continuous driving force for the development of strategic emerging industries and cultivating new kinetic energy injection.

(Li Wenxuan Author Unit: Institute of Quantitative Economics and Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Source: China Economic Network