Children’s love sports clothing is good -looking, very important children’s sports clothing how to choose

The little babies participating in physical exercise can effectively improve the health level of children’s physical health and improve the working ability of the body. In the health of children’s health, sound personality, and intelligence development, many parents will take their children out to exercise with their children out. Essence Before the child goes out, you must first prepare sports equipment, such as sports shoes, sunshadings, sports suits, and so on. So how to choose children’s sportswear? Here is a way to choose children’s sportswear selection.

Children’s sportswear matching points

1. Sports suits are very good choices. Live children can choose sportswear with slightly bright colors. Do not be too mixed in color. If you don’t like sports suits, you can choose cotton T+sports pants.

2. Open zipper -type sports top can open the zipper, the weather is not cold, and the sleeves can be pulled up to more tide.

3. Choose a comfortable and loose pants with pants style. The feet can be paired with versatile black sneakers or white shoes, or sneakers of the same color as a color on the body.

4. The color of the hat can be selected with the sportswear, or you can choose a more vivid hat, which is more eye -catching and can reduce accidents to a certain extent.

Matching one: Gray Skeleton Sports Set+White T -shirt+Black/White Sports Shoes+Alphabet Duck Hat;

Match 2: Red Sports sweater+black foot sports pants+white sneakers/black sports shoes+wool cap;

Match three: white T -shirt+cotton trousers+white sports shoes+peaked cap+windproof thin coat;

Match four: bottoming shirt+baseball uniform+striped sports small foot pants+white sports shoes+baseball cap;

孩子爱运动服装好看很重要 儿童运动服饰怎么选搭

Match five: wool cap+sweater+baseball uniform+small foot sports pants+black sports shoes;

Six: T -shirt+sunscreen+baseball cap+dants+white sneakers;

Seven: contrasting sports suit+black sports shoes+peaked cap.

Child sports shoes purchase points

1. Choose the sole with the flexibility and non -slip effect. The bottom of the shoe should be added with intriguing to support the bow.

孩子爱运动服装好看很重要 儿童运动服饰怎么选搭

2. Pay attention to the material of the shoe. The heel should be installed with the main heel.

3. You can choose the appropriate siection shoes according to different fatty and thin feet. The toe should leave a certain space, and the hard bag is installed in front of the shoe.

孩子爱运动服装好看很重要 儿童运动服饰怎么选搭

4. Small accessories on the shoes and the inner inner shoes should be installed firmly and strong anti -tensile capacity. The tip and broken needle should be exposed in the shoes. There should be no trigger edge and sharp tip on the shoe.

5. Choose shoes to smell the shoes, and try to buy big brands of sports shoes as much as possible.

Child sports clothing purchase points

1. The prerequisite is safe and healthy, and clothing materials must be soft, breathable, comfortable, and safe. The appropriate sportswear material should be a blended material with a large proportion of cotton. It has a good breathability, and the skin is in a dry state as much as possible after the child sweats, and it maintains a longer comfortable feeling.

2. If you don’t want to buy a set, try cotton pants and some simple cotton T -shirts.

3. The color of the clothes should be as single as possible. Do not order the clothes with rubber printing pictures for children, because the part of the rubber printing is not breathable. The print on the clothes should be touched, and if it is hard, it means that the quality of the dye is not good. It is recommended not to bring printed. This is safer.

4. Pay attention to buying clothes. If you come back, you need to deal with it, otherwise you will easily entangle your fingers and toes, causing damage.

Children’s sun hat purchase points

1. The size of the hat should be suitable for the child’s head circumference. Generally, the child’s head circumference diameter is enlarged by 0.3 cm or the head circumference is 1 cm large.

2. Choose a sports shading hat to choose a hat that is light and sweat -absorbing, capable of sweat, large hats, and heat dissipation, such as peaked caps, sun hats, straw hats, etc., and it is best to choose the light color, because the heat absorption is not so fast.

3. Choose a cotton woven fabric with a light texture, soft feel, and insulating breathable, which is more comfortable and does not hurt the skin.

Children’s swimsuit purchase points

1. Children’s swimwear should be combined with size, and the color is better. This is not only to satisfy the children’s preferences, but more importantly, when an accident occurs, the colorful swimsuit can always grasp people’s eyes faster.

2. The material to be selected for children’s swimwear should be selected. At present, the swimwear materials on the market are mainly spandex, and the international content of aminus silk is about 18%. The better swimsuit, its spandex content should reach 18%. You can pay special attention to the instructions of the swimsuit.

3. Concern children’s swimsuit can protect the baby’s belly button well, but it is not convenient to go to the toilet. Some younger children can choose to split children’s swimsuit, which is easy to wear and take off. Bikini children’s swimsuit will reveal the baby’s navel, try not to choose.