Receive this child’s shoes to choose Raiders, children’s shoes are more appropriate

Many parents don’t know, there are many more attention to children who choose shoes, especially for children in the golden day, wearing unsuitable shoes easily make the arch to deformed, while choosing children’s shoes, you need to carefully carefully .

Children’s shoes selection steps

In the “Quality Open Class” held by an authoritative media, He Xingwang, the member of the National Shoe Standardization Committee, said that when choosing children’s shoes, you should have a shoe, smell, ask information, trial, exploration, etc. The steps are processed, and the children who choose to choose are safer.

Specifically: parents should choose a flat and deep shoes when choosing children’s shoes, which can reduce footwork and non-slip; in addition, we must consult the information of the shoes, do not choose to have irritating odor Shoes, avoid harmful substances remain; finally, children try to do it, parents can judge whether the shoes are appropriate from the child’s wear. It is worth noting that the suitable shoe size is actually the distance between the toes to the hoe, the heel and the shoes are still there.

It is recommended to choose a healthy shoes with plastic function.


In addition to the above conventional steps, parents should choose to choose the foot state of the age of 4-13 in the age of 4-13. According to the domestic latest health survey data, nearly 27% of people in my country are considered to be flat. In a group of primary schools and middle school students participating in the survey, there are more than 60% of the proportion of children with varying degrees of foot health issues. In this regard, Chen Shiyi, director of the Institute of Sports Medicine, Fudan University, Chen Shiyi suggested that when the parents choose children’s shoes, it is best to choose some healthy shoes with certain plastic functions.

Dr. Jiang Children’s shoes is a good choice. Dr. Jiang’s healthy shoes have three-dimensional foot-designed children’s healthy shoes, with children with children designed specifically for children aged 4-13. ABC. It has the three different foot bow of A, B, C, and the laminate of the insensity, according to the child’s foot type, can support the role of the leading bow, dispersion, reduce the foot for a long time The fatigue; there is also a hard-to-face, you can control the furtiveness, lay the foundation for your child correctly; more comfortable, there is a space for your child, even if you have a different feet The type can also be worn.

For novice parents, I want to follow the scientific shoes steps, easily select the standard children’s shoes, and Dr. Causa must not be missed.